Friday, May 28, 2010

Affording A Fighters Life by Lacey 'The Ladie" Schuckman

Affording a Fighters Life

Today I want to talk about a topic that never gets discussed, money. What does it cost to be a fighter (monetarily not emotionally)? You have your gym fees, gear to buy, nutrition, etc. and it all costs a lot! People don't realize that it takes not only hard work, determination, and great training to be an awesome fighter. It takes a good diet, you have to be an entertainer, and you have a normal day to day life to handle and somehow work into your schedule of being a fighter.

On the topic of diet, every fighter has some plan they use in order to make weight and do it properly. Being that most male and female fighters are cutting anywhere from 10-30lbs. per fight they have to have a nutritional plan that they can lose weight but still have energy and strength to train. This is were it gets expensive, you have to buy high quality produce, meat, and supplements. It takes a lot of willpower to diet in order to reach your ultimate goal of fighting and making weight at weigh ins, let alone when it costs an arm and a leg. Some fighters have nutritional sponsors that provide these things and also help them to reach there fitness and physique goals. As for the rest of us we have to find some way to afford it which isn't always easy!

Which brings me to my next expense and that is what I call the "Flash" expense. Sure you could go in the ring in your basketball shorts and plain Jane style and win fights but do you get noticed? Most fighters have to pay to look they way they do when they enter that cage. Whether it be hair dye, haircuts/styles, tanning, exuberant style gear, etc. it all costs money. the price of looking good, eh?

Then you have your daily life to think about as well, your mortgage, your power bill, your oil change, etc. we all have to pay these seemingly normal bills. As a fighter though it's tough sometimes to remove yourself from fight mind state to deal and handle everyday tasks such as these. Let alone to open up your check book and get them taken care of.

So on top of all this you still have to pay to train at your gym and to have gloves, gear, and a mouth guard to train in all on a fighters salary. Sure big name fighters have it all taken care of and live in there beautiful mansions, but what about the almost 80% of fighters that are just trying to get noticed and don't make those kinds of dollars? I know personally it is an everyday struggle to keep my head above water. When I decided that I was going to do this for a living my husband Randall and I sat down and said if I was going pro I was going to do it all the way. That meant to train twice a day, 6 days a week and only fight. Which meant not having time for any other type of job, which meant no cash flow other then from sponsors and fights. This gets tough at times! I love this sport and want nothing more then to be the best and the cost of life and living sometimes breaks my spirit. It is hard in this day and age to live a dream. You have people who think it's wrong of you not to have a job because everyone else in the world works, you have days you want to be lazy, and when your not fighting your broke 90% of the time. Plain and simple if your looking to get rich this probably isn't your direct pass. Some fighters have amazing careers and nothing to show for it, because let's face it not everyone can be the most famous fighter even if they have amazing talent. Sponsors are increasing and as the economy builds back they are spending more which is good news for the fighters, let's hope promoters follow. It's a tough road to the top but no matter how broke or starving I am, I love this sport and I wouldn't ever change a thing I've been through. It's a tough cycle of sacrifice, determination, and devotion but in the end when your hand gets raised there's not a thing that could make you not do it all again!

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