Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tuff-N-Uff Report

I missed the first fight and the exact time of the finishes may be slightly off in an instance or two. The stream did not work for the first fight and the sound was really bad all night.

1. Amateur Welterweight 2x2x2 Rounds
Eddie Lopez (1-0) vs Julian Ross (0-0)

RD 1: Takedown by Ross into guard. Sweep by Lopez and he gets mount and lands a head shot. Ross gets half guard. Lopez stands and drops down a punch and then falls into guard. Lopez gets mount and lands head shots. Lopez gets his back and lands more head shots.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Lopez

RD 2: They trade punches. Takedown by Lopez but Ross sweeps and gets on top in half guard. Body shots by Ross. Punch to the head by Ross. Lopez gets guard and goes for an arm. Body shots by Lopez and he is still trying to get the arm. Ross holds on till the round ends.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Ross

RD 3: Takedown by Ross into guard. Ross moves to half guard. Body shots by Ross. Head shots by Ross. Ross gets side control and traps an arm and lands head shots. Lopez escapes and stands and kicks at his legs. Lopez drops down a hard punch.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Ross
My score card: 29-28 Ross

Result: Eddie Lopez by Split Decision (scores not read)

2. Amateur bantamweight 2x2x2 Rounds
Ramon Martinez (0-0) vs Vance Elrod (0-0)

RD 1: They clinch on the cage. Takedown by Elrod but Martinez lands on top in guard. Body shots by Martinez. Elrod defends well. Head shots by Martinez. Body shots by Martinez. Elrod tries for an arm but can't get it.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Martinez

RD 2: Elrod shoots in and they clinch on the cage. Martinez goes for a triangle and then takes him down in half guard. Elrod gets full guard. Punch to the head by Ramirez. Elrod goes for a triangle and then an armbar but Martinez escapes and gets side control. Elrod pulls guard. Short head shots by Martinez.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Martinez

RD 3: They trade wild punches. They clinch on the cage. Knee to the leg by Martinez. Elrod jumps and pulls guard. They trade head shots on the ground. Martinez stands and drops down a punch to the head and falls back into guard. Elrod tries for an armbar but Ramirez hangs on till the end of the round.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Martinez
My score card: 30-27 Martinez

Result: Ramon Martinez by Unanimous Decision (scores not read)

3. Amateur Featherweight 2x2x2 Rounds
Bryanna Fissori (4-0) vs Jessica Zomcik (7-3)

RD 1: Jab by Zomcik. Leg kick by Zomcik. They clinch on the cage. Punch to the leg by Fissori. Punch to the head by Fissori. Knee to the body by Zomcik. Punch to the head by Zomcik. Knee to the leg by Zomcik. Knee to the body by Fissori. Takedown by Zomcik into half guard. Fissori looks for a guillotine but can't get it. Body shots y Zomcik.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Zomcik

RD 2: They clinch on the cage. Knee to the body by Fissori. Knee to the leg by Fissori. Knee to the body by Zomcik. They drop down with Fissori on top in guard. Hammer fist by Fissori. Zomcik goes for an arm and lands head shots from the bottom. Zomcik goes for a triangle and then gets a kimura for the tap.

Result: Jessica Zomcik by Tapout (Kimura_ at 1:32 of Round 2

4. Amateur Lightweight 2x2x2 Rounds
Myles Watson (2-1) vs Jonathan Lewis (1-0)

RD 1: They clinch on the cage. They drop down and are up quick still clinched on the cage. They trade knees to the leg. Takedown by Lewis into guard. Body shots by Lewis. Lewis catches a kick and takes him down.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Lewis

RD 2: Jab by Watson. Head kick by Watson. Cross by Watson. They clinch and move to the cage. They separate. Body kick by Watson. They clinch and move to the cage. Knee to the leg by Watson. Takedown by Lewis into half guard. Punch to the head by Lewis.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Watson

RD 3: Jab by Lewis. Lewis shoots in and gets a takedown but Watson lands on top in mount. Head shots by Watson. More head shots by Watson and the ref stops it.

Result: Myles Watson by TKO at 1:14 of Round 3

5. Amateur Lightweight 2x2x2 Rounds
Eddie Agnew (0-1) vs Antonio Asberry (0-1)

RD 1: Leg kick by Asberry. They clinch on the cage. Agnew looks for a guillotine but can't get it. Slam by Agnew and he gets mount. Agnew tries to stand and Asberry pulls him down and is on top in guard. Body shots by Asberry.
I scored RD 1: 10-10

RD 2: They trade jabs. Asberry drops him with a hook but Agnew is up quick. They clinch on the cage. Punch to the body by Asberry. The ref separates them. They trade hooks.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Asberry

RD 3: They trade punches. Lots of circling by both. Hard hook by Asberry. Jab to the body by Asberry. Cross by Asberry. Agnew hurts him with punches.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Agnew
My score card: 29-29 Draw

Result: Antonio Asberry by Unanimous Decision (scores not read)

6. Amateur Lightweight 2x2x2 Rounds
Lenon Ford (4-1) vs Brian Bushant (2-1)

RD 1: They trade punches. Body kick by Bushant. Hook by Bushant. They trade jabs. Cross by Bushant. Takedown by Ford and he gets mount. Ford gets his back and a rear naked for the tap.

Result: Lenon Ford by Tapout (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:43 of Round 1

7. Amateur Bantamweight 2x2x2 Rounds
Adam Aquaviva (2-1) vs Regan Kualii (4-1)

RD 1: Leg kick by Kualii. Nice three punch combo by Kualii. They trade jabs. Leg kick by Kualii. They clinch on the cage. Knee to the body by Aquaviva. They trade knees to the leg. Knee to the body by Aquaviva. They separate. Jab by Kualii. Takedown by Aquaviva into guard. Body shots by Aquaviva.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Aquaviva

RD 2: Aquaviva catches a kick and lands punches. Takedown by Aquaviva into side control. Kualii gets half guard but then Aquaviva gets mount. Head shots by Aquaviva. Kualii grabs the cage but isn't warned. Hard head shots by Aquaviva and the ref stops it.

Result: Adam Aquaviva by TKO at 1:17 of Round 2

8. Amateur Flyweight 2x2x2 Rounds
Jeramie Romero (0-0) vs Mario Castillo (0-0)

RD 1: Castillo lands punches. They clinch on the cage. Takedown by Romero into half guard. Romero moves to side control. Castillo defends well. Romero gets mount. Head shots by Romero. Castillo still defending well. Castillo scrambles and they stand.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Romero

RD 2: Takedown by Romero into guard. Punch to the body by Romero. Romero moves to side control. Romero gets his back and lands head shots. Romero gets a rear naked and gets the tap.

Result: Jeramie Romero by Tapout (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:26 of Round 2

9. Amateur Featherweight 2x2x2 Rounds
Lorena Markezic (1-0) vs Chloe Woodie (0-0)

RD 1: Jab by Markezic. They clinch on the cage. Knees to the leg by Markezic. Knees to the body by Markezic. Punch to the head by Woodie. Knees to the body by Markezic. Markezic drags her down but Woodie is on top in guard. Head shots from the bottom by Markezic.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Markezic

RD 2: They clinch in the center. Knee to the body by Markezic. They move to the cage. Head shots by Woodie. Takedown by Markezic into side control. Markezic gets mount and lands head shots. Woodie is blocking most of them.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Markezic

RD 3: Push kick by Markezic. Cross by Woodie. Lots of circling and feinting by both. Jab by Markezic. Cross by Markezic. Jab my Markezic. Hook by Woodie. Jab by Markezic. Push kick by Markezic. Leg kick by Woodie.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Markezic
My score card: 30-27 Markezic

Result: Lorena Markezic by Unanimous Decision (scores not read)

10. Amateur Bantamweight 2x2x2 Rounds
Tony Diaz (1-1) vs Branson Sabado (0-2)

RD 1: Jab by Diaz. They clinch on the cage. Takedown by Diaz into guard. They stand clinched on the cage. Knee to the leg by Sabado. Takedown by Diaz into half guard. Sabado gets full guard. Punch to the head by Diaz. Head shots from the bottom by Sabado.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Diaz

RD 2: Hard hook and cross by Diaz. Sabado shoots in and they clinch on the cage. Takedown by Sabado into half guard. Body shots from the bottom by Diaz. Sabado is doing nothing from the top. Diaz escapes and stands and Sabado drags him back down.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Diaz

RD 3: Hook by Sabado. Takedown by Sabado but Diaz gets his back. Diaz goes for an arm and Sabado rolls and gets his back and lands head shots. They stand clinched on the cage. Takedown by Diaz into half guard. Sabado tries for a guillotine and they stand clinched on the cage. Takedown by Sabado and he lands head shots. They stand. Cross by Diaz.
I scored RD 3: 10-9 Sabado
My score card: 29-28 Diaz

Result: Tony Diaz by Split Decision (scores not read)

11. Amateur Welterweight Title 3x3x3 Rounds
Joel Champion (3-2) vs DeAndre Marshall (3-5)

RD 1: Body kick by Champion. They clinch on the cage. Takedown by Champion but they are up quick clinched on the cage. Takedown by Champion and he gets his back and a rear naked for the tap.

Result: Joel Champion by Tapout (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:23 of Round 1

12. Amateur Super Heavyweight Title 3x3x3 Rounds
Daniel James (2-1) vs Jason Preston (5-4)

RD 1: Leg kick by James. Knee to the body by Preston. Leg kick by James. Hook by James. Jab by Preston. James lands punches and has him backing up. Hard hook by Preston. James drops him with a hook and lands two more before the ref stops it.

Result: Daniel James by TKO at 1:34 of Round 1

Submission of the Night: Jessica Zomcik

Knockout of the Night: Daniel James

Fight of the Night: Eddie Lopez vs Julian Ross

Monday, September 16, 2013

Women's MMA Round Table

This is our newest Women's MMA Round Table. For those not familiar, it is two parts. Part one is word association and part two are random questions, but serious and fun. The questions were put together by myself and pro fighter Sarah Maloy. In a couple instances the person did not have an answer for a question. The fighters are listed in the answers by their initials. If they have the same initials we also include their second letter or in a case like Cassie Robb and Rodish, we have to go to their third letter. Here is a list of the participants and how their initials will appear. Amanda Wyatt (AWY), Andria Wawro (AWA), Ashley Hawkins (AH), Cassie Robb (CROB), Cassie Rodish (CROD), Courtney Belcher (CB), Diana Rael (DR), Emily Bartee (EB), Gina Begley (GB), Jen Aniano (JA), Jenna Fox (JF), Jessica Philippus (JP), Jordan McDonald (JM), Jussely Canada (JC), Katie Casimir (KC), Lacey Schuckman (LSC), Laura Sanko (LSA), Livia Von Plettenberg (LVP), Rach Wiley (RW), Rachel Sazoff (RS), Rebecca Heintzman (RH), Sam Wilson (SW), Stephanie Skinner (SS), Tamikka Brents (TBR), Taylor Munsell (TM), Tera Carper (TC), and Trisha Barr (TBA).

