Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Symptoms of Leaness by Lindsey McFerran

Hello fellow blog readers,
Sorry I have been MIA, I know you have been missing me dearly. So as of right now, I am 11 weeks out. I had a body comp about 2 weeks ago, so I am sitting at between 10 and 11%. So I am pretty happy at the moment. I have made a conscious effort to wear more beaters lol, hey if I am working this hard, you gotta show it off. And as of today, I AM BACK ON THE HOOKER HEELS! God speed, I know.

Sorry tangent back to it, well since I have been getting leaner, I have been noticing some strange and wacky things happening with my body. So I know you like my lists, so here it is……………………..

Lindsey’s List of Unexplained Symptoms of LEANESS

1. You are cold ALL the Time - even if it 90 degrees out – that’s right ladies and gentlemen even if it is summer time weather out, I am still cold all the freakin time. I start off my morning cardio sessions wearing a sweatshirt with my North Face jacket off it and then a hat. And I usually don’t start peeling it off till I have 20 minutes left

2. You are a Little Mental Slow – Well I don’t know if this happens for everyone, but when I am leaning out, omg I am extremely slow in the mental department. It might be the fact that I cut my carbs when it gets to the afternoon. But wow, mental processing gets more and more difficult. Lately, I have been having to plan doing all my heavy thinking or blogging in the morning when I am mentally fresh. (So I apologize in advance to all my friends, I am a dumb blonde, I will blame it on the whole leaning out process)

3. You have to Pee ALL the Time – Ok ladies and gentlemen, I am peeing every hour at least, I blame it on the fact that I am trying to consume as much water as humanly possible because it really does help with everything. So if you are not drinking water, you might wanna start and SOON! But one of the downfalls of this I HAVE TO PEE ALL THE TIME, I was chatting with one of my bodybuilder friend about this. I told her that I pee all the time and sometimes it is even hard to hold my bladder. Well when I was getting ready for my first show, I noticed this phenomenon/ hardship of the inability to hold my bladder when I was about 3 weeks out from the show. Now I know since I am experiencing it 10 weeks out, I must be in good shape. Maybe I will have to start sporting some Depends, now wouldn’t that be a fashion statement!

4. You have CRAZY WERID Dreams in the Middle of the Night – Yes that’s right, I have been having the strangest and wackiest dreams ever! I wake up in the middle of the night because yes you guessed it I HAD TO PEE. And then I am like, did I just dream that? Talk about visions of Cinnamon rolls dancing in my head, mixed with visions of Vampires. Guess I gotta lay off the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns before bedtime

5.My Legs look like Someone beats me – Ladies and Gentlemen, you do not know how many times I get asked if I have an abusive partner. I have bruises all over my legs. It is another sign I know I am leaning out when I am bruising all over. So when I get closer to show time, the glowstick dancing on my knees is going to have to stop. (See photo below)

Well there you have it people, Lindsey’s List of Unexplained Symptoms of Leanness.

Let me know if you have any weird things like this happen to your body when you are getting contest ready. Everyone has their own funky and quirky things that happen to them; it is just a matter of if people want to make it public.

Well until next time Ladies and Gentlemen, Keep Training Hard and Your Eye on the Prize AYO AYO AYO!

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