Monday, August 27, 2018

Invicta FC 31 Predictions

Photo Credit: Invicta FC

We are back with Our Invicta FC 31 predictions. Invicta FC 31 takes place September 1st from Kansas City, Missouri. Joining myself (Jason Adams) are Alyssa Vasquez, Amy Montenegro, Ashley Hawkins, Chris Gregory, Emily Andzulis, Jehnn Stumborg, Jen Aniano, Jenna Bernick, Jenna Skinner, Jessenia Quinonez, Jessica Dinch, Jillian DeCoursey, Kate Brummitt, Katherine Grasshopper, Katie Casimir, Kia Lola, Lacey Hancock, Layla Newton, Leigh-Ann Baskey, Mallory Kane, Missy Pontbriand, Monica Franco, Olivia Parker, Rach Frehe, Rachael Smith, Sarah Shell, Serena DeJesus, Shamir Peshewa, Sophie Sharp, Stephanie Skinner, Tamikka Brents and Teri Brents. There is one additional bout on the card but these predictions were done before that bout was added to the card.

1. Audrey Drew (1-0) vs Holli Salazar (1-0)
Alyssa: Salazar
Amy: Drew
Ashley: Salazar
Chris: Drew
Emily: Salazar
Jason: Salazar
Jehnn: Drew
Jen: Drew
Jenna B: Drew
Jenna S: Salazar
Jessenia: Salazar
Jessica: Drew
Jillian: Drew
Kate: Salazar
Katherine: Drew
Katie: Salazar
Kia: Salazar
Lacey: Salazar
Layla: Drew
Leigh-Ann: Salazar
Mallory: Salazar
Missy: Drew
Monica: Salazar
Olivia: Drew
Rach: Salazar
Rachael: Salazar
Sarah: Drew
Serena: Salazar
Shamir: Salazar
Sophie: Drew
Stephanie: Salazar
Tamikka: Drew
Teri: Drew
Totals: Drew- 15 Salazar- 18

2. Helen Peralta (2-0) vs Kay Hansen (2-1)
Alyssa: Peralta
Amy: Peralta
Ashley: Hansen
Chris: Peralta
Emily: Peralta
Jason: Peralta
Jehnn: Peralta
Jen: Peralta
Jenna B: Peralta
Jenna S: Peralta
Jessenia: Peralta
Jessica: Peralta
Jillian: Peralta
Kate: Peralta
Katherine: Hansen
Katie: Hansen
Kia: Peralta
Lacey: Peralta
Layla: Peralta
Leigh-Ann: Peralta
Mallory: Peralta
Missy: Peralta
Monica: Hansen
Olivia: Hansen
Rach: Peralta
Rachael: Peralta
Sarah: Hansen
Serena: Peralta
Shamir: Peralta
Sophie: Peralta
Stephanie: Peralta
Tamikka: Hansen
Teri: Peralta
Totals: Peralta- 26 Hansen- 7

3. Kelly D'Angelo (2-2) vs Lindsey VanZandt (3-0)
Alyssa: VanZandt
Amy: D'Angelo
Ashley: VanZandt
Chris: VanZandt
Emily: VanZandt
Jason: VanZandt
Jehnn: VanZandt
Jen: D'Angelo
Jenna B: D'Angelo
Jenna S: VanZandt
Jessenia: D'Angelo
Jessica: D'Angelo
Jillian: VanZandt
Kate: D'Angelo
Katherine: VanZandt
Katie: D'Angelo
Kia: VanZandt
Lacey: VanZandt
Layla: VanZandt
Leigh-Ann: VanZandt
Mallory: VanZandt
Missy: VanZandt
Monica: D'Angelo
Olivia: VanZandt
Rach: VanZandt
Rachael: D'Angelo
Sarah: VanZandt
Serena: VanZandt
Shamir: VanZandt
Sophie: VanZandt
Stephanie: D'Angelo
Tamikka: D'Angelo
Teri: D'Angelo
Totals: D'Angelo- 12 VanZandt- 21

