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NAAFS Proving Grounds Report

On December 11th the NAAFS put on their first installment of the Proving Ground Series. This series is a brilliant idea and a great way for young and newer fighters to earn a shot on the bigger stage. Many fighters here made their debuts and most were early in their careers. Shows like this are a great way for you to see young talent before they become stars. I was impressed with several fighters, including Chris Green, Tyler Saltsman, and Lalani Malley. Malley is a female fighter who is going to do big things in the sport. This show was another example of why, if you live in the area you need to attend NAAFS shows.

1. Amateur Featherweight

Jon Wilcox (0-0 American Muscle MMA) vs Mike Putnam (1-1 Team Titan PA)

RD 1: Both come out swinging. Putnam pushed him against the cage and lands some good strikes. Back in the middle of the cage Putnam lands a good punch and and then catches an attempted kick by Wilcox and puts him down but decides to let him back up. Same thing happened again with Putnam catching the leg kick attempt. Putnam lands a solid shot to the body and Wilcox answers with a leg kick. Putnam lands a nice three punch combo and then drops him with a body punch and begins ground and pound forcing the ref to stop it.

Result: Putnam by TKO 2:37 of RD 1

2. Amateur Lightweight
Joe Loftis (0-0 Uniontown, OH) vs Jeremy Smith (0-0 Evolve MMA)

RD 1: Loftis lands a leg kick early. Smith gets a very nice takedownand Loftis begins looking for a guillotine. Some nice grappling going on here. They stand back up and Smith tries for another takedown. Both landed good punches and then Loftis gets the takedown ut Smith lands on top and Loftis again goes for a choke from the bottom. Smith moves to side control but Loftis is able to then pull guard. Standing up both throw wild shots to end the round.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Smith
Due to a shoulder injury Smith could not continue.
Result: Loftis by TKO 3:00 of RD 1

3. Amateur Heavyweight
Levi Humm (0-0 American Muscle MMA) vs Nick Dowe (0-0 Kim's Martial Arts)

RD 1: Dowe lands a big right and gets a takedown and lands ground and pound for a quick win when the ref stops it.

Result: Dowe by TKO :25 of RD 1

4. Amateur Light Heavyweight

OJ Vickers (4-8 AMS) vs Jon Pipkins (2-6 Independent)

RD 1: Vickers lands a nice leg kick early. Pipkins clicnehs and pushed him against the cage but Vickers gets a takedown. Both trying hard to get position. Pipkins is able to pull guard. VIkcers was trying to land some shots but was unable to get much on them. The ref stands them up. Vickers lands an accidental low blow. VIckers throws a kick but it is blocked and he falls down. Pipkins goes downa after gim but Vikcers ends up on top at the end.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Vickers

RD 2: Pipkins throw an accidental low blow to stop the action right away. Pipkins lands good leg kicks and gets the takedown but ends up on bottom and pulls guard. Vickers lands some good body shots while in guard. Vickers pushes him against the cage. Pipkins tried for a triangle but unable to get it. The ref stands them up here. Bad stand up. Pipkins takes him back down and lands some good strikes to end the round.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Pipkins
RD 3: A nice leg kick by VIckers. Vickers then clinches and lands a couple good strikes. Pipkins gets a takedown and the mount and begins landing lots of good ground and pound forcing the ref to step in.

Result: Pipkins by TKO :51of RD 3

5. Amateur Welterweight

Travis Milliman ( 0-0 Western New York Self Defense) vs Josh Krizan 0-0 Independent)

RD 1: Krizan slams him and gets on top. Milliman pulls guard and tries for an arm. Krizan pulls out of that easily. Krizan trying to land strikes but Milliman defends them well. The ref stands them up. Krizan immediately gets a takedown but Milliman lands on top. Krizan is able to reverse and gets Milliman's back. Miliman rolls and gets on top landing a couple punches.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Krizan

RD 2: Both fighters land some wild punches. Krizan drops him with a punch but Milliman gets back up. Krizan is landing some really good strikes. Krizan backs him up and lands even more strikes. Milliman is able to land one but Krizan answers with more. Milliman takes him down and gets side control. Krizan gets back to his feet and lands a good punch before Milliman gets another takedown. Miliman was not very active from the top to end the round.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Krizan

RD 3: Milliman opens with a nice jab. Krizan answers with a good punch to the body. Krizan gets a takedown and gets his back. Millimans is able to recover and pull guard. The ref stands them up. Krizan lands more good strikes and then gets a takedown. Krizan lands punches from side control and Milliman pulls guard at the end.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Krizan
My Score card: 30-27 Krizan
Decision: 30-27/30-27/30-27 Krizan by unanimous decision

6. Amateur 150lb Female Division

Nikita Netjes (0-0 American Muscle MMA) vs Lalani Malley (2-0 Team One)

RD 1: Malley lands some strikes and takes Netjes down. Malley lands good ground and pound. Malley lets her back up and drops her with a punch. Malley gets on top of her and gets her back. Malley let her roll over and lands more strikes and the ref steps in.
Result: Malley by TKO 2:51 of RD 1

7. Amateur Lightweight

Nick Taylor (3-6 Mainstreet MMA) vs Codean Roff (5-6 Chagrin Valley Boxing Academy)

RD 1: Rodd lands a good punch and they clinch against the cage. Roff gets a takedown and lands in side control. Roff lands good body punches before action stalls. Finally Roff gets his back and gets the rear naked for the tap.
Result: Roff by rear naked choke 2:49 of RD 1

8. Amateur Bantamweight
Ray Yanez (6-2 Fight Farm) vs Tyler Saltsman (3-0 Team Titan PA)

RD 1: Saltsman lands some punches early and shoots for a takedown. At first he gets stuffed but keeps working for it and gets it. He then pushes him against the cage but Yanez gets up. Saltsman gets a great slam takedown and moves into the mount. Stall in action here to end the round
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Saltsman

RD 2: Nice leg kick by Saltsman. Yanez lands a couple punches. They begin trading strikes including a great body kick by Saltsman. They clinch against the cage. After separating they again both land some good strikes. Yanez lands a good cross and Saltsman shoots in and gets a nice slam and some strikes to end the round.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Saltsman

RD 3: Salstamns shoot in for the takedown to start the round. Not much was happening at this point. Yanez tries to get an arm but Saltsman pulls out. They stand back up. Again Saltsman gets a takedown and lands some punches. Saltsman also land some nice body shots here. They stand up and Saltsman takes him right back down to end the round
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Saltsman
My score card: 30-27 Saltsman
Decision: 30-27/30-27/29-28 Saltsman by unanimous decision

9. Amateur Welterweight Superfight Title

Chris Green (9-4 Team Impact) vs Reggie Parks (8-3 Strong Style)

RD 1: Green lands a nice counter jab and some nice leg kicks. Green gets a trip takedown. Parks is able to pull guard. Real good battle for position here. The ref stands them and Parks charges in and they clinch. Green puts him against the cage and lands good knees in the clinch.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Green

RD 2: Green charges in throwing strikes, none of them landing. They clinch and Green gets the takedown. In that position Green lands good strikes to the body. Green gets the mount and lands some ore punches. Green pins Parks arm down and lands more punches till Parks gives up his back and Green gets the choke and tap.
Result: Green by rear naked choke 2:42 of RD 2

Submission of the night: Chris Green

KO of the night: Nick Dowe

Fight of the Night: Chris Green vs Reggie Parks

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