Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hi everyone. My name is Jason. I am doing this blog for one reason. Because I want to help promote women in the sports I love. Bodybuilding, fitness, figure, powerlifting, and mixed martial arts. I hate when you buy a magazing for bodybuilding and fitness and there are multi page articles on men, and there is a little corner of a page for a woman. I hate when you read other blogs or websites and all the do is talk about how hot a woman is in these sports. These women work jsut as hard as men, plus have to deal with naive negative stigmas that women shouldn't look like that. So they deserve the respect and credit to. Also women in MMA are not given nearly the credit they deserve either. How often ahve you watched an MMA show and the womens fight ends up being the best fight on the show. These women train, prepare, and fight just as hard as men and it is time they were given the same respect. I will allow comments on these posts, but they must be positive. I will not allow negativity. I will be posting tons of interviews as well as photos, news, and video.

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