Part 1: Word association
AWY: Gross
AWA: Happy
AH: Yum, breakfast
CROB: Cheeseburger
CROD: Only good thing about paleo
CB: Wilbur
DR: Crispy
EB: Fat week favorite
GB: Biscuit
JA: Yum
JF: Delicious
JP: Eeew
JM: Heaven
JC: Awesomeness
KC: Eggs
LSC: Yum
LSA: Yummy
LVP: Voodoo Donuts
RW: Awesome
RS: Burger
RH: Pig
SW: Sarah Maloy
SS: Cheeseburger
TBR: Meat candy
TM: Delicious
TC: Love
TBA: The way to a man's heart

AWY: Two
AWA: Two
AH: 2
CROD: Did Sarah come up with this? If so, she needs to take a shit
CB: Poop
DR: Bigalow
EB: What you should do before hard sparring
GB: Drop
JA: Poop
JF: Chris Brown
JP: (s)
JM: The number 2 (because I am so creative)
JC: Peace out
KC: Blinded by the light
LSC: 2
LSA: Poop
LVP: Texas Hold 'Em
RW: Peace
RH: Drop one
SW: Coupe
SS: Bigalow
TBR: Poop
TM: Bigalow
TC: Hollywood Undead
TBA: What you drop when you have somebody in your guard. I guarantee they won't want to fight you anymore

AWY: Knockout
AWA: Punch
AH: Softball
CROB: Hand
CROD: Sweaty wraps
CB: Punch
DR: Wrap
EB: Smelly after a while
GB: World
JA: Punch
JF: Punch
JP: Baseball
JM: Michael Jackson
JC: Punch
KC: Heavy bag
LSA: O.J. Simpson
LVP: The smaller the better
RW: Hyabausa
RS: Boxing
RH: Tight
SW: Box
SS: Fight
TBR: Michael Jackson
TC: Ace Ventura
TBA: Bloody

AWY: Shorts
AWA: Favorite
AH: Belt
CROB: People eater
CROD: My daughter, her favorite color
CB: Queen
DR: Blue
EB: The color of bruises
GB: Belt
JA: Awesome
JF: People eater
JP: Royal
JP: When guys like this color it makes me wonder about them
JC: Someones face getting beat in
KC: People eater
LSA: Kansas State Wildcats....GO KSU
LVP: The color of peoples face when they get choked out
RW: Miesha Tate's fight outfit
RS: My favorite color
RH: Boys are blue, girls are red, don't make purple
SW: People eater
SS: People eater
TBR: Rain
TM: Amazing
TC: People eater
TBA: Old ladies love to wear it

AWY: Cake
AWA: Yum
AH: Steak
CROB: Jerky
CROD: What's for dinner
CB: Dinner
DR: Ground
EB: Spare it and go to Chik-Fil-A because it's fewer calories
GB: Burger
JA: Yuck
JF: It's what's for dinner
JP: Yummm
JM: Grass fed, grass finished
JC: Food
KC: Steer
LSC: Tacos
LSA: My job
LVP: I could eat steak every day
RW: Wiley vs Espinosa LOL
RS: Jerky
RH: Stew
SW: Cake
SS: Jerky
TBR: Stick
TM: Elk
TC: It's what's for dinner
TBA: Cake

AWY: Colors
AWA: Purple
AH: Coloring book
CROB: Crayola
CROD: Melted in the back of my car
CB: Blue
DR: Smelly
EB: The word I mean when I say "crown"
GB: Color
JA: School
JF: Coloring
JP: Back to school
JM: My childhood dog used to eat them and he had very colorful poop
JC: Color
KC: Color Crew on PBS
LSC: Pink
LSA: First day of school
LVP: Homer Simpson
RW: Kindergarten
RS: Crayola
RS: Coloring book
SW: Crayola
SS: Blue
TBR: Coloring book
TM: Purple
TC: A mess
TBA: I miss coloring

AWY: Soon
AWA: Sky
AH: looking up at the stars
CB: Bright
DR: Gas
EB: What you can see when you escape the city
GB: Wars
JA: Sky
JF: Fame
JP: Have an addiction to tattooing them on my body
JM: Mazzy (as in Mazzy Star, LOVE her)
JC: Sky
KC: Stickers for a job well done
LSC: Future
LSA: Wars
LVP: What I told people as a Kid when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up
RW: Milky way
RS: Bright
RH: Candy Crush
SW: Burst
SS: Light
TBR: Search
TM: Universe
TC: Is born
TBA: Patrick

AWY: Jump
AWA: Workout
AH: Strength and conditioning
CROB: Hang
CROD: Climb
CB: Bondage
DR: Jump
EB: One way to wear yourself out super quick on tabata drills
GB: Burn
JA: Climb
JF: Shoulders on fire
JP: Climbing them
JM: Some people should probably just hang themselves
JC: Climb
KC: Jump
LSC: Ring
LSA: Climb
LVP: Battling ropes....freaking exhausting
RW: Boxing
RS: Jump rope
RH: Soap on a ....
SW: A-Dope
SS: Ladder
TBR: A-Dope
TM: Trip
TC: Suicide
TBA: Never forget to bring one

AWY: Food
AWA: Heavy
AH: Lifting
CROB: Food
CROD: What weight
CB: Softball
DR: Fork
EB: Of food from China King after a good hard workout
GB: Food
JA: Food
JF: Hungry
JP: Lifting
JM: I like them when they have food on them
JP: Weights
KC: Dinner
LSC: Bowl
LSA: Food
LVP: Multi-purpose invention
RS: Plate pushes
RH: Lick clean
SS: Dinner
TBR: 45's
TM: Eat
TC: Baseball

AWY: Your face
AWA: Silly
AH: Bitch smack someone
CROB: That
CROD: Talk
CB: Hoes
DR: Down
EB: The sound of Thai pads when you connect with a good hook
GB: My bitch up
JA: Down
JF: Lips
JP: Down
JM: What happens when random dudes try and grab my ass
JC: Face
KC: Open palm upside the face
LSC: Sissy
LSA: Dat
LVP: Thought got censored. Not PG-13
RW: Bitch slap
RS: Cereal
RH: Lips
SW: Girl
SS: That
TBR: Hoes
TM: Down
TC: My bitch up
TBA: What to do when you challenge somebody to a duel

AWY: Cutting
AWA: Evil
AH: Cut
CROB: Lift
CROD: Waiting sucks
CB: Sucks
DR: Cut
EB: Always on my mind for fights and training
GB: Cut
JA: Cut
JF: Ugh
JP: Sucks
JM: My nemesis when cutting for a fight
JC: Crossfit
KC: Scale
LSC: Heavy
LSA: Ummm sensitive subject for me at the moment, what with being "with child" and all
LVP: Defines your relationship to gravity
RW: sucks
RS: A form of measurement
RH: Sore
SW: Lifter
SS: Cut
TBR: Cut
TM: Sauna
TBA: Cutting sucks

AWY: Hearted
AWA: Yuck
AH: Ice
CROD: Always cold when cutting weight and drinking water
CB: Hot
DR: Hot
EB: How I feel when doing a workout
GB: Cut
JA: Water
JF: Sniffle
JP: Hands
JC: Winter
KC: A/C at work
LSC: Sick
LSA: Unpleasant
LVP: No cold is so bad that you can't go work your ass off
RW: Winter
RS: Ice
RH: My feet are always cold
SW: Snowflake
SS: Water
TBR: Blooded killa
TM: Snow
TC: Play
TBA: Steel

AWY: Stupid
AWA: Gross
AH: North West
CROD: Asses
CB: Nasty
DR: Stupid
EB: Whale dress
GB: Butt
JA: Butt
JF: Lame
JP: Ass
JM: Never heard of it
JC: Nasty
KC: Not reality
LSC: Annoying
LSA: Beautiful
LVP: If intelligence minus purpose equals stupidity, does stupidity minus purpose equal intelligence?
RW: North West
RS: Crazy
RH: Annoying
SS: Kim
TBR: Circus ass
TM: Annoying
TC: Waste of time
TBA: Who? :-)

AWY: Muscles
AWA: Guns
AH: Lewis
CROB: Muscle
CROD: Seed
CB: Pecs
DR: Muscles
EB: Money we use in college
GB: Bicep
JA: Muscles
JF: Pump
JP: ing
JM: I do it all the time
JC: Sarah Maloy (hehe)
KC: Biceps
LSC: Buff
LSA: Strong
LVP: A club in Vienna, looooads of drugs
RW: Biceps
RS: Biceps
RH: I hate to in public
SW: Wheeler
SS: Gym
TBR: but I like this shirt
TM: Muscle
TC: Stretch
TBA: My favorite magazine. Muscular Development is a close second

AWY: In myself
AWA: Effort
AH: Heart
CROD: My gym
CB: Kids
DR: Honor
EB: What I feel when I look at my gym and training partners
GB: Shogun
JA: Win
JF: Fighting
JP: Is a fine balancing act
JM: Never leave home without it
JC: Champion
KC: Parade
LSC: Japan
LSA: Kick to the head of a grounded opponent
LVP: The only useful pride is PRIDE FC
RW: Soccer kicks to the head
RS: Honor
RH: Gay pride
SW: Wanderlei
SS: Honor
TBR: Rainbow biotch
TM: Proud
TC: Brown
TBA: Old=school MMA

AWY: More
AWA: Pretty
AH: Want more
CROD: Need one on my face
CB: Koi
DR: Art
EB: What will the next one be?
GB: Gun
JA: Fun
JF: Addiction
JP: Want another
JM: None, but my sisters have enough for all of us
JC: Cool
KC: Not 'til I'm 40
LSC: More please!
LSA: Not for me!
LVP: Love 'em. Should have personal meaning though
RW: Cyborg
RS: Ink Master
RH: Mom would kill me
SS: Cool
TBR: Are like chips, never can have just one
TM: Awesome
TC: Hot
TBA: 2 dragons on my shoulders

