Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tisha Rodrigues Fight Journal

Hello hello... Ahhh summertime is just knocking at my door and I'm
right there waiting to answer it... I love the sunshine and the smell
of summer.. The beach sand, the salty ocean breeze, the flowers...I
thrive off the beautiful weather for sure. It's not exactly the most
pleasant conditions to train for a fight.. Although a great way to cut
weight!! ( haaaa)! My gym is one of the very first MMA schools in the
area. Far from fancy.. If your looking for a friendly receptionist at
the front desk to greet you and shiny lockers for all your gear.. You
are so in the wrong place!! We are old school.. We don't wear
headgear, our fight teams take place in a half ring half cage area..
Lol and our bags are usually bound up with layers of electrical tape
so they don't fall apart.. Yet, throughout it's birth, The Boneyard
has released it's share of vicious and skilled fighters! You don't
train.. And you don't fight!! I'm getting ready for my second Naga
Tournament this weekend, May 29 th in Springfield, Ma. It will be my
first time competing as a Blue Belt..( AWoohoo) and in Intermediate
division, but it's all good. I need the grappling experience and I'm
ready to get some action before my next fight.. Which was postponed
until August 13 th due to venue and comission issues. I'm still
looking for a sponsor to help me out with competition fees for Naga..
In return I'd be more than happy to promote you on my new website..
Coming to you well as on Facebook and wearing your logo
on my shorts for the grappling tourney as well as my upcoming fight in
New Hampshire for Combat Zone!! If you are interested please contact
me via facebOOk or at!! Sooo.. Everything is
going well, just training, working pretty much everything evenly..
Paying more attention to the technical aspect of my game at this
point. Plenty of hard work ahead of me and excruciatingly hotttt
training days to go. I've really been looking into getting more solid
wrestling in as well, since that's what my ground game is most like
right now and I'm loving it. So hopefully, I can find time to squeeze
in at least a couple hours per week on top of my gi and no gi to get
that wrestling only time in as well. I'm going to visiting my Uncle
Bert Neves at Bert Neves Boxing to work on my boxing as he has been
training fighters for the past 20 years and is absolutely amazing in
addition to my Muay Thai, gi, no gi and Fight Teams at my own school..
Woah.. Tiring to even think about it!! Thankfully.. I have some
awesome sponsors already helping me out with my nutrition for this
fight as well, Jack 3d giving me that extra edge during tough workouts
and EXTEND everyday, ensuring my muscle growth and recovery! Thanks
Fight Soap and Nutritional Edge and Runway in New
Bedford, MA.. Couldn't do all this alone!! So NAGA here I come..
Time to HULK SMASH.. And thank you FightCo for hooking me up with
killer fight shorts to compete in.. Much love!! In closing.. Thanks to
Jason Adams who gives all of us women in Mma and Fitness, Figure and
BB a place to promote ourselves and share our lives with everyone..
Best wishes in your own training!! We love ya..

Tisha Rodrigues

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