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Kim Agnew Interview

I interviewed Kim Agnew early on when I started this blog. Since that time Kim has become one of my favorite people in the industry and has been a big inspiration for me. She is so supportive and encouraging. Not just of me either. Very rarely will you see someone so happy for her own clients and so proud of them. In one word the best way to describe Kim Agnew is, SPECIAL. So I decided it was time for a second interview so more people can see why Kim is so special.

Q: Kim thanks for taking the time to do another interview.
A: Of course, my friend! Thanks for thinking of me!! : )

Q: For those not familiar can you tell a little about yourself.
A: I am a 44 year old mother of 4 great kids. They stay active and keep me running between school, sports and family fun. I own PhyZique Fitness Studio, am a professional NGA and IFPA Bodybuilder along with a Musclemania bodybuilding competitor, NPC national level bodybuilder and figure competitor. I am hoping to make a mark in the new NPC Womens Physique Division in 2011 and who knows maybe even hit IFBB status for 2012? That is yet to be seen.
I am so blessed to be able to call my passion, my work. I have shared the journey to a better lifestyle with many clients from weight loss to the stage and cannot put into words how privileged I feel to be a part of their lives.

Q: Can you update people on whats been going on with you since our last interview, on and off the stage.
A: Off stage...I have met the man who has shown me true happiness...took me long enough! But the best things in life are worth waiting for! Life has thrown me many curve balls this past year and a half, so great transition has been my life...but all to a better place and a much happier life...PhyZique Fitness is booming family is happy and all is going great....and we are on the verge of many amazing things happening....cant quite reveal yet...but it will be amazing when it hits!
On the stage: wow had a great season ...hit the bodybuilding stage for the first time since 2006. NPC Night of Champions proved to be a great success for Team PhyZique and myself. I walked away with 1st Masters, 1st Middleweight, Overall Champion, 1st Mixed Pairs, Best posing award and we won the team trophy. Next was Big Sky Championships where Team PhyZique again gave a stellar showing...I walked away with 1st Masters, 1st Heavyweight, Overall Champion and 1st Mixed pairs. I finished the season at Musclemania America in Las Vegas. There I was 2nd place finisher being the only US competitor in the top 5. So, I am pleased at my comeback year and look forward to next season with Team PhyZique and new ventures in the new Physique Division!!

Q: Have you been watching any of the competitions lately? Anyone impress you?
A: There are so many physiques that impress me..but I have to say I am a bit old school with what impresses idol still remains Cory Everson. Her physique combined beautifully feminine muscle, with poise, conditioning, and grace. I have yet to see another like her....I have the utmost respect for each athlete that hits the stage as I know what they put into it to get there...I am elated at the numbers of athletes turning out in this amazing sport!

Q: On a scale of 1-10, what would you ate this year for you as far as competing and why?
A: 10...was my comeback year in bodybuilding...and at 44 I was so glad to see that I can still do it! I also, for the first time in my 20 years of competing off and on...had a supportive man by my side. Made the victory much sweeter to have someone to share it with!

Q: Have you noticed any one part of your physique that you really improved on in 2010?
A: Not so much...I spent the past couple years trying to down size for figure and really didn't do so well this past year was spent putting that size back in2011, I will make the needed improvements and tweaks to fit the new Physique Division and will probably continue to cross over into the natural bodybuilding competitions.

Q: Heading to 2011, what do you want to improve on?
A: I would like to add a little size back on to my shoulders, glutes and quad sweep. Minor tweaks without changing symmetry or adding to much mass...

Q: I know you have done some mixed pairs. Is that something you enjoy and why?
A: In the past, I have only guest posed in a mixed pairs routine so this was the first year i competed in the division.
Love it! I see a lot of couples who both are competing anyway, so why not enter into the mixed pairs division also. The crowd loves it and it gives you something fun to do together. I really enjoyed competing with Dan this season...we are undefeated so far!

Q: As far as the fitness industry, are there any changes you would like to see made?
A: I cant really say that there are changes I would like to see. There are so many athletes competing now, the only drawback I see is that the shows are sometimes taking a very long time...and it is difficult to stay conditioned, fed etc when you are sometimes waiting 12 hours to hit finals. With the added divisions next season...I see this problem possibly getting worse. It is not a bad problem to have though as it means there are large numbers of athletes supporting the sanctions and competing...Which I will add, I am ecstatic about!!! There are always the minor complaints or improvements we see from our perspective as a competitor or trainer, but all in all, I believe that the industry is booming and growing in amazing ways!!!

Q: Depending on who you talk to, some think women in the industry are getting more respect, then others say less. Which side do you fall on?
A: Having been in this industry and sport for over 20 years...I am definitely on the side of gaining more respect for women. In the 80s muscles were not really "in" yet for women....comments were very negative and women with muscles were viewed as "different." Now days, women with muscles are viewed as strong, sexy and a fit physique is what the majority of women strive for. I believe that as a society, we have become more conscious about our personal to see a fit and muscular woman is now accepted and viewed as a good example. There are the pitfalls of unnecessary exploitation..but aside from that, women have earned a respectful status in most realms of society.

Q: You also help several people with their own contest prep. What do you enjoy about that?
A: Ooohhhh witnessing the journey of a life change is amazing! I equate it a bit to that of a butterflies story. Some come in the little fuzzy caterpillar....slow to open their eyes to the opportunity, afraid, timid....they dive into the nutrition, training and prep....spinning themselves into the cocoon of self realization and learning about themselves, removing limitations, growing.....then all of a sudden they grow their wings and hit the stage completely transformed! I love love it....and feel so amazingly blessed when I am chosen to take this journey with them! I am so proud to watch them strut and ooze self confidence on stage!