4. Miranda Maverick (3-1) vs Victoria Leonardo (2-0)
Alyssa: Leonardo
Amy: Maverick
Ashley: Maverick
Chris: Maverick
Emily: Maverick
Jason: Leonardo
Jehnn: Maverick
Jen: Maverick
Jenna B: Maverick
Jenna S: Maverick
Jessenia: Maverick
Jessica: Maverick
Jillian: Maverick
Kate: Leonardo
Katherine: Maverick
Katie: Maverick
Kia: Maverick
Lacey: Maverick
Layla: Maverick
Leigh-Ann: Maverick
Mallory: Maverick
Missy: Leonardo
Monica: Leonardo
Olivia: Maverick
Rach: Maverick
Rachael: Maverick
Sarah: Leonardo
Serena: Leonardo
Shamir: Maverick
Sophie: Maverick
Stephanie: Maverick
Tamikka: Maverick
Teri: Maverick
Totals: Maverick- 26 Leonardo- 7

5. Mallory Martin (3-2) vs Ashley Nichols (3-2)
Alyssa: Martin
Amy: Martin
Ashley: Nichols
Chris: Martin
Emily: Martin
Jason: Martin
Jehnn: Martin
Jen: Martin
Jenna B: Martin
Jenna S: Martin
Jessenia: Nichols
Jessica: Nichols
Jillian: Martin
Kate: Martin
Katherine: Martin
Katie: Martin
Kia: Nichols
Lacey: Nichols
Layla: Nichols
Leigh-Ann: Nichols
Mallory: Martin
Missy: Martin
Monica: Nichols
Olivia: Martin
Rach: Martin
Rachael: Martin
Sarah: Nichols
Serena: Martin
Shamir: Martin
Sophie: Nichols
Stephanie: Martin
Tamikka: Martin
Teri: Martin
Totals: Martin- 23 Nichols- 10

6. Shanna Young (4-0) vs Lisa Spangler (2-0)
Alyssa: Young
Amy: Spangler
Ashley: Young
Chris: Young
Emily: Young
Jason: Young
Jehnn: Young
Jen: Young
Jenna B: Young
Jenna S: Young
Jessenia: Spangler
Jessica: Young
Jillian: Young
Kate: Spangler
Katherine: Young
Katie: Young
Kia: Young
Lacey: Spangler
Layla: Young
Leigh-Ann: Young
Mallory: Young
Missy: Young
Monica: Young
Olivia: Young
Rach: Young
Rachael: Young
Sarah: Young
Serena: Young
Shamir: Young
Sophie: Young
Stephanie: Young
Tamikka: Young
Teri: Spangler
Totals: Young- 28 Spangler- 5

7. Pearl Gonzalez (8-3) vs Daiane Firmino (10-2)
Alyssa: Gonzalez
Amy: Gonzalez
Ashley: Gonzalez
Chris: Gonzalez
Emily: Firmino
Jason: Firmino
Jehnn: Gonzalez
Jen: Gonzalez
Jenna B: Gonzalez
Jenna S: Firmino
Jessenia: Gonzalez
Jessica: Gonzalez
Jillian: Gonzalez
Kate: Firmino
Katherine: Gonzalez
Katie: Gonzalez
Kia: Gonzalez
Lacey: Gonzalez
Layla: Firmino
Leigh-Ann: Firmino
Mallory: Gonzalez
Missy: Gonzalez
Monica: Gonzalez
Olivia: Gonzalez
Rach: Gonzalez
Rachael: Gonzalez
Sarah: Gonzalez
Serena: Gonzalez
Shamir: Gonzalez
Sophie: Gonzalez
Stephanie: Gonzalez
Tamikka: Gonzalez
Teri: Firmino
Totals: Gonzalez- 26 Firmino-7