AWY: Tea
AWA: Salad
AH: Grass
CROB: Weed
CROD: Grass
CB: Power Ranger
DR: Machine
EB: Smoothies
GB: Monster
JA: Envy
JF: Hulk
JP: Lantern
JM: My fav :-)
JC: Grass
KC: Clover
LSC: Randall Schuckman
LSA: Grass
LVP: Broccoli
RW: Grass
RS: Hulk
RH: Kermit (it ain't easy)
SW: Jessamyn Duke
SS: Goblin
TBR: Tea
TM: Grass
TC: Money
TBA: Skittle

AWY: Sucks
AWA: Coffee
AH: Coffee
CROB: Sickness
CROD: First word
CB: Hangover
DR: Dawn
EB: Beast mode beings with a morning run
GB: Night
JA: Dew
JF: No
JP: Workout
JM: When I'm most productive
JC: School
KC: Sunrise
LSC: Sleep
LSA: Coffee
LVP: The early bird caught too many works and died overweight
RW: Eww
RS: Early
RH: Fresh start
SW: Glory
SS: Night
TBR: Dump
TM: Early
TC: Coffee
TBA: Delight

Peanut Butter:
AWY: Jelly
AWA: Yum
AH: And jelly
CROB: Jelly
CROD: Can't have. Almond butter sucks
CB: Bananas
DR: Jelly
EB: Where is my spoon? And it better be JIFF
GB: Sandwich
JA: Gross
JF: Spoonful
JP: And jelly is the only thing I have ever been addicted to
JM: You mean almond butter?
JC: Sticky
KC: Yum
LSC: Empty
LSA: On toast
LVP Is delicious on bananas
RW: Jelly
RS: Yummy
RH: Weight cut
SW: Jelly time
SS: Jelly time
TBR: Jelly time
TM: Messy
TC: Jelly time
TBA: Jelly time

AWY: Skills
AH: Nun chucks
CROB: Turtles
CB: Turtle
DR: Me
EB: What I'm training to be ery day
GB: Kid
JA: Bad ass
JF: Bruce Lee
JP: My sons self proclaimed future occupation
JM: Ninja please!
JC: Me :-)
KC: My objective in the 3rd grade
LSC: Warrior
LSA: Warrior
LVP: What tall people call me when I enter a room and they don't see me because of my height.
RW: Asian
RS: American Ninja Warrior
RH: Turtles
SW: Did you see that? I didn't think so.... Yes I am that fast
SS: Warrior
TBR: Turtles
TM: Turtle
TBA: What everyone things they are these days

Part 2: Questions

1. Who's influence do you value the most in WMMA?
AWY: Sara Mcmann
AWA: There are a few but if I had to pick one Megumi Fujii. I always enjoyed watching her fight. She's one of the first names I ever heard also. I definitely appreciate how long her career was and I give her a lot of respect for staying in the game so long.
AH: Gina Carano. She was the first female fighter I ever seen fight before (her and cyborg always in strikeforce) and loved it, knew I wanted to pursue MMA!
CROB: My coaches Ben Schissler and Diana Rael and my teammate/fiance Stephanie Skinner
CROD: The other fighters. We have come a long way and it’s because of fighters dedication and love for the sport. Shows make money and fighters make shows
CB: Megumi Fuji
DR: I value the true fans and supporters of WMMA, with their support and recognition of female talent has allowed us to move forward
EB: Rhonda Rousey-she embodies what it truly means to be a female athlete in MMA
GB: My manager and coach obviously personal influence and career. But overall, Dana White and Shannon Knapp. They are the heads of
the organizations that present WMMA to the masses.
JA: I think Shannon Knapp takes the cake here. She has done more for WMMA than anyone. I think the advent of Invicta set the stage for women in the UFC, which is the Olympics of fighting
JF: Right now I think Janet Martin and Shannon Knapp for creating Invicta and giving women a platform to show how talented we are.
JP: I value the reporters who actually do a good job representing female fighters and shining the light on them the men have had to help make WMMA more mainstream and accepted.
JM: The ones that get the attention by marketing themselves and the ones that keep the attention by showing how skilled and technical we women fighters are (they're not always two different people)
JC: Sarah Maloy
KC: Women like Debi Purcell who were doing this when it was an all uphill battle, in every aspect of the sport.
LSC: To be honest whoever is making it a career! Whatever you do for WMMA if you are making a good living doing it, I trust what you have to say or offer.
LSA: Dana White's ...only because the UFC is the only way WMMA will go mainstream
LVP: Even though many female fighters hate her, Ronda Rousey. Not many people, and by that I mean males, would even recognize our existence without her way of being in the spotlight. Of course she is doing it for herself, but the best role model is changing things by showing others how it's done
RW: Sara McMann
RS: Ronda Rousey
RH: Value personally? That would be some of the early ambassadors like Rosi Sexton that fought before it was 'glamorous' and were educated.
SW: At this time, I am going to say Shannon Knapp.
SS: I value the influence of my coaches above all else
TBR: Gina Carano was the first female fighter I was a fan of, for many reasons
TM: I really look up to Leslie Smith. She is a very strong and talented athlete! I have followed her since she was an amateur while fighting for Steve Alley. We have both fought for Steve in his promotion "Kickdown". That's the promotion I had my debut fight for. Leslie has grown into such an amazing fighter! She is humble and respectful, but she knows when its time for business! She has my respect %100 and I hope I can be become half the fighter that she is!
TC: Meisha Tate been a fan for years
TBA: Megumi Fujii is a legend with so much admirable talent and character that she makes a great role model

2. What do you think is the deepest weight class?
AWY: 135
AWA: I think 135. The UFC definitely has some influence on that as women are moving up a weight class or making it down a weight class in order to have the opportunity. Plus there have always been a good amount of very talented fighters at 135.
AH: 135 so many awesome fighters its stacked!
CROB: 115
CROD: Really think the 105 is the new up and coming weight class. I’m still waiting to see other 115ers drop down
CB: 135
DR: Bantamweight and strawweight
EB: 135 because they have the most options-it attracts people to that weight class
GB: 135 and 115 seem to be deep and show it
with high level talent across multiple promotions. More 135 though.
JA: A few years ago I would have said 135-145. Today, I say all of them. There is talent everywhere you turn from 105-145.
JF: I think every weight class is full of skilled fighters but it seems to me that the 115 weight class has a ton of talent with more up and comers popping up all the time.
JP: 125 probably just not as publicized.
JM: 115 or 125
JC: 135
KC: 115 No question
LSC: 135lbs.
LSA: 135 but 115 is close behind
LVP: In WMMA, probably 115 and 135. There's loads of talent in these two
RW: Bantamweights
RS: 115lb
RH: 115 (blowing up in Invicta)
SW: In all it's glory, 135lbs
SS: 115
TBR: I would say 115lbs and 125lbs weight classes, there's just so many females around that weight.
TM: 115 or 125. Its hard to say though...Every weight class has a ton of talent!
TC: 135-145
TBA: 135 - there's a reason it's the first weight class featured in the UFC, and not just because of Rousey

3. What do u think is the most valuable technique in MMA?
AWY: Being well rounded
AWA: Ground work is definitely important. I do think a well placed knee can change the course of a fight pretty well though.
AH: Stand up. The fight starts standing.
CROD: Takedowns
CB: Footwork
DR: Knowing all aspects of MMA!
EB: Your single leg takedown because there are so many different variations on how to finish it and all of those ways can take you to a different position.
GB: Proper footwork and shadow boxing/wrestling.
JA: Whichever one you capitalize on the most. And that is the beauty of it, isn't it? Anyone can hone skills and be good at this sport. You just have to be willing to put in the work.
JF: Good footwork...I don't know if it really counts as a "technique" but I'd consider it to be one of the most valuable foundations a fighter can have
JP: Heart
JM: Not THE most but definitely one of them would be the scramble. A lot of fights are won in the scramble.
JC: The armbar
KC: Footwork
LSC: A solid Jab
LSA: Guillotine choke
LVP: A sharp double leg takedown. If you're able to decide whether to stand or to be on the ground, you can screw up every game-plan
RW: Having a good ground game
RS: Wrestling as a whole
RH: Jab
SS: Striking
TBR: The art and technique of ass whooping.
TM: There are several that are very important to me. But I would have to say a strong mindset is the most important. If you are not focused and don't believe in yourself you aren't going to get anywhere.
TC: Mental stability
TBA: Anything an individual makes super effective for him/her - a kick, a jab, a takedown, an armbar, etc.

4. If u could go back, what discipline would you pick as your background in MMA?
AWY: Muay Thai
AWA: Catch wrestling
AH: Kickboxing!! Love it
CROB: Muay Thai
CROD: Judo
CB: Wrestling
DR: Glad I picked Muay Thai wouldn’t change a thing.
EB: I would pick Muay Thai because striking that is developed enough can control a fight and where it goes. A wrestler will most likely shoot no matter what but good striking can keep them at bay or cause them to cover and possibly make a mistake, plus there are fights where the majority of time is spent clenched along the cage-Muay Thai can help.
GB: Jeet kune do concepts.Wait, that's already my background.. Maybe I would've looked at my training for skill instead of just exercise a lot more quickly.
JA: I started with wrestling and I never would take it back. It is who I am.
JF: That's a tough choice but I think I'd choose Muay Thai
JP: I really wanted to box in high school bc the same gym I trained at for freestyle/Greco had the same caliber coaches (prior Olympians and Olympic coaches) as we did on the wrestling side of the gym. My mom said I was "too pretty" to mess up my face, but now I really wish I would have trained some behind her back and blamed the black eyes on wrestling ;)
JM: I would have started training wrestling way sooner
JC: Wrestling
KC: I'd choose kickboxing again
LSC: Wrestling
LSA: Wrestling
LVP: Wrestling
RW: More judo
RS: Judo
RH: Wrestling
SW: I have but ONE discipline and that is BJJ lol
SS: Still Muay Thai
TBR: Probably wrestling, just to be useful and have a well worked out plan for a weight cut before I started fighting.
TM: That's a tough one. I've always been more disciplined in Muay Thai and kickboxing. They are my stronger points. So, if I were to go back I would keep those, but I would like to be trained more in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, maybe even some sambo
TC: Wrestling
TBA: I still like Kempo as my striking background, but I do wish I had started with some sort of grappling background and regretted not wrestling in high school just because I was too self-conscious about my body - I've had to make up for that ever since beginning this sport

