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Kimberly Agnew Interview

Kimberly Agnew is so many things. She is a beautiful woman, she is a competitive bodybuilder, she competes in figure, she is a well respected trainer, she is a business owner. Simply put, there is nothing Kimberly Agnew can not do. Her business Phyzique Fitness Studios isn't just for training either. She gets people ready to compete with all aspects of competing, right down to the tanning. So if you want to train and step on stage, what better than with someone who has been there and knows how to get you ready. Even better for fans of the sport, we will see Kimberly on stage again herself. This interview is really one of my prized interviews.

Q: First, Kimberly, I want to thank you for doing this. You are such an amazing and inspirational woman, and this is an honor for me.

Q: Let's start out by just talking a little about yourself. Family, where you are from, things like that.
A: I am a 43 year old mother of 4 great kids. I currently live in Missoula Montana. I will be making a move to the East Coast in May of 2010....yeah!!! Great things career and personally are awaiting me there!

Q: Now, you started out as a National level gymnast. What started your interest in gymnastics?
A: Well, it wasn't really me that took on the interest. My mother decided I needed to be busy doing something that would expend my energy...LOL. I am sure all moms (including myself) can relate here. So, she enrolled me in The Bitterroot Gymnastics Club at the age of 7. It became the love of my life very very quickly! I competed until the age of 17. I was offered a full ride scholarship for gymnastics, but...ugh.. did not accept as I was a bit burned out on the sport. Yes, I kick myself for making that decisions, but in the ends it all lead me to where I am now, and I love my life and lifestyle I live.

Q: Was there anything about the sport that you most enjoyed?
A: I think what I enjoyed most about gymnastics was that it was individual effort that either made you a success or failure. I loved the pressure of knowing... once you are on that floor exercise mat, uneven bars, beam, or vault runway.. it was ALL up to you!!! Nothing, no one... just your efforts and hard work in the gym. Hence my love for bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitions! They are all sports of individual more than team effort.

Q: Was it just natural progression that moved you to weight training?
A: Absolutely, like I explained above, I thrive on the pressure of knowing that it is all up to me... to succeed. So yes, a very natural progression. My competitive drive is very high. I wanted to stay in shape and I needed an outlet. Fellow NGA Pro Terry Baldwin convinced me to compete in the late 80's and hmmm.... what can I say, it became my new passion. So, thanks Terry, for pushing me way back when!

Q: Now a lot of times it is not easy for a beautiful woman to be taken seriously in the gym. Did you feel you had to prove yourself at first?
A: Prove myself, NO. Have thick skin, YES! People are so opinionated about women with muscle. I have heard about every negative comment you can imagine. From "oh my gosh, look at her arms" to... "That is so disgusting, why would anyone want to look like that". It makes me laugh now, to think that for some reason people think that if you have muscles, hmmm... either your your ears don't work and you won't hear what they say, or you must not be sensitive. LOL!. Now, any negative or inappropriate comment kind of bounces off. You get used to it, and you surrounds yourself with people who live the same lifestyle and hope that maybe you can actually inspire people to join in, become healthy, and live a more quality life through good nutrition and exercise.

Q: Can you share your contest history?
A: Wow... o.k., I will try to remember. I am currently putting al my bodybuilding size back on to tackle the bodybuilding world again! I tried figure for a couple years, and can not seem to downsize enough... LOL... so going back to where my body likes to be! :)
*2009-NPC Ironman (figure) competed just to be back stage with my team...LOL
*2008-NPC USA's (figure)-NP
*2007-NPC USA's (figure)-NP
*2007-NPC Emerald CUp (figure)-4