8. Virna Jandiroba (13-0) vs Janaisa Morandin (10-1)
Alyssa: Jandiroba
Amy: Jandiroba
Ashley: Jandiroba
Chris: Jandiroba
Emily: Jandiroba
Jason: Jandiroba
Jehnn: Jandiroba
Jen: Jandiroba
Jenna B: Morandin
Jenna S: Jandiroba
Jessenia: Jandiroba
Jessica: Morandin
Jillian: Jandiroba
Kate: Morandin
Katherine: Morandin
Katie: Morandin
Kia: Jandiroba
Lacey: Jandiroba
Layla: Jandiroba
Leigh-Ann: Jandiroba
Mallory: Morandin
Missy: Jandiroba
Monica: Morandin
Olivia: Jandiroba
Rach: Jandiroba
Rachael: Morandin
Sarah: Morandin
Serena: Jandiroba
Shamir: Jandiroba
Sophie: Morandin
Stephanie: Jandiroba
Tamikka: Jandiroba
Teri: Jandiroba
Totals: Jandiroba- 23 Morandin- 10

9. Fight of the Night
Alyssa: Young vs Spangler
Amy: Martin vs Nichols
Ashley: Gonzalez vs Firmino
Chris: D'Angelo vs VanZandt
Emily: Martin vs Nichols
Jason: Peralta vs Hansen
Jehnn: Maverick vs Leonardo
Jen: Peralta vs Hansen
Jenna B: Gonzalez vs Firmino
Jenna S: Gonzalez vs Firmino
Jessenia: Gonzalez vs Firmino
Jessica: Gonzalez vs Firmino
Jillian: Jandiroba vs Morandin
Kate: Gonzalez vs Firmino
Katherine: Maverick vs Leonardo
Katie: Martin vs Nichols
Kia: Gonzalez vs Firmino
Lacey: Maverick vs Firmino
Layla: Jandiroba vs Morandin
Leigh-Ann: Maverick vs Leonardo
Mallory: Gonzalez vs Firmino
Missy: Martin vs Nichols
Monica: Maverick vs Leonardo
Olivia: Young vs Spangler
Rach: Martin vs Nichols
Rachael: Jandiroba vs Morandin
Sarah: Maverick vs Nichols
Serena: Jandiroba vs Morandin
Shamir: D'Angelo vs VanZandt
Sophie: D'Angelo vs VanZandt
Stephanie: Maverick vs Leonardo
Tamikka: Gonzalez vs Firmino
Teri: Peralta vs Hansen

Saturday, August 25, 2018

UFC Fight Night 135: Gaethje vs Vick Results

Photo Credit: Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC Fight Night 135 took place August 25th from The Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska. In the Main Event, after a lengthy social media battle, Justin Gaethje and James Vick finally squared off. Violence was expected and was delivered in the form of a Just Gaethje knock out very early in the first round. Vick landed a body kick that seemed to do some damage, but besides that, it was Gaethje just closing the distance before finally landing. In women's action, Joanna Calderwood defeated Kalindra Faria in round one. Faria seemed in control for about the first four minutes of the round and got it to the ground. While Faria seemed in total control, Calderwood looked for a triangle and then finally got an armbar for the tap with just seconds to go in the round. Also, Cortney Casey won a razor thin decision from Angela Hill in an exciting fight. All three rounds were close with both fighters having moments of success on the feet but in the end, two of the three judges sided with Casey. Here are all your results and our Of The Night Awards.

1. Bantamweight: Rani Yahya (26-9, 1NC) defeated Luke Sanders (12-3) via Tapout (Heel Hook) at 1:31 of Round 1.

2. Lightweight: Drew Dober (20-8, 1NC) defeated Jon Tuck (10-5) via Unanimous Decision (30-27/30-26/30-26). We scored it 30-27 Dober.

3. Flyweight: Joanne Calderwood (12-3) defeated Kalindra Faria (18-8-1) via Tapout (Armbar) at 4:57 of Round 1.

4. Welterweight: Mickey Gall (5-1) defeated George Sullivan (17-7) via Tapout (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:07 of Round 1.

5. Middleweight: Andrew Sanchez (11-4) defeated Markus Perez (10-2) via Unanimous Decision (29-28/29-28/29-28). We scored it 30-27 Sanchez.