5. How many fights do you think an amateur should have before going pro?
AWY: Ten with at least half of them winning
AWA: I think that depends on the level of competition she took on as an amateur. Also if every fight was in a state that does not allow ground and pound it may be a better idea not to jump into pro rules without a bit of extra experience.
AH: A couple
CROB: At least ten
CROD: ? 5+ . I think they should have over a year in the gym maybe two. Would also help if they do smokers and jits tournaments
CB: As many as it takes to feel comfortable and well rounded
DR: As many as it takes to be a well rounded fighter.
EB: Five-this number can establish a winning or losing record and give people a good idea of where they stand.
GB: When there is not an adequate amount of competition at the amateur level and the athlete is ready. That varies between athletes.
JA: As many as your trainer deems necessary. I started when the weight disparity between amateurs could be 30 lbs. So, I needed more fights. I have had 16 as an ammy. Then you have very talented naturals like Rose and Tecia that did four or five before rightfully going pro and doing big things. MMA is an individualized game. It is not one size fits all.
JF: As many as they want. I think what's most important is to have a solid well-rounded set of skills and feel comfortable before going pro.
JP: 7-10
JM: Depends. At least 1 or 2 so they can see what it's like to be in a cage with someone else who legitimately wants to hurt you. Can't mimic that in the gym
JC: 5-8 depends how good you are
KC: Depends on what you consider a fight, Muay Thai, grappling, Olympic Judo? Also the spirit of the fighter, no one should ever take a step if they don't feel ready. With no outside fighting experience I would say between 4-6.
LSC: I wish I had at least 10-15
LSA: 4-5 if they go well, more if not.
LVP: As many as possible. I kind of regret that I never got the chance to do amateur fights, experience is EVERYTHING.
RW: At least 7
RS: I don't think it matters. I believe it should be based on the fighter, because everyone is different and some people have trained a very long time before ever deciding to fight. Therefore may already be very skilled
RH: At least four wins
SW: I like to say 5 and a WINNING RECORD.
SS: Depends, females are fewer and harder to come by so when their talent appears they should go when comfortable I would say 4-
7 for girls for sure 14-20 for guys because they are a dime a dozen and there is much to compete with out there
TBR: I say at least 5...I mean some high level already well known champions in other areas; Olympians, or high level boxers, kick-boxers etc. I understand that, but some chicks have 1 ammy fight and go pro and then have shitty showings for lack of experience.
TM: I'd say any where from 7-15. There is so much to learn as a fighter. Once you go pro you never go back. Take the time as an amateur to figure yourself out and get the feel for what the sport is all about. Yeah, there is always going to be something to learn, but figure out who you are before you go pro.
TC: I think 10 or more
TBA: At least 10 if you can get them

6. Who is one female fighter who you feel is very underrated?
AWY: Cat Zingano
AWA: Munah Holland
AH: Jessica Eye, Leslie Smith, and Liz Carmouch
CROB: Diana Rael or JoJo calderwood. I don't see why she hasn't got a title fight yet, he is amazing
CB: Roxanne Modafferi
EB: Gina Begley-she isn't pro yet but she is extremely underrated. Between judges decisions that were questionable in both MMA and Muay Thai to fighters that don't reveal their true record, she has received the short end of the stick and her record is not a true indicator of her abilities.
GB: I don't know that any are.
If a woman shows skill I think it's not long till people take her serious if she is serious about her career. Maybe it's the opposite, a woman shows skill and fans are to eager for them to take steps their maybe not ready for like going pro to quickly.
JA: I think the Happy Warrior has fallen off the map a little, but I think she is a force to be reckoned with. I have followed her since just starting 8 years ago and I think big things are still to come from her.
JF: I think people often overlook Felice Herrig or knock her because she plays up the sexy side of WMMA, but I think she's a very talented tough fighter
JP: Sarah Moras
JM: Colleen Schneider at 125
JC: Sarah Maloy
KC: I think Liz McCarthy is awesome and doesn't seem to get much attention.
LSC: Vanessa Porto, that girl is a beast! Plus she has been around forever and is still relevant!
LSA: Miriam Nakamoto
LVP: There's not too many who I think are underrated, rather than the many who are overrated. But one would definitely be Joanne Calderwood, even though people know how skilled she is, I think they still haven't given her enough credit yet.
RW: Jessica Eye
RS: Sarah McMann
SW: Not sure how to answer this question. There are a number of females in both Ammy and Pro that have not had the opportunity to fight on the bigger name cards. I think Justine Kish will be an up and comer as well as Colby Northcutt. For pro, I am going to say Shayna Baszler...I think she should have been signed in the first wave of UFC fighters.
SS: Diana Rael and Jo Jo Calderwood
TBR: I think Leslie Smith was underrated at 135 but scary folks at 125
TM: I would have to say Patricia Vidonic. I would like to see her on one of the next Invicta cards. She definitely has a lot of talent and is a strong fighter. I've had the chance to train with her and she taught me a lot. I respect her and look up to her. I would like to see some bigger things happen for her in WMMA
TC: Roxanne Modafferi
TBA: None of them really - they're all getting tons of attention right now

7. Do you like the scoring system how it is or would you prefer the fight do be scored as a whole?
AWY: Seems fair with a knowledgable ref
AWA: I'm good with how it is now.
AH: I like how they did pride scoring with yellow cards for stalling.
CROB: The fight as a whole
CROD: I would love it if there were no rounds. Bell rings fighters fight until someone is finished. Rounds are for fans not fighters.
DR: I think it is our jobs to win the fight and we can’t rely on rules and scoring systems.
EB: I like it how it is.
GB: I feel damage is sometimes overlooked and a lot of emphasis on takedown attempts are taken into consideration. It would be nice if judges could see the ratio counters available to viewers and time to consider their decision.
JA: I honestly don't know. I think as an ammy in Michigan there have been terrible judges that don't follow the score system because they don't know what they are doing. I have lost decisions that I think are questionable but I don't blame the score cards, I blame the ignorance of certain organizations and judges.
JF: I'm okay with it as is, I think both have their pros and cons
JP: I think the 10 pt system is fine, just think if there was some way to keep judges consistent that would be an improvement.
JM: I like Pride scoring best
JC: I like it, but sometimes its just the judges that are scoring that messes up
KC: In a perfect world I would like the fight judged as a whole, unfortunately I think that would lead to the fight being judged on the last minute of the fight
LSC: I like it you need the single round scoring to come up with a decision.
LSA: As a whole definitely
LVP: Hell no, don't change it. I had to fight a couple of Muay Thai fights in which they scored the fight as a whole, that was very uncomfortable.
RW: I think it should be scored as a whole
RS: I like how it is
RH: I like it
SW: I like it as it is now
SS: I think the holding a dominate position should only score points if you do something with it and can connect on strikes rather then just laying on someone to score points, also for the fighter on the bottom if they are actively trying to escape and they are throwing on submissions and still making it interesting then they should score points for that as well
TBR: It works as long as you have competent judges. Some of these judges never have been in
any combat sport or only been watching for a short amount of time and it hurts their judging skills and screws over fight decisions.
TM: I don't think the scoring system is horrible, but I think there could be some changes made. I would like to see it scored as a whole to.
TC: As a whole if it goes all 3 rounds or 5 rounds
TBA: As it is - it's part of the reason there's more than 1 round

8. Looking at your career so far, what is your favorite highlight?
AWY: All my fellow WMMA fighters I got the honor to face or meet.
AWA: Winning my first pro fight. It was also the first fight that my parents and son were able to go to.
AH: Never being finished
CROB: My first Invicta fight even tho I lost it was the time of my life.
CROD: Having the first win on the first fight of the very first Invicta.
CB: Winning my first fight by ref stoppage
DR: My favorite highlight is the whole journey.
EB: Winning my first Muay Thai fight after doing a successful weight cut and training as hard as I did for it.
GB: My :56 KO in my opening fight at the TBA classic 2013
JA: I think winning by submission was my favorite! Also, I won a belt that night. But that was fun because I love grappling and BJJ and being able to showcase that was nice
JF: Fighting for the ECR Bantamweight Title...I didn't win but I fought hard and learned a lot
JP: My fight with Sarah Goodlaxson. There were some great exchanges, grappling scrambles and the crowd was going nuts. Those are the kind of WMMA fights that turn non believers into fans.
JM: Winning the Tuf-n-Uff belt
JC: Qualifing for The US team in pankration!
KC: Winning my first pro fight, I took it on 2 weeks notice and I knew they were trying to set me up against a "Hometown Girl" I got there too late for weigh-ins the night before and had to weigh in a couple hours before my fight, and my coach couldn't come. And none of that mattered.
LSC: When I won my ROF title! My husband and I had just changed up our coaching staff and it was the first time I got to test it in the cage and it was beautiful!!!
LSA: Winning and finishing my first Invicta fight
LVP: My last Invicta fight/first win there. Everyone in Austria told me that I will never make it. I love to prove people wrong
RW: Probably any time I punched Elisabeth Espinosa in the face
RS: Probably my first fight, because me and my opponent traded a lot of strikes creating an extremely dynamic exciting fight. The audience voted it fight of the night and people were coming up to me after.
RH: So far, winning my debut fight via split decision. Family and friends had come from far away and willing in such a suspenseful way and hearing them all cheer is a moment I won't forget.
SW: LOL Well for ME, I get to meet all the fighters and have some really GREAT FRIENDS!
SS: TKO victory over Margret Bloom in her hometown
TBR: I think my first pro fight, finally being able to fight under pro rules and using those rules to my advantage and getting that 1st round tko due to elbows.
TM: My first fight. It was such a rush and such an amazing experience. I've only had three fights, but my 1st was the best. I might have not known as much as I should of but I fought my heart out and its a night I will never forget.
TC: Performing
TBA: I don't know if I'd call it a "career," but any time I got my hand raised - and that victory meal was always a nice bonu

