Thursday, April 28, 2011

Andria Caplan Interview

I have seen Andria Caplan fight in person on two occasions. The word to best describe her is, forward. Andria always moves forward and gives it her all. She has a lot of talent and keeps improving. She also just did her first show as a matchmaker and it was a big success. I have gotten to know Andria and she is as nice as she is talented. A real asset to women's MMA.

Q: First Andi, thanks for taking the time for another interview.
A: Thank you!

Q: For those who may not be familiar, can you tell a little about yourself.
A: I've been married about 7 years now and have an 11 year old son. I've been training for a few years. It's hard to say exactly how long because I've been out with injuries a few times. I train at Daddis Fight Camp with some of my favorite people in the world. I have also started working for my husband's company Combat Sports Media within the past couple months.

Q: Can you tell people whats happened in your life since your first interview.
A: I've had a few fights fall through. One because I got so sick that I wasn't out of bed for over 2 weeks and others for whatever reason. Not sure. I have started working for my husband like I said. I've definitely learned quite a bit about the
MMA business outside of fighting and training through that.

Q: You just did your first show as a matchmaker. What was that like?
A: I was more nervous for the fights than I am when I fight myself! I met so many cool people putting matches together. The fighters all came to fight and put on a great show and things went really smooth. I've gotten tons of compliments on the show so I'm really proud of it.

Q: Is it something you want to do more of?
A: I am actually already putting a card together for another promotion. I'll definitely be doing it again after that too.

Q: What was the thing about matchmaking that most surprised you?
A: I was actually surprised how hard it was to get everyone to do their paperwork. I spent two weeks beforehand hunting everything down.

Q: Did having a husband who is an outstanding matchmaker help at all?
A: Absolutely! If I wasn't sure about something I could always ask him. I never had to just guess and hope it turned out ok.

Q: What do you feel has been the biggest improvement in your game?
A: I'm not sure. I work on everything constantly so I'd like to think that I'm improving a bit in every part.

Q: Is there one specific thing you are trying to improve upon?
A: Everything. I want every part of my game to be the best it can be and to improve with every fight.

Q: What do you enjoy most about fighting and training?
A: I enjoy the challenge and I enjoy training. My team mates are some of the greatest people I could have ever asked to know and being around them I always feel positive.

Q: Is there one part you could do without?
A: Here or there I just have a day when things don't seem like they're coming together and I get very angry at myself.

Q: How long before a fight do you like to start your camp? Start preparing for that specific fight?
A: I like to start at least 6 weeks out, but the more time the better. I don't mind a bit shorter notice either though.

Q: Have you seen any fighters lately who have impressed you?
A: I've seen quite a few actually. There are a few local guys that I know are going to go far. I love that i get to watch it unfold.

Q: With Zuffa's purchase of Strikeforce, do you see that as good or bad for women's MMA?
A: Well, it depends on how good the first few female fights are. If there is enough publicity and the fights are exciting maybe women will even get to fight in the UFC if they merge the way UFC and WEC did. If the first few fights don't go well it's a huge promotion that women won't have any more.

Q: Is their one fight you would say is your "dream fight"?
A: There is no specific opponent. I'd just like to fight for a title at one point.

Q: Where are you training at? What do you like about it?
A: I train at Daddis Fight Camp in Philadelphia. There are a lot of fighters there and so a good amount of great training partners. "Steel sharpens steel". The attitude in the gym is very positive, but we train hard.

Q: Are there any other fighters there that people need to keep an eye on?
A: I know of a few that are going to be going pro soon that are going to be killing it. I also see a few amateurs that are really young and already have so much skill too.

Q:I always ask what the biggest misconception is about fighters. This time I will ask, what is the biggest misconception about you?
A: I have no idea. I pretty much act like myself for better or worse so what you see is what you get.

Q: When you are done fighting, how do you want to be remembered in the sport?
A: I'd like to be remembered as someone with heart who would never even think of giving up.

Q: What is a typical day in the life of Andria Caplan like?
A: There no longer seems to be such a thing as a typical day. The matchmaking seems to take place at whatever hour it needs to which can be anywhere between morning and midnight. I find myself checking email on my phone the second I'm done training before I even get in the shower. I still do get my training in and I do somehow manage to get time in with the family most of the time.

Q: Finish this sentence. In five years Andria Caplan will be__?
A: A fighter, but knowledgeable enough about the business side of mma that I'll never have to be without it when I retire.

Q: Looking for sponsors? How can they reach you?
A: I am always looking for sponsors. I can be reached at or 267-984-7050

Q: Anything you want to plug or promote?
A: Daddis fight Camps- If you're ever in the Philly area definitely check them out. Great training with a great group of people whether you just want to get in shape or you want to fight. Great site for anything at all BJJ related.
Miles To Go Clothing- I own so many of their shirts.

Q:Andria, again, thanks so much for doing this, and good luck to you. Any last words before you go?
A: Thank you so much for the interview and for all you do to help to promote women. We all appreciate it. Also, thank you to my family and to my fight camp for always being supportive of me.

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  1. Loved the interview, and I learned a bit more about the MMA female side of the sport. Good luck with your future fights, Andria!