6. Bantamweight: Cory Sandhagen (9-1) defeated Iuri Alcantara (35-10, 1NC) via TKO at 1:01 of Round 2.

7. Welterweight: James Krause (25-8) defeated Warlley Alves (13-3) via KO at 2:28 of Round 2.

8. Middleweight: Eryk Anders (11-1) defeated Tim Williams (15-5) via KO at 4:42 of Round 3.

9. Flyweight: Deiveson Figueiredo (15-0) defeated John Moraga (19-7) via TKO at 3:08 of Round 2.

10. Welterweight: Bryan Barberena (14-5) defeated Jake Ellenberger (31-15) via TKO at 2:26 of Round 1.

11. Strawweight: Cortney Casey (8-6) defeated Angela Hill (8-5) via Split Decision (30-27/28-29/29-28). We scored it 29-28 Hill.

12. Featherweight: Michael Johnson (19-13) defeated Andre Fili (18-6) via Split Decision (29-28/27-30/29-28). We scored it 29-28 Johnson.

13. Lightweight: Justin Gaethje (19-2) defeated James Vick (13-2) via KO at 1:27 of Round 1.

Submission of the Night: Rani Yahya

Knockout of the Night: Justin Gaethje

Fight of the Night: Cortney Casey vs Angela Hill

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Pyramid Fights 8 Results

Photo Credit: Pyramid Fights

Pyramid Fights 8 took place August 18th from the Batesville Community Center in Batesville, Arkansas and could be seen live on In the night's Main Event Lemarcus Tucker scored an impressive win over Tyler Jones. In a bout that saw both fighters showing aggression and wild strikes, it went to the ground in the closing minute. Tucker got a guillotine on but it seemed Jones would survive the round. However when the bell sounded to end the round, Jones was out cold and the fight was called off. In the Co-Main Event, in a battle of pro debuts, AJ Cunningham scored a second round submission over Jesse Hancock in a bout where each fighter had their moments. After a close round one, Cunningham took over the second round a sunk in the triangle for the tap. Here are all your results and our Of The Night Awards.

1. Amateur 200LB Catch Weight: Sloan Rogers (1-1) defeated Lukas Smith (0-1) via Tapout (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:01 of Round 1.

2. Amateur Lightweight: Arshion Wade (1-1) defeated Logan Gillmore (1-2) via Unanimous Decision. We scored it 30-27 Wade.

3. Amateur Middleweight: Dylan Goforth (3-1) defeated James Johnson (3-2) via Tapout (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:26 of Round 2.

4. Amateur Lightweight: James Wisenhunt (4-0) defeated Isaiah Hennings (2-1) via Tapout (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:55 of Round 1.

5. Amateur Lightweight: Ashton Kirby (5-0) defeated Chris Vaughn (3-3) via Tapout (Mounted Triangle Choke) at 2:28 of Round 1.

6. Amateur Bantamweight Title: Nathan Gillmore (9-3) defeated Jesse Bowers (4-1) via KO at :08 of Round 2.

7. Amateur Welterweight Title: Kevin Peace (5-0) defeated Braden Webster (9-2) via Unanimous Decision. We scored it 50-45 Peace.

8. Bantamweight: Garrett Armfield (1-0) defeated Shane Bridges (0-4) via TKO at 3:36 of Round 1.

9. Featherweight: AJ Cunningham (1-0) defeated Jesse Hancock (0-1) via Tapout (Triangle Choke) at 1:57 of Round 2.

10. Light Heavyweight: Lemarcus Tucker (6-3) defeated Tyler Jones (6-5) via Technical Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 5:00 of Round 1.

Submission of the Night: Lemarcus Tucker

Knockout of the Night: Nathan Gillmore

Fight of the Night: Nathan Gillmore vs Jesse Bowers

Sunday, August 5, 2018

July 2018 MMA Athlete of the Month: Julia Budd

Photo Credit: Unknown

When people debate the pound for pound best or ranking such as that, they are sometimes blinded by the UFC bubble, where they think all the best are in that promotion. That however is not accurate at all. Case in point, Julia Budd. Julia started her career with a 2-2 record, which in itself is not "remarkable". But consider, those two looses were Amanda Nunes and Ronda Rousey. But those where early in her career, when she was herself just learning and getting started.