9. If Cyborg and Ronda Rousey do ever fight, who wins and how?
AWY: Cyborg by tko or ko.
AWA: Cyborg. By brutality
AH: Man that's hard to say! I do not know!!! I wanna see it happen though. Cyborg by tko or Ronda by arm bar lol.
CROB: Hahahaha Cris Cyborg without a doubt. Rousey's stand up is nothing compared to Cyborg
CROD: I so don’t care anymore
CB: Cyborg-TKO
DR: The fans win!
EB: Rousey by armbar-Cyborg may knock her down but if Rhonda can get Cyborg on the ground with her, the fight will be over.
GB: I don't know! I think It would be an excellent fight if cyborg could avoid being arm barred and let us see Ronda in at least a second round.
JA: Cyborg by beastery! Cyborg is hands down the greatest pound for pound.
JF: Cyborg by Hulk Smash
JP: It will never happen. Cyborg can't (and shouldn't) make 135 and Ronda has no reason to go up. There is also plenty of talent in 135 div to keep her active, I also don't think she should look past
Miesha just yet.
JM: I still think Ronda would catch her in an arm bar but she might have to take way more damage than she ever has before to get it.
JC: Cyborg by first round KO
KC: Cyborg, TKO
LSC: Cyborg, GNP Rd. 1
LSA: Ronda via armbar...but I'm not 100% sold, Cyborg is crazy strong!
LVP: Cyborg by manhandling
RW: Cyborg to TKO
RS: Ronda Rousey by arm bar.
RH: Hmmm... good question. Cyborg TKO
SW: I do not want to ever see them fight. But thats just me. I think their story line is all about how much they HATE each other and not about the talent aspect. And if Ronda Wins, it because Cris would diet or if Cris wins it will be because of steroids...etc DROP IT!
SS: Cyborg
TBR: Cyborg via murder.
TM: I'm not sure how to answer this. I admire both of them a ton! It would definitely be an interesting fight! They are both very technical. We all know that Rousey is best on the ground, and that Cyborg is a beast with her stand-up! If the time comes and they fight I will be rooting for Rhonda.
TC: Well as much I like Rousy I do think Cyborg would win by tko
TBA: Cyborg would probably win by TKO because of her great size, strength, and power advantage; however, Rousey obviously still has a chance with her armbar or any of her other submissions we haven't had a chance to see yet

10. What is the best and worst parts of fight camp?
AWY: Being away from my kids.
AWA: The best is the focus that comes with it. It's sort of an excuse to think about one thing. Just one thing. The worst is the weight cut
AH: Best knowing you're about to fight and being in awesome shape. Worst is cutting weight!
CROB: Worst- The emotional toll it takes on you. It's a very mentally frustrating thing to do. Best- showing everyone what you
have trained and getting in the cage and having fun!
CROD: When I’m in camp my coaches usually gear classes toward me. I LOVE THAT!!! I learn so much in the shortest time. I hate dieting
CB: Being pushed to the max and weight cutting
DR: Best would be challenging your mental and physical abilities. Worst not getting to eat as I wish.
EB: Wanting to eat comfort foods when training may not be going as well but not being able to-also missing out on family events because I can't take enough time off to travel back and see them before the next practice. The best part is when things start coming together and drills become reactions
GB: Best: I enjoy the physical changes, tone and appearance. Worst: weigh ins, being thirsty.
JA: I love training and learning new things but maintaining weight and cutting weight can make my hair fallout. It is stressful sometimes.
JF: The best part is being pushed harder and harder by your team and coach, the worst part is cutting weight
JP: Best: the grind. Pushing your body to levels most wouldn't dream of and driving home for practice or the gym knowing what your body and mind are capable of is one of the best feelings ever! Worst: missing time with my kids and Robb and always having to explain why you can't eat crap.
JM: When everything starts coming together and you've turned your body into a machine. That's a pretty badass feeling. The worst part for anyone I'd imagine is cutting weight. It's amazing how emotional I can get over food!
JC: Worst would be weight cutting and best is getting to train and spend time with your gym family!
KC: Dieting is the worst, the best is how much you grow as a person and a fighter
LSC: Best: Improving as a whole mentally, physically, and spiritually. Worst: Cutting weight
LSA: Best: starting to feel myself get stronger, faster, leaner Worst: fighting being exhausted and not wanting to go to YET ANOTHER practice.
LVP: Best part is the whole thing, I can't remember a second I didn't love. Worst part starts two weeks before the fight, when I realise what I want to work on more. I'm never satisfied and feel like I always need to put in more work.
RW: Best part is probably the fact that you're in amazing shape and you feel great. The worst part is not being able to eat whatever you want, when you want it.
RH: Best is getting in really good shape and feeling unstoppable. Worst is having to track everything you eat and being sore.
SW: Ah well ah heck I dont know LOL
SS: Hell week is the worst part and the best part about fight camp
TBR: Best part is actually feeling yourself get better reaching thy peak it at fight time and worst is that point in a camp where you're exhausted and feel just beat to shit.
TM: The worst part of fight camp is cutting weight! I don't think anyone likes to. The best part would be learning new aspects of the game. I love working on new techniques. Doing drills over and over again is awesome because I like repetition and being solid with different techniques.
TC: Finding time to balance life obligations.
TBA: The best is getting to train martial arts hardcore because I actually enjoy training, and the worst is cutting weight

11. What's your dream female vs Male MMA match-up?
AWY: Cyborg vs any man in the 145 class
AWA: I thought about this forever and just cannot come up with one
AH: Ronda Rousey vs Bryan Caraway
CROB: I don't have one I think that would be stupid for a female to fight a man.
CROD: Cat Zingano vs Bryan Caraway
CB: Fuji vs Aoki
DR: Ronda Rousey VS Brian Caraway
EB: Cyborg and Big Country
GB: Ronda Rousey vs Bryan Caraway
JA: Cyborg verse and bro willing to throw down with her at a reasonable weight match up lol
JF: I'm not really into the idea of men vs women MMA but I'm kind of curious to know if Ronda Rousey would beat Jon Jones
JP: Timmy Gorman vs Sara McMann
JM: One where the chick wins I guess? I don't have much interest in seeing a male vs female fight tho really.
JC: Cyborg VS. Anyone in UFC
KC: Me vs my husband LOL
LSC: Urijah Faber vs. Ronda Rousey
LSA: HA! Cyborg vs any 135lb guy.
LVP: Ronda vs. Urijah Faber. LOL, naaah, none at all. Girls and guys should stick with their own, otherwise there are massive physical disadvantages (unless the ladies use steroids)
RW: Sara McMann VS one of the Diaz Brothers
RS: Ronda Rousey vs. Bryan Caraway
RH: Anthony Petis vs. Rose Namajunas... leaping kicks off the cage, flying arm bars, you'd have no idea what to expect!
TBR: Cyborg vs Aldo...that's be interesting.
TM: Jo-Jo Calderwood and Anderson Silva! They are both phenomenal strikers! I think it would be a battle!!!
TC: Not sure
TBA: Cyborg v. Fallon, Cyborg being the female of course

12. What do you like to dip your French fries in?
AWY: Nothing, they're gross
AWA: Ranch dressing (if I even eat them)
AH: Ranch or ketchup
CROB: Ketchup and mustard.. Or ranch... Or vanilla ice cream
CROD: Ketchup and mayo mix or honey mustard
CB: Ranch
DR: Ketchup
EB: Ketchup from Jamaica-it's better for you and sweeter.
GB: Ranch
JA: Ketchup. Heinz only!
JF: Milkshakes!
JP: Ketchup
JM: Ketchup or ranch & hot sauce if I'm feeling redneck-y
JC: Buffalo Sauce
KC: Ketchup, I'm a traditionalist
LSC: Honey Mustard
LSA: Spicy mayo
LVP: Ice cream
RW: The french fry sauce from Freddys
RS: Ranch
RH: I like sweet potato fries... plain :)
SW: Random, Mayonnaise
SS: Fry sauce or ketchup
TBR: My mouth
TM: Chocolate frosty or ranch!
TBA: I like to use those packets labeled "Fancy Ketchup" because it makes me feel sophisticated

13. What is the most ridiculous post workout decision you've ever made?
AWY: Drinking
AWA: Beer
AH: Probably going out and drinking
CROB: Eating right away.. Bad idea
CROD: Scheduling a hiking trip the same day as mma sparing (class last about 3hrs)
DR: Not eating
EB: To drive three hours to visit family directly after a hard day-they had to help me out of the car
GB: To go hiking at a place called the pinnacles after a hard practice. I'm not a hiker.
JA: Usually eating an entire pizza or a bunch of ice cream. Ruining all the work I put in that day
JF: That eating Chinese is a good idea
JP: To skip a meal.
JM: To go workout again
JC: Eating a whole bunch of crap food!
KC: Going to another gym for sparring
LSC: No idea?
LSA: To go to bed without showering because I was too exhausted = Surefire way to wake up with ringworm.
LVP: Go out instead of going to bed.
RW: Eating half a pan of brownies
RH: A couple times I've tried to do field research after a hard work out. One time I was out in a wetland, on my own, and was physically gassed but still had to wade through mud while carrying buckets of samples. Worse than 'short time' training.
SW: To go back in for round two.....
SS: Don't know lol
TBR: ass was on fire(in my Alicia Keys song voice)
TM: Work my ass off in the gym and then go grab food from Wendy's!!!! Never again! Don't waste a good workout like that! Haha
TC: Not sure
TBA: Attempting to train kicks after leg day - you're gonna have a bad time

14. What famous person would you enjoy punching in the face the most?
AWY: A Kardashian
AWA: Nicki Minaj
AH: I don't know none really
CROB: Taylor Swift
CROD: Any of the Housewives
CB: Kanye West
DR: Tonya Harding
EB: I would enjoy punching Hitler in the face. He may be dead but he was famous-just in the wrong light.
GB: None, I'd rather talk it out. But the first one that got in my face loud and insulting I'd probably pop em with the quickness.
JA: George W
JF: Charlie Sheen
JP: Kanye West, because he's a whiny baby.
JM: Just one!!? How about Congress? Do they count? If not I'll go back to my original response last time we did a round table - Honey Boo Boo's mother
JC: Miley Cyrus, just to knock some since back in the girls head! (Ain't nobody got time for that!)
KC: I don't think I care that much about any famous people, and I'm not much into punching people out of the context of martial arts. I'd like to give Miley Cyrus the good spanking she clearly never got as a child, but it would be for her own good.
LSC: "The Situation" from Jersey Shore
LSA: THANK YOU FOR ASKING THIS!! Giada DeLaurentiis ...that stupid stupid stupid toothy smile of hers makes me insane and her head is waaaayyy to big for her body.
LVP: Christian Bale. Just because he might like it.
RW: Well it use to be Kanye but now im thinking Miley Cyrus after those VMA's
RS: A-Rod one because he's a cheater and two, because people will not shut up about him.
RH: I don't really get urges to punch people in the face (other than in the cage). Many of the former child stars annoy me though... Amanda Bynes (the ugly list is ridiculous), Miley Cyrus, etc.
SW: Miley
TBR: Prolly one of those housewives of Atlanta. The old miss America chick who's a big ol biotch!
TM: Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton
TC: Any Kardashian
TBA: It might be illegal for me to say the Obamas, so now it's a toss-up between Beyoncé and Lady Gaga

