Thursday, December 10, 2009

Interview with Trish Houston AKA "best Abs"

Trish Houston is a nationally ranked amateur middleweight bodybuilder. As you can see in the photos from the post before this, I defy anyone to find a better set of abs in bodybuilding, female or male. Trish is everything that is right about bodybuilding. She has the potential to be, and will be a star in the bodybuilding and fitness world. As you will see from the interview she let me do with her, she is not only beautiful, not only brings an amazing physique to the table, but is also a very intelligent and charming woman. Take notice, Trish Houston is a name you will be hearing more and more of.

Q: Before we begin Trish, I want to thank you for agreeing to do this.
A: It's my pleasure

Q: OK, first the obvious question. Why bodybuilding?
A: I initially started off as a figure competitor. However, I had too muscular of a physique that my placings were on the low end.

Q: What got you interested and started in it?
A: My brother was a competitor and use to tease me as he was prepping for his contest. He use to shake my triceps and tell me to watch it jiggle. In addition, due to my father being disabled and bedridden, he needed my strength to mover around. Lifting him built the muscles in my arms, so I started piece milling the other muscle groups.

Q: Was it something your family supported?
A: My family was very supportive

Q: How long have you been doing it?
A: Since 2001

Q: Was there anyone or more than one person you really looked up to and admired or strive to be like? Or is there still someone you feel that way about?
A: There are several people that I look up to in this sport. Primarily the female bodybuilders. Society perceives muscular women as being manly. There are some women who take the sport to the extreme, while there are others who accentuate their femininity even more.

Q: Do you have any interests outside of training?
A: I am a fisher girl at heart. I love to fish (fly, salt, and freshwater.... I make my own flies). I also bowl, play tennis, shoot pool, dance, play football, consulting, inspirational speaker, jet ski.... you name it and I like it.

Q: Whats is a typical day like for Trish Houston.
A: Each morning starts off with cardio. Come home for some time before heading to the wonderful world of corporate America in which I am a analyst for a major oil/gas company. After work, I go home for some more me time before heading to the gym for part 2 of my training. The weekends I spend celebrating my successes from the week prior, self evaluation and reflecting, shopping, traveling, and or course fishing.

Q: I am sure you hear this a lot, but you have amazing abs. Any secrets on how you got them?
A: I can do abs all day literally. My secret will be out on video hopefully in 2010.

Q: Is there a specific body part or exercise you prefer to train over others?
A: HA HA... do you have to ask? Abs first of course and legs. My max leg press is 1500lbs

Q: Do you keep track of measurements?
A: I do not keep track of my measurements. I am afraid to do such with fear of doing it so daily like those who jump on the scale every five minutes.

Q: What is your contest history up to this point?
A: Local Texas shows up into 2007 (transition to bodybuilding and placed 1st overall in both the John Sherman and Europa) in which I competed in my first National Show. Since then they have all been National level shows.

Q: I know I have my own pet peeves when I am at the gym. What is one thing that you simply cannot stand at the gym?
A: People who do not bring towel's to the gym nor return weights back to the racks. That's the best way to get on my "ignore" list.

Q: I prefer to train alone so I can keep at my own pace. Do you prefer to be alone or with a partner, or does it even matter to you.
A: I prefer to train with someone who is going to push me...challenge me...make me my potential. Otherwise, I prefer training alone

Q: Do you ten to follow a specific split or do you mix it up. What is your routine like?
A: I split my training and allow for two days rest. My larger muscle groups are trained at the beginning of the week. And of course my abs (ha ha.... not telling)

Q: Let's talk about peoples reactions. What are the usual reactions people have to your physique. Do you feel it is more positive or negative?
A: Most people think that I run track... that I am a member of the U.S. Olympic tea. I Intimidate most men because they see the physical and i present to them the mental as I have a BBA in Accounting and Finance as well as a MBA in Finance. Women.... I love the women stare at me with envy though the say I am to muscular. Fortunately for me, I still wear size 0 and sometimes children's clothing.

Q: Is there one question that people constantly ask you that you are sick of answering?
A: How do you get your abs like that

Q: What is in your mind, the biggest misconception about female bodybuilders?
A:That we do not like yourselves...why do we want to put on so much muscle to look like a man.

Q: Do you think female bodybuilders are more accepted or appreciated now as to maybe five years ago?
A: No. I think the sport for women went in a negative direction as the marketing for women is just not there.

Q: One of my major complaints is judging in the sport. Especially with the women. What do you think of the judging and is there anything you would change if you could?
A: It's hard to say as we are told one thing, however, they go for the opposite. Granted, all the women are fabulous on stage.... different appearance and different strengths.. but still fabulous.

Q: If I asked someone to "say one thing about Trish Houston" what would they say?
A: I would hope they would say "perfect", but I would settle for "beautiful" or "awesome". My dad, if he were alive would say "super duper".

Q: So what are your plans for 2010. Any shows you are planning to do or any other projects?
A: Currently we are working on getting me back down to a lightweight and keeping me in contest shape all year round. My other projects include videos, consulting, and a website.

Q: Is there anything yo would like to let people know about. Places they can find you on the web or anything. Anything to say to potential sponsors?
A: This is me all year. I love being fit and to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle. Each day, I am going to give you a better me.

Q: A company says :I want to sponsor Trish Houston". What are they getting as far as an athlete?
A: Dedication, discipline, and determination, on top of a hard worker who is passionate about the sport.

Q: Trish, I thank you so much for agreeing to do this. As someone who is a fan of the sport, I am a great admirer of your physique. I think you have the potential to be very big in the sport and wish you nothing but success. Any parting words?
A: There is only one me (you). Be the best you that you can be rather than trying to be the best someone else. A friend once told me that one doesn't ahve to win to be a winner. You learn and appreciate more on the journey than getting to the other side...but you ahve to get to the other side to claim victory.

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