Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sheila Benditz Contest Prep Update

Week of May 2nd

Hello, hope all is going well, I am starting to hit some stresses!!! I will get more into these as I go on with this weeks writings. I hope that everyone's progress, to their goals, is on the time frame that they have mapped out. I would like to also say that I hope that all mother's had a Happy Mother's Day, we are the ones that make the world go around!! The following is how this past week went for me.

Monday was a good day, as it is a slower day for me. I trained my clients, and got my leg workout in, in the early evening with my husband! After the workout, I think he was wishing that I had done the workout earlier in the day!! He was a major trooper though, he almost kept up with me!

Tuesday is usually one of my busy days, but I had a couple cancellations today, which allows me to be more intensive in my workouts. Today was back day, as I had mentioned, in a previous weeks journal, I have some areas of my back that I really need to work on, to get my symmetry right. Had another great workout, I need a few more.

Wednesday, worked out with Tina, did chest, awesome workout. This will probably be the last time I work chest with her, as she will be concentrating on my areas that need the most work, which are my biceps, legs, and parts of my back.

Thursday was shoulder day, as well as it being my other super busy day of the week! I also teach a core class on Tuesdays and Thursdays!! Had a cheat meal, met my husband and son out to dinner after my last client. Had a grilled Mahi Mahi with salsa at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Lupe Tortillas. Made sure they added no butter and grilled it as dry as possible. Not much of a cheat, but if I am not cooking it, I feel that it is not as clean as it should be.

Friday I had to move a couple of clients to this past Friday, so there was no rest,a s I try to usually have on Friday's. Worked my Bi's and Tri's today, killer workout!! So, with this being the start of Mother's Day weekend, we took my mother-in-law out to Fleming's Steakhouse for dinner. Had a 14oz bone in fillet, and no I did not eat all of this, took leftovers home for my dog.

Saturday, went to the gym for my 3rd core workout of the week. Got a little rest before heading in for a leg workout with Tina, which she added a few more moves. Good workout!!

This week I really started feeling tired, we are trying to tweak my menu to avoid this! It's tough adding in contest prep to one's day, after getting home from 12 hour day, I wonder how I can do anything around the house. As I mentioned before about being tired, usually I get home, eat and fall asleep on the couch before going off to bed. This next week, I have a friend, Monica, coming in from Austin. She recently got certified to become a personal trainer, but wants to follow me around to get some "on hand" experieince in dealing with clients. So she comes in Monday and will spend Tuesday and Wednesday with me, hopefully gaining useful experience. That brigns me to Sunday. I have cleaned my house to make sure it is presentable for a guest!! HOpe everyone had a great week, thank you for following me through my journey!


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