15. How often do you wear matching socks?
AWY: Maybe 25% of the time. They come off right away
anyways when I get to the gym and my Daughter steals them.
AWA: If I wear socks they match
AH: Always
CROB: Good question ...
CROD: Only wear socks to run and the always match or it would bug me
CB: Not very often
DR: Usually only black and I don’t like if one is slightly lighter or darker then the other
EB: Ha ha ha-is this a rhetorical question? My washer and dryer eat socks, so not very often
GB: When they're new and I still know where both matches to the pair are.
JA: Um, never actually
JF: Almost every day
JP: 9 times out of 10
JM: Always
KC: EVERY DAY, I'm kind of OCD about that
LSC: Always but I rarely wear socks
LSA: I don't always wear socks, but when I do I wear matching ones.
LVP: Rarely ever
RW: Every day!!!
RS: Always.
RH: Always. I HATE when socks don't match or when they get old in general. A new pair of black socks might be one of my favorite things.
SW: lol Workouts NEVER at work Daily
SS: 99% of the time, it's a huge pet peeve
TBR: They always match, OCD yo!
TM: Never. I don't even think I have a pair that matches.
TC: Never, I hate socks.
TBA: Whenever I wear socks

16. What is your favorite pro sports team?
AWY: I'm to busy with my own sport lol so none
AWA: Flyers. I haven't watched much hockey in the past 2 seasons but my son can talk about the Flyers for days and I enjoy hearing what he has to say.
AH: Mets!
CROB: I don't watch sports besides UFC
CROD: I don’t have one. I have a hard time watching sports on TV other then fighting
CB: Dallas Cowboys
EB: The Cyclones? I'm not really into too many sports
GB: UFC... That doesnt reslly fit maybe.I guess if you look at teams with a lot of quality professional female MMA fighters Jackson's would be the one.
JA: Yankees
JF: I don't have one
JP: Don't really follow pro sports
JM: Who?
JC: Texas Rangers
KC: Chicago Bears
LSC: Colorado Rockies Baby!!!
LSA: Kansas City Chiefs
LVP: Team Quest. (Cheesy, isn't it?! I simply prefer to stay at my favorite places with my favorite people)
RW: I don't really pay attention to any sports that dont have to deal with fighting. They kinda bore me lol
RS: New York Rangers
RH: I prefer college sports, UCONN basketball
SW: Denver Broncos baby
SS: Portland Trailblazers
TBR: I barely even watch any other sports besides fighting...But just to make my friends smile...Cowboys!lol
TM: Denver Broncos
TC: I guess the Dallas Cowboys cause their cheerleaders are awesome

17. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
AWY: I actually have feelings.. and The walk out before the fight is when I'm the most nervous
AWA: I listen to country music in my car...a lot.
AH: I was born in Germany.
CROB: I am a dope rapper haha
CROD: I’m extremely crafty. I love homemade projects and DIY. I love my glue gun
CB: I can crochet and sew
DR: Terrified of bees and wasps
EB: I am a Clint Eastwood fanatic
GB: I once married a man I knew for 2 days. (True story)
JA: I am a teacher of youths. :)
JF: I didn't know UFC existed before I started training
JP: I am an expert sandwich maker, worked at a sandwich shop all throughout high school and loved every minute of it!
JM: hat despite how incredibly talented I am, I can sometimes get lost driving down a straight road... In a town I've lived in for years... There's just not a lot of room in there left for logistics.
JC: I'm a very caring person and really not violent at all, unless I'm fighting
KC: Most people are surprised that I'm an ovo-vegetarian (no meat, no dairy)
LSC: I bowl an average 150 game
LSA: I can turn my feet completely backwards
LVP: I wanted to become an actress when I was younger. I was part of a musical company for two years as a teenager, but when I applied for Drama school in London they turned me down. Probably the reason why I started punching people.
RW: I guess that I'm 19. People usually seem to be surprised by that.
RS: I love singing
RH: I am super non-confrontational
SW: That I am TOTALLY a country kid....
SS: That I can sing well and can dance
TBR: I can dance my ass off ABDC style and I cry at every sports movie.
TM: I'm not really sure on that one... Anyone who knows me well shouldn't be surprised about anything. I am very up front and show everyone who I am!
TC: I'm a pastor's kid 2x over
TBA: I'm a gangsta hamsta

18. What is the best Christmas gift you ever received?
AWY: New rash guard and shorts
AWA: A vacation!
AH: I think when I was younger and got a bike I really wanted
CROB: I honestly don't know hmmm
CROD: My daughter was born a few days before Christmas
CB: My daughter coming home from hospital after being born at 27 weeks
EB: Spending time with two family members that should have been dead for different reasons but still were strong enough to make it through.
GB: A purple unicorn pillow pet. My son asked Santa to bring me a unicorn pillow pet and my coaches made sure Santa didn't forget and took care of it.
JA: My Hamilton Beach Blender
JF: A trip to Kansas City for Invicta
JP: The N'Sync Home for the Holidays CD I bought myself back in the day!
JM: Time with my family
JC: My Shotgun
KC: Art from my super talented family
LSC: My first pink MMA gloves from
LSA: Jesus...just kidding..although that is probably true, it seems a little sacrilegious to say that. Umm...a Mercedes SUV from my husband.
LVP: My first Invicta fight.
RW: When I was in elementary school and got my first cell phone. I cried.
RH: One year, as part of my gift, my older brother flew me out to San Diego and we road tripped up to my parents house in Portland, OR. The drive was amazing and you can't put a price tag on time with your family.
SW: I would have to say a drawing my son made for me.
SS: Basketball and basketball hoop when I was 5 years old
TBR: My Michael Jackson-esque glittery VS backpack and my rainbow headphones
TM: I have gotten a lot of good ones. I got a remote starter for my truck last year. One of my favorites.
TBA: A baby...named Jesus

19. If you could only eat one thing for a week, what would it be?
AWY: Cheesecake
AWA: Anything wild boar.
AH: Pizza
CROB: Cheeseburgers
CROD: Dr. pepper and goldfish PUFFS
CB: Spaghetti
DR: Lasagna
EB: Turkey Legs
GB: Oatmeal with F3 vanilla protein powder if I had to pick something I could actually eat for a week straight. If it were imaginary world I'd go with chocolate cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing.
JA: French fries.
JF: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bars
JP: Thai Food
JM: Krispy Kreme donuts
JC: Bacon (duh)
KC: Humus and avocado sandwiches
LSC: Neapolitan Ice Cream
LSA: Anything pumpkin flavored.
LVP: Cookie dough ice cream
RW: Crab legs!
RS: Chicken
RH: Chicken
SS: I think pizza and chocolate dunkers
TBR: Cookies or seasoned fries duh
TM: Cheeseburgers. They are my weakness!
TC: Cereal
TBA: Carrabbas

20. What fighter would you cast as Wonder Woman in a new movie?
AWY: Cat Zingano
AWA: Alexis Davis. Not sure why. That just works
AH: Cat Zingano
CROB: Miesha Tate
CROD: Gina Carano. She has the dark hair and is very curvy. I love the fact that wonder women is fit but very womenly
CB: Charmaine Tweet
EB: Jessamyn Duke
GB: Someone statuesque like Jessamyn Duke.
JA: Felice for sure
JF: Julia Budd
JP: Kamilla "the killa" Philippus
JM: Gina Carano
JC: Sarah D'alelio, because she's pretty dang awesome and has cool hair!
KC: I think Erin Toughill has the size and the look, but I don't know if she can act
LSC: Julia Budd
LSA: Meisha Tate for sure. You have to have nice boobies to play that role. Plus her hair is so awesome.
LVP: I would get a boob-job, dye my hair black and grow 6 inches, then I would cast myself and fulfill my childhood dream.
RW: Sara McMann!!!! <3
RS: Ronda Rousey
RH: Cat Zingano
SW: Jessamyn Duke
SS: Probably Rhonda Rousey
TBR: I don't like wonder woman, but if I must pick, Gina Carano duh! Just to see her wear the outfit and then fight crime in it
TM: Carla Esparza or Felice Herrig.
TC: Meisha Tate
TBA: Julia Budd - she has that Amazon build

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rachel Sazoff Interview

Photo Credits:
Photo 1: Shoot It MMA
Photo 2: Paul Loveking
Photos 3-4: Hex Linc Photos
Photo 5: Kelly McQueen

At first glance of the record of Rachel Sazoff as an amateur, you may not be overly impressed at the 4-4 record. But some things you need t take into account is Rachel has consistently fought tough opposition and in most cases was at a big weight disadvantage. Rachel is actually very skilled and as she makes her pro debut on October 4th against Kaline Medeiros for CES MMA, if she can get steady opponents in her weight class, I expect her to have a long and successful pro career.

Q: The first time I saw you in person was the loss to Rebecca Gruitza and saw you a few more times, most recently being the Rebecca Heintzman fight. Over that time you seemed to have really improved and learned how to handle the size disadvantage, would you agree with that?
A: Yeah, absolutely. When I fought Rebecca Gruitza, I was at an eight inch height disadvantage there and I was trying to find a way to get in because I was at such a huge reach disadvantage. I thought I did a pretty good job at that. I thought I could have possibly won that fight but I understand it could have gone either way. Heintzman was a very strong fighter. I have gotten a lot better at compensating for me being the smaller fighter all the time.

Q: Is there something you did to get better or did it just happen over time?
A: I think the more time I spent in the cage the more I adapted. I got used to it and the more we train will help for sure. For Rebecca Gruitza I wasn't with my strength and conditioning coach for long at all. Being with him between fights has helped a lot more.

Q: One reason I like you is you always have the fight whoever whenever attitude, as a pro to do you have to be more picky?
A: I would say yes. Unlike as an ammy, your pro record sticks with you. Ideally, I don't see it being as big an issue because the ideal class for me is 105, I always fought heavier at 115 and 120. I was trying to fight at 105 for this one but it is hard to find girls in that class so we are doing a catch weight at 110. I am definitely much stronger than I was and will keep getting better and pick smart fights and not put myself at as big a disadvantage as I have in the past.