Q: Do you get more nervous when they are on stage or when you are on stage?
A: Waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy more nervous for them! I feel a responsibility to ensure a positive experience for them until they are at the dinner table eating naughty food after the show. There is a good reason I carry Kleenex in my pocket when I am in the audience watching them hit the stage for the first, third or tenth time! It is almost as proud a feeling as watching my children hit that first home run..or win their first taekwondo tournament....

Q: Can you give people an idea of what your typical training routine and diet are like?
A: I typically train on a 4 day split.
Day 1..chest and tris
Day 2..back and biceps
Day 4...shoulders and abs
Day 5...legs
I usually train 6 weeks on a specific program then switch it up incorporating plyoetrics, conditioning exercises and cardio as needed to maintain about 10-12% bodyfat in the off season.

Q: What is your favorite healthy meal and favorite cheat meal?
A: Healthy meal: steak and yams or homemade fish tacos
Cheat meal: steak and lobster with butter, baked potato loaded, caesar salad, red wine and cheesecake!!!!

Q: What body part do you most enjoy training and why?
A: Biceps and glutes....they seem to respond well to training and I guess i would have to say we all enjoy training our fav body parts...that is probably why they are our favs? lol

Q: Which do you least enjoy training and why?
A: Chest....not really sure why...maybe because I get tired of being asked...How much do you bench? haha! I do enjoy bench competitions though and will pursue that again in the next year or is one way to challenge myself to be better and build better muscle structure there. In 06 I did my first bench contest and set a state record in my age division...someone has since beat now I am feeling the need to try again!

Q: When it comes time for off season, how long do you consider your off season, and how far over contest weight do you like to go?
A: I don't really have an off season for is back to the drawing board to fix the tweaks that the judges offered advice be better for the next season.
Food...well I add back in dairy, fruit and the occasional cheat and red wine...but I eat pretty clean all year. I compete at around 133-137 and my limit on off season weight is 142. So I stay pretty close all year long..

Q: Do you prefer training alone or with a partner and why?
A: With a partner..preferably a male partner. I like training with someone who can push me. Being a trainer and pushing others to be better and work harder every day..sometimes I have nothing left to push having a training partner helps me on those days when I am out of get in there and work hard regardless. I like the accountability of a training partner.

Q: Usually I ask what the biggest misconception about competitors is. This time I will ask whats the biggest misconception about you?
A: Hmmm..that is a tough one. The only thing coming to mind is this: I am told by clients after we work together for a while, that they were a bit intimidated by me in the beginning, or that they didn't approach me about training for a period of time because they were scared to approach me. After working together a while, we laugh at the fact that they thought of me that way. I pride myself on building relationships with my clients. I really do care and want to see them reach their goals and maintain the lifestyle they have worked so hard at achieving. It does not take them long to figure out that I am just a sap who is honored to call my passion my work!

Q: Do you get a lot of people at the gym asking for advice and does it bother you when they do it during the workout?
A: I used to..but now we have a sort of understanding..If I am in the gym and my headphones are is "my workout time" if my headphones are not on..I am free game for questions or inquiries. I own my own studio so it doesn't happen much anymore. It doesn't bother me unless I am in the middle of my workout..then I believe it is just proper gym etiquette to wait until you can see that the workout is complete.

Q: What is a typical day like for you?
A: There is NO typical in my life....but I get up at 4am every day..head to the gym either for my workout or to teach bootcamp...then rush home eat breakfast and get the kids ready for school....after school drop, it is back to the studio for clients both online and in person, answering emails and facebook messages of online clients, then school pick up....sometimes back for bootcamps in the evenings or transporting kids to sporting events ...somewhere in there I have to fit in cardio sessions if it is competition season. Then back home hopefully by 7:30 for dinner, homework and getting the kiddos in bed to do it all over again! It does not take much to throw a wrench in my day..schedule is pretty tight being a single parent....but somehow by the grace of God, everything gets done.

Q: Finish this sentence. In five years I will be____
A: RETIRED!!!! From work that is...not competition. I am working hard right now developing two additional business plans that I am hoping will allow me to step back from the long hours and just manage my businesses in 5 years. I hope by the time 5 year mark hits...that I will have attained IFBB pro status..and heck (it is a big dream) but will have competed in WPD at the Olympia! Of course, I hope I will still be happily with the man I love and we will be utilizing the freedom of partial retirement to spend quality time with the family and together traveling or whatever strikes our fancy!

Q: Anything else you want to plug or promote?
A: Aaahhh wish I could..I will say that soon I will be launching a new website and nutrition software....EXCITING! There is not much I can say about it right now..but watch on Facebook and I will keep you posted!

Q: Looking for sponsors? If so how can they reach you and what do they get in sponsoring you as an athlete?
A: Every athlete is always looking for sponsors!!! : ) In sponsoring me as an athlete, a sponsor would gain the loyalty of an athlete who strives to always be the best, does not let obstacles stop her, has integrity, honesty and 4 beautiful children to hold her accountable for each and every move and decision she makes in her life. So, in a nutshell, a sponsor would have security in knowing that I would hold their business and or product line in the highest regard and represent with the utmost of integrity.....while striving to bring home the hardware!!!!

Q: Kim, again, thanks so much for doing this. Any last words before you go?
A: Thank you again for the opportunity to share a bit with your readers and the people who follow your blog and site. You are such an inspiration in your own life and it has been such a pleasure witnessing your journey. Keep up the amazing work Jason and thank you for honoring the athletes in our great industry!!!

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