Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sheila Benditz Contest Prep Journal

Week of May 7th

Didn't think that I would do another day by day blow for this past week. I though I would let you know what I am realyl feeling and thinking.

Sorry I am running behind schedule, I've gotten myself into a grueling schedule! I think it will be better now as I am giving myself Friday off, from working, to allow me some "me" time. Ive been pushing myself and with my training and diet, I ahve been quite worn out. Went to ym nutritionist this apst week and am looking forward to my new diet plan. We feel that I am not getting quite enough food, which is very exciting (so I get to eat mroe). I know that I am ahead of my schedule, down to 7.8% body fat right now, out 7 1/2 weeks to the Branch Warren and 9 1/2 weeks to the Master Nationals, So I am hoping to get my legs and biceps to get some lost size back! I've got my trainer Tina working on me for that, so I am confidnet, that I will get to where I need to be. I was just thinking this week, I competed 2 seasons ago, on a whim, and was pleasently surprised by the results. I told myself I was going to take a year off and compete again this year. Unfortunately I broke my wrist last year and had surgery to repair. Although this killed any off season training, I am hoping to reach my goals and comepte at a high level. But with that being said, I am now looking ahead with renewed vigor to comepte strongly this year, all the while looking forward to a wonderful off season to see what I can accomplish given some time to really work on my physique. I am confident that I will get through my workotus, my diet, and practicing my posing, what I wodner though, if this will be enough to allow me to win. I knwo that this week's writing may not be all that what is expected, but I wanted to chagne it up a bit, give a little more insight as to how I feel, where I am, and where I want to go. I hope that it kept you intrugued enough to keep your attention!!! Have a great day, Be Strong :-)



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