Q: Do you expect there will be more potential opponents at 105 as a pro?
A: Absolutely! One of the problems I run into is that there are not as many of those girls on the east coast. It has been hard for people to find me opponents at my weight. A lot pf the girls fighting at 105 are in Invicta which is a huge goal of mine. In general, there aren't as many girls as on the west coast. When I come across a girl I would like to fight, I cant find anyone to fly them in cause it costs so much money, so I end up taking a fight with a bigger fighter, otherwise I will have no one to fight at all. I will be careful not to do that as much. I hope more 105 girls start popping up cause that would be ideal.

Q: Do you think people can look at your record and underestimate you not realizing you fought a lot of tough fighters and have given up so much of a weight advantage?
A: Yeah, absolutely! 4-4 is definitely a deceiving record. I have fought people who were 5-0, 5-1, Rebeca Heintzman is 6-0. I am fighting girls with legit records. If you go by my record, it can be deceiving but I am trying to fight the best girls in my weight class and I think that should count for something.

Q: Why did you decide that now was the time to go pro?
A: I couldn't find anyone at my weight class anymore. I would speak to Nichole Castillo and stuff and there were people but they were from Michigan and Michigan fighters cant fight here and fighters from here cant fight in Michigan. Due to the dilemma of not getting fights at a lower weight class and not wanting to fight at 115 because of finding myself in tight decisions I could have won but I was compensating too much, I decided I would turn pro. I have eight fights and can find better fights with girls my size. I feel ready. When you walk at weight or lighter and fighting girls cutting fifteen pounds, it plays a factor. I am walking now at 108 and that is light for someone fighting at my weight class.

Q: You are fighting Kaline Medeiros, what do you know about her?
A: I believe her to be more of a stand-up fighter. I am sure she has ground, it is MMA, we need to practice every aspect. I am predominately ground but I like to stand. She seems super aggressive, wants to take your head off. She has never fought below 125 to my understanding which I am keeping in mind because it can make her the bigger fighter on fight day. I am hoping the weight cut will even it out. She has power and I expect her to have a lot of power during the fight.

Q: She has the four pro fights, but with amateur's you actually have more total fights, so does that eliminate any experience advantage?
A: I would say it would even experience out. But she has fought some tough fighters like myself as an ammy. I am aware she knocked Stephanie Eggink out and she is a goof fighter. She fought Peggy Morgan and she is in the Ultimate Fighter house now. She has fought good people and may have extra power that I haven't had to deal with, but when it comes to ring experience we are pretty much even.

Q: You are at your best on the ground and your clinch game keeps getting better. Does the fact that she has been submitted a few times give you confidence the submission can be there for you?
A: I am always trying to work on my Jiu-Jitsu game because it is where my heart is. The fact she has been submitted before I have put thought into. Because I prefer to be on the ground, yeah, it gives me some confidence but I also know I have had problems finishing opponents so I am not getting super excited about that fact. I still have to be technical but I am confident in my Jiu-Jitsu game, I will roll with anybody.

Q: You have gone to many decisions, this is five minute rounds though, safe to say you are confident in your cardio if it goes the distance?
A: Yeah, most my fights have been three three minute rounds except my last fight with Roya Darvishian, we did three five minute rounds in Virginia. The pace of a stand-up fight I haven't had to address before but in general I am confident in my conditioning at all times. I believe I can do five minute rounds at a high intensity pace, but that wont be fully shown till the fight because I haven't had to deal with it in the past. I am used to decisions and that might help me out a bit.

Q: Is there something about pro rules you are excited to do for the first time?
A: I have been fortunate that even though I live in Jersey with restricted rules, I have fought many times in Ohio and my last in Virginia where they had full pro rules. Nothing in particular because they have been available in the past. Maybe elbows because I like to be in the clinch and they may help me out. Besides that, nothing to extreme.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: I honestly don't. I think it will be a hard fight from the beginning. Because I do go to decisions, it may go that way, I hope it doesn't. If it goes to the ground, a submission is very likely.

Q: After this, how active do you want to be as a pro?
A: Every few months before. That is what I did as an ammy and I always stay in shape. As long as I don't get seriously injured, which I have never had happen, I would like to fight every three or four months. If the match-up is there, I will take it and am always at weight so that is never an issue.

Q: Long term, I assume the goal is Invicta?
A: Absolutely! I think for all girls, if you are serious about the sport, you wanna fight for Invicta. The best girls are there and you should want to prove yourself and show what you can do. The best way to do that is fight the girls on the Invicta roster because they have experience, are good fighters, and it is an awesome opportunity.

Q: If someone is going to this fight and has never seen Rachel Sazoff fight, what can they expect?
A: From me, they can expect a high paced, energy fight. For those who haven't seen me, they may expect grappling but those who have seen me, I have not show stand-up but they can expect it this time. I am working on being well-rounded and people can expect to see that. I have been working on a good wrestling game. A high paced fight I can hold the entire time which I think separates me from some fighters.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: My school Ricardo Almeida Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Pedro Rivera my boxing coach, Brian Blue for my strength and conditioning, Brazen Boxing in Philadelphia has helped me a lot for this fight, everybody at Elite Wrestling, and Matt Pletcher who I am excited to have in my corner for this fight.

Friday, September 13, 2013

IFBB Pro Moira McCormack Interview

Photo Credits:
Photos 1-2: Kurt Jones
Photos 3-5: Muscular Development/Dan Ray

To go from a ninth place finish to winning a pro card in your very next show is an amazing accomplishment. It is an accomplishment that Moira McCormack achieved when she earned her IFBB Pro card at North Americans. The figure competitor turned physique competitor has shown an ability to improve and will make her a formidable competitor in the pro ranks.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: I was always active and played sports. In college I fell in love with weightlifting and training and also had a fear of the "freshman fifteen." I needed to make sure I was committed to training and staying in shape and not putting on the "freshman fifteen" that everyone says happens your first year of college. When I moved to Los Angeles I joined Gold's Gym which was a very motivating gym to be training in. Everything took off from there.

Q: What made you decide you wanted to try competing?
A: I think it was to have a goal, something to work towards. I find that if I have something to work towards, I stay committed and don't give up on that goal. I wanted to see what it was like stepping on that stage and seeing what I could accomplish through weight training and diet.

Q: Being in L.A., at a Gold's Gym, did it help being around so many other like-minded people?
A: Yes! It was a big change. I grew up in Massachusetts, a real rural area where health and fitness wasn't always a big focus for people. Being in a gym like Gold's, where the main focus is health and fitness and you have a lot of people who are competing, is very inspiring and motivating. Working with certain trainers also helped me keep on track and make things easier.

Q: The first time competing, were you nervous at all?
A: Yes! I still get nerves. You are standing on a stage by yourself being judged and looked at in every part of your body.

Q: A lot of people I interview say they do the first show and it becomes addicting, was that the case for you?
A: Yes! The first show was in figure in 2005. I knew that at that time that there was my work I needed to do. It drove me to take a year off to work on putting on more size. It definitely does become addicting.

Q: When you were putting on that size, did you get any negative reaction from that?
A: I would say more from family. In your off-season you work towards making gains and building and to do that you have to put on the weight. I find it funny that I diet down and everyone comments on how good you look and "stay this way, don't change." Then you put the weight back on and people don't say anything.

Q: You won your pro card at North Americans. When you realized you were a pro, do you remember what went through your head?
A: It was very surreal. It is something that the past three years as a physique competitor I was pushing towards and wanting. This past year was a tough year on a personal level so it was very gratifying and the best feeling I ever had to know I accomplished what I wanted to.

Q: Did you think going in that it was a realistic possibility?
A: I did! After USA's I worked with someone else on my diet and really started to enjoy things and keep that visualization and focus going. I did think it was possible. Having that determination and outlook made a big difference.

Q: I assume after pre-judge that you knew you had a shot, so knowing that, does it make you more nervous or determined to go back out?
A: Both! Determined to do my best and present the best package but at the same time your nerves kick in and you are wanting to showcase everything you worked towards. I think with the routine, that is nerve-racking because you don't wanna forget anything.

Q: Has being a pro sunk in or does something have to happen for it to sink in?
A: I still feel like it is sinking in. It still hasn't fully sunk in. I think it won't till I get on that pro stage.

Q: For you, does the pro card carry more responsibility as far as how you portray yourself to fans of the sport?
A: For me, I think there is more pressure. You want to be inspirational and motivating to people which I felt I have done previously from comments from people. But there is more in regards to people looking at you a little bit differently in that light. Like I said earlier with off-season and making gains, that is something where I have a feeling people will look at you a little negatively.

Q: When you switched to physique how much did you change training and diet?
A: I did take a year to make sure. I was told to either loose muscle or move to physique. I felt discouraged and worked so hard to gain the muscle and I like the look so I didn't want to loose it. It took time to wrap my head around having to do a routine and pose and display my physique to the best of my ability. The diet changed a little in regards to adding more protein and lifting heavier to build more size on my shoulders and legs.

Q: Was the posing hard to learn?
A: At first I felt intimidated by the posing. Once I started doing it, I fell in love with it. I felt like it was so much more enjoyable than standing there doing quarter turns. When I look back on that, at the time it was figure or bodybuilding. It is nice now that there are more avenues for women in the sport.

Q: Have you decided when you want to make your pro debut?
A: Right now it is looking like a Europa show or Chicago pro depending on what my trainer and nutritionist think. I listen to them.

Q: Where do you feel you need to be better for the pro stage?
A: More size on my quads.

Q: Do you expect to be more nervous for the pro stage?
A: No, I think it will be the same in regards to as long as I am prepared and made the gains I wanted. I will still be the same.

Q: When you are in the gym, do you get the stares or attention from people?
A: I do! I have been at Gold's for eleven years so most people I know and they have the same routine. If I go back east and train at a gym where I haven't been, I get the stares and people asking questions or when you are out and about at the store or walking. Most of the time it is very positive but once in awhile you hear a negative comment. Usually it is something that is nice to hear.

Q: If you could spend one day training with someone you have never trained with, who would it be?
A: It would wanna train with Victor Cruz of the New York Giants.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: Charles Glass, my trainer, I have been with him on and off the past few years and on a regular basis since April. Robert Mathis, my former trainer and coach for challenging me to make the gains and giving me the confidence to compete in Women’s Physique. Stephanie Rodriguez and Brett Bauer for being the best training partners.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

IFBB Pro Marcy McCaskey Interview

Photo Credits:
Photos 1-2: Tony Rodriguez
Photos 3-5: NPC News Online/Amir Mirandi

A former cyclist, Marcy McCaskey found something new when she started weight training. Something different and as she says, harder. Needless to say, it being harder was no obstacle Marcy could not overcome as at the recent North Americans, Marcy won her IFBB Pro card. Marcy's outlook and attitude will make her a great representative of the pro league.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: I've always been part of the gym. I was a cyclist and ran marathon's, I ran thirty-seven marathon's. I decided I needed to try something else and had always been in and out of the gym. I figured I would hire a trainer and I liked the results. That is how it started. I made good gains and slow changes to my diet and training and kept at it. Before you knew it I was doing shows.

