Monday, May 3, 2010

Sheila Benditz Contest Prep Update

Week of April 26th

I had a good week, some good news some ok news, got some irritability that comes with the territory, but all things considered, it was a good week!! I am encouraged as to where I am and where I am going!! I hope that while you are following me, you will see that I am hitting my goals and my hard work will pay off. If you ever have any questions, comments (positive or negative), please do not hesitate to share!! Constructive criticism never hurt anyone, it's how you take that criticism and make it a positive. Here is how my week went:

Monday: Leg day, one of my favorites!! I love working my legs. I workout with two trainers, 1 is my partner in the gym, Ryan Bushfield, he has been my trainer off and on for 10 years, we have a great rapport. Ryan has been a personal trainer for 15 years, and he also is Crossfit certified. He has done some bodybuilding, as well as worked with a few ladies in "figure". Enough about him!! Had a good workout, but got into trouble.... later in the week, as I did more than I was told to do!! Lesson learned!! I also work with IFBB Pro Tina Chandler, LOVE her, and she is very specific in how she wants me to work. I am no to go over what she has me do, and today I did, but will never do it again! :-)

Tuesday: Chest day. I have moved the majority of my clients to Tuesdays and Thursdays, so these days are super busy for me, but this allows me to handle my clients/time better as I prepare for the contest. Did a short, but intense workout, luckily my pecs are one of my stronger areas, so I am not trying to gain too much size here. I worked out using dumbells and cable crossovers.

Wednesday: Back day. I worked with Tina today, WOW, another badass workout, she sure knows how to kick my butt!!! On my back I have some parts that are a lot larger than others, so she is really working on getting some of the other parts of my back to catch up!! She really takes her time to show me how to find these muscles and to work them, so hopefully they catch up and my back will be symmetric!

Thursday: Bi's and Tri's. Worked my biceps with Ryan today, had a great workout, duplicated my bicep workout from last week that Tina had me do, but did not have enough time to get my tricep workout in, while I was at the gym,a s I needed to go to my personal training studio for a couple of clients. So after my clients, I got my tricep workout in. In doing both my Bi's and Tri's I really work a lot of isolation, being careful to keep my technique correct. I really need work in this area as my arms have lost a lot of size due to my surgery 9wrist) last summer. Thursday evening I met with my nutritionist, took my measurements and such, here is where I am. I weighed 135lbs with my body fat at 8.9%! I have lost 3% body fat and only 1 pound, in the past 2 weeks! But let me show you my comparison, from my last show in August of 2008, the Europa in Dallas I was 1.8% body fat, my biceps were 14", today they were 12"! I lost an inch in my quads as well as my calves!! Luckily I lost 2" in my waist, so there was a bit of good news. I really need to push to get these lost inches back before July. With added weight and lower body fat, I am looking forward to some cheat meals and a higher caloric diet plan! With everything said, looks like I will be doing the Branch Warren Classic, as I am closing in on the Master Nationals.

Friday: I had to work my garage sale!! I now see why I enjoy the gym so much!!! I hated sitting around all day doing this, I wanted so much to go lift something!! Had a cheat meal, some beef fajitas!!

Saturday: Had my other workout with Tina, today we did shoulders. She had me change the order, in which I did my exercises, and after hearing her explain the reasoning, it just makes sense and I kick myself for not doing it this way already. I should know better, but that is why a different set of eyes may look at the same picture and see something different. As all shoulder workouts, I work dumbells, lateral raises, front raises, then worked rear delts, as well as shoulder presses. After my workout, she helped me with some stretching, then I practiced my posing. I need a lot of practice.

Sorry that I did not get into details about my workout, it is basically the same as last week, but I am attaching a current pic.


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