What's remarkable is those losses came in 2011. Julia has not lost a single fight since. After those bouts she moved on to Invicta FC winning all four bouts for the promotion, finishing three of them. It was clear even in those bouts, Julia worked hard to make improvements in her game and people were seeing the potential was there for big things. Her opponents in those bouts were outmatched, but Julia was still very impressive and it was on opportunity for the world to see.

Photo Credit: Unknown

In early 2015 Julia moved on to Bellator and got a decision win over Gabrielle Holloway and immediately let Bellator know that they could be on to something special. Nine months later she took out previously unbeaten Roberta Rovel and then the big tests came. Julia faced Arlene Blencowe, a fighter way better than her record would indicate and took a decision and then got to face Marloes Coenen for the vacant featherweight title. Budd not only won the bout and the title, but she got a fourth round stoppage against Coenen, someone who most people would have on their lists of the best females in the sports history. From there, Julia would defend her new title in a rematch with Blencowe and again get the decision.

This led to July 13th at Bellator 202. Budd was set to defend her title against undefeated Talita Nogueira. Budd not only defeated a Nogueira that some thought would be her toughest challenge, but did so in dominating fashion, winning via TKO in round three. Cementing herself as one of the top two featherweights in the world and among the sports pound for pound best.

Photo Credit: Bellator MMA

What is next for Julia? Well the fight many fans want to see is currently not possible. Many fans would love to see Julia get her chance to be the one to possibly dethrone Cris Cyborg, but the two fighters being in different promotions obviously makes that impossible for the time being. But as Budd continues to put on great performances and Cyborg does so as well, then that is a fight down the line we can hope for. But that is the future, so for now we can hope that Bellator can continue to do what they have been successful at, having a featherweight division with solid contenders to continue giving Julia an opportunity to show that her name belongs with the with others at the top of the list of pound for pound elite in MMA and continue to show her ever evolving skills. Julia has shown she can stand and bang when she wants to or she cant take you down and do some serious damage from the top, and in each fight she has done so better than the fight before.

July 2018 Fitness Athlete of the Month: Ashley Kaltwasser

Photo Credit: Unknows

Ashley Kaltwasser seemingly came out of nowhere in 2013 when she ended her first full year as a pro by winning the coveted Olympia title. She would then go on a run that included two more Olympia wins and put her not only in the conversation but at the top of the list of most successful bikini competitors ever.

Included among those wins was an ever growing fan base. Ashley appealed and still does to everyone. Female fans like Ashley because she is someone they can admire and be motivated by in their own goals, male fans like her because she is easy to root for. If you think back to your high school days, Ashley is the beautiful girl in class who doesn't act like the beautiful girl, doesn't act like the is too good to associate with others. Other competitors can also like Ashley because even on her dominating run of wins, she didn't get stuck up like can happen to someone when they have success, especially the success Ashley was having.

Photo Credit: NPC News Online/Lloyd Terry Jr.

In 2016 Ashley finished fourth at the Olympia. Obviously fourth place against the elite of the elite is great. But also obviously it was below what she had been getting and what most would have expected. This is not a forum I like to be used for the "she should have placed...." discussions, that's for others to decide in other places. But what stood out was Ashley finished below what was expected but handled it was class and professionalism, again, something not everyone could or would do.

2017 was a year where we did not see Ashley on stage one time. But in 2018 she has come back and come back with the proverbial vengeance. Ashley first took first place in Colorado at the Mile High Pro against a solid field of competitors. Then just recently in a field of sixteen, she walked away with another first place at the Vancouver Pro. What's really notable is Ashley is looking as good as she ever has, showing 2017 was not a year to be lazy or relax, instead it was a year where she continued to work and was nowhere near done from adding to her legacy.

Photo Credit: NPC News Online/

The bikini division itself has seen an influx of new competitors making statements, winning shows and showing what they are capable of, but Ashley has shown in 2018 she is still at the top of the heap and definitely a favorite to regain her throne as the best of the best. It's going to be fun to watch and see what is next for Ashley and hopefully people are aware of what they are watching, possibly the best competitor we have seen yet since the introduction of the bikini division.