Q: Coming from cycling, was it a big change to go from something more cardio based into lifting?
A: Yeah, this is way harder. You have to incorporate diet. This is a complete science. You have to incorporate lifting, diet and cardio to get to the end result.

Q: What made you decide to try competing?
A: I was in the gym and am very goal oriented. I like to have something to train for. I sat on the sidelines and watched for awhile. I had a friend and watched her. One day I decided "I am gonna go for it, I am training like this and need a reason to stay true to my diet." I like to challenge myself that way.

Q: Were you nervous the first time?
A: I was scared to death. I figured if I did that then I could do anything in the world.

Q: A lot of people I interview say that after the first show, competing becomes addicting to them, was that the case for you?
A: Yeah, I can see that. I always think I can do better. I always look to see where I can improve instead of looking and giving myself credit for what I have done. It gives me a next point to get to and do better.

Q: You started with figure, why did you switch to physique?
A: I like to workout and have more muscle. With figure I couldn't have the muscle I wanted. Physique gives me a chance to bring out my personality on stage and with figure I feel like you cant do that as much just doing quarter turns. With a routine, it is fun, you can let yourself shine a bit.

Q: Was learning the posing harder than you expected?
A: Yeah! There are so many things to think about. You start to get into your pose and try and remember everything. I try and practice posing every week and in the gym practice a few poses depending on what body part I am training. I try and look at my muscle and see how it is forming.

Q: You just won your pro card at North Americans, when you first realized you were now a pro, do you remember what went through your head?
A: I don't think it's really even sunk in yet. I really love to try and be an inspiration for people to get healthy. I do that with my customer base now and they see that and ask me questions. I'm trying to get it to sink in and have a photo shoot this weekend and am doing some things. My coach says "you are a pro now you are a pro now."

Q: When do you think it will fully sink in?
A: My coach told me "when you go to shows or are in the gym, people are gonna look at you differently and look up to you more." When I start to see some of that it will be more real. Even my photo shoot this weekend, my coach wants a poster for the gym and some 8x10's. Even talking to you, this is awesome, it's fun, it's a way to tell your story and hopefully somebody can identify with it and do the same.

Q: No! I knew I was bringing my best package that I ever had and felt confident. I was thrilled with first call-outs and would have been happy with that. My coach said I had a shot and it got me psyched up and backstage I said "you know what? I have a shot at this, I am gonna give it a thousand percent and have fun and own the stage and see what happens."

Q: Does the pro card for you as far as how you portray yourself with fans of the sport?
A: I think so. Being part of the IFBB, you want to present a good image, at least I do. I want people to see me as a role model. I try and be positive and present myself in a way my kids would be proud and inspire people. I want to be healthy and have a good life and see what I can do.

Q: Do you know when you want to make your pro debut?
A: It is gonna be next year. Probably in the summer. I will try and do the first ever Masters Pro for sure. I would like to do another one to. They are talking of doing a pro show with the Emerald Cup and I would love to do that one as well.

Q: Where do you need to be better for a pro stage?
A: Always working on my back and v-taper. I brought my waist in quite a bit. My ham/glute tie-in and make it tighter. I made improvements in my abs and want to continue there to.

Q: You were nervous for your first show, do you expect it to be the case for your first pro show?
A: No way! I wanna own it. It is a certain confidence, you step on the stage and say "I am a pro now, I need to own that and bring my best to the stage." I am not gonna bring anything short of a hundred and ten percent.

Q: In the gym do you get the stares and attention from people?
A: All the time. Right before the show I heard "wow, you take care of yourself."

Q: When you are in public, do you cover up and avoid attention or more proud and showing it off?
A: I am proud of it and I am showing it. Tastefully of course. I am not gonna wear long sleeves and cover up my hard work.

Q: If you could spend a day training with someone you have never trained with before, who would it be?
A: I am lucky I get to train with Erica Blockman. I would like to train with Dana Linn Bailey. I wanna see what she is doing. She looks good, she is ripped.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: I feel honored to have the best coaches. It took awhile to get to the right people. Noel Fuller is awesome and brings lots of experience. Derek Kaneshiro and Team Dream Quest, they have guided me to bring my best to the stage.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Antonietta Luigini Interview

Photo Credit:
Photos 1-5: RX Muscle/North American Bodies

I discovered Antonietta Luigini while looking at photos from the NPC Treasure Coast, a show in which she won her class. I was blown away by her. More so when I found out it was only her second show and even more so when seeing the incredible improvements from her first show. If she continues at that rate, I can very easily see Antonietta winning a pro card in the near future.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: I actually had been playing soccer since I was around four years old. I saw my brother play soccer and told my father I wanted to start playing on a team. I did high school and college soccer. After college I didn't go pro so I joined a Fit Camp and the trainer was a competitor and his girlfriend was a competitor. We would do challenges and I was always wanting to win, always competing and talking about how my body was changing and asking questions about diet. He suggested that I compete. I did some research and watched some YouTube videos and decided I wanted to compete.

Q: When you decided to compete did you have any idea what all went into it?
A: No, no idea. You see the glam and say you want to do it. Then once you get into the nitty gritty of it, it is all or nothing and that is when you continue or break.

Q: Were you nervous that first show?
A: It's funny you say that. I was more nervous when I put my suit on. I got my suit five weeks out and to me, I looked the best I had ever looked in my life. It is more cocky than anything. Five weeks out I got my suit and had a mini freak out because it got real for me and the suit was very tiny and put it in perspective for me. The first one, it was a National qualifier, over my head. I was in for a rude awakening and I learned a lot from it.

Q: Looking back, do you wish you had picked a smaller show?
A: I do! Maybe done more research. Throughout the course of my prep, because my body was changing every week, I did cut corners in my prep and still felt I looked great and was gonna do well because I had never been on stage or seen what the girls looked like.

Q: A lot of people I interview say they do the first show and it becomes addicting, was that the case with you?
A: Yes, very addicting. As soon as I stepped off stage I knew I wanted to do another one.

Q: You just won your class at the NPC Treasure Coast, your second show, when you won, do you remember what went through your head?
A: We had a smaller class and I remember being in pre-judging, and of course you are backstage looking at these girls and it is a competition even though you cant do much else once you are on stage, your body is where it is going to be. I just wanted to place and was feeling confident after pre-judging. When they said I won, I was really excited. I remember looking over at my coach and he promised to kiss my bicep if I won, so that is what I thought about.

Q: How happy were you with what you brought to the stage?
A: I was very happy. My physique this time compared to the last time was one hundred and ten percent different. I knew this because I was sticking to the diet, I wasn't skipping out on cardio. I was one hundred percent dedicated for sixteen weeks every single day. It showed in my body and I could see the difference. I was more confident. Not cocky, but confident and you could see a difference. At that point it becomes fun.

Q: I saw your second pictures first and was amazed when I saw your first pictures and the difference between them, after the first show, would you have imagined that you could look as good as you did for the second show?
A: No! Honestly, it is just the way my body has changed. Even now, looking at pictures, I cant believe it is me. I am three weeks out now and it gets me excited because now I know I am only gonna look better. People tell you you wont always look like the first show and you are gonna get better and better and I never thought in a million years that that is what I could look like. I look at pictures and cant believe it is me. You do the exercises and the diet and every day you see yourself and don't see the little changes. Once you start drying out and put your tan on it is amazing.

Q: Your upper body was very hard, your abs were better than the figure competitors, did you worry going in that maybe you were coming in a little too hard in the upper body?
A: Yes, we did worry about that. My upper body, arms, shoulders, they just grow. I can bulk them very easy and actually have to take them down. He asked me what I would do when the judges said I was too hard on top. I said I didn't know, I like my shoulders, I like my abs. We stopped doing them a week out. I think it was all diet. The judges said to take it down a little bit. I don't know how we are gonna do that but we are working on it. They also said it was uneven, my legs were more soft and my top was too hard. If it was more even then it wouldn't be as extreme. We might soften me up a little in the stomach area and it is unfortunate because I like being that way.

Q: Would you ever consider figure so you can maybe continue looking that way?
A: I don't know. When I started this second prep he said "you have gained weight but you also gained muscle, is figure an option?" Right now, I don't feel like figure is in my heart, I don't feel comfortable with the poses. His girlfriend went from bikini to figure. In street clothes I love the way they look, a little more muscle, it is beautiful. Being on stage in that suit I don't have it in me at the moment. I love bikini, you can see in my face that I enjoy being on stage and being feminine and sexy and saying "this is my body, I've worked for this."

Q: You are three weeks out, not a lot of time from the last one, but is there somewhere you can say you want to be better?
A: My legs. They told me my legs need to come down. Glutes are a lot fuller than the last show and I am excited about that. It will be difficult to get my legs more leaner and more cuts, and less cuts on top. So finding that balance is a challenge but we are doing it. My legs are looking a lot better. Not training upper body as much is very hard for me.

Q: When you are in the gym, do you get the stares and attention from people?
A: I do unfortunately. I really try to wear sweaters during cardio, pull my hood over my head. I am on the stairs busting it and guys come next to me and try and talk to me and I say "sorry, but I am in the middle of something. I don't want to be mean. I don't wear tight clothes and wear long pants. I may wear a tank top but no sports bra. It is kind of overwhelming you know?

Q: If you could spend one day training with someone you never trained with before, who would it be?
A: I think you would expect a girl, but I would love to train with Kai Greene. I watch his videos and he talks about the mental aspects and this sport is eighty percent mental. He is very humble and I would love to meet him. I love listening to him and the whole mental aspect he speaks of. There are times I wake up and don't wanna train and sleep in and have pancakes for breakfast. At the end of the day if I don't believe I can do it, no one will.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: I would love to thank my coach Brandon Sellnow, he has been there from day one through all my mood swings and taught me everything I know. It is because of him that I have the support system I do. Of course my boyfriend, he stuck by my side through everything. The gym has given me the support system that even my own family doesn't give me cause they don't understand it.