Monday, December 21, 2009

Read This Amazing blog

I am not the most computer say person there is. After trying forever to publish a link to this blog, I am am simply going to type in the address. The blog. is a must read for anyone in the fitness industry. Normally you want to use your own blog space to promote your blog, however I feel that when there is something out there for people who love the industry I have found a new love for, that you should share it. It is written by an amazing woman I have recently had the honor of being introduced to. Her name is Rebecca Staggs. She will later be featured in one of the interviews for my blog, and I know you will enjoy reading it. But you don't have to wait for the interview. Go check her blog out, and found out more about this amazing woman.


  1. Ok, now I am virtually blushing. Thanks for the plug! I have met some very awesome people through my blog - there is always room for more!

  2. Well you are one aweomse person I have had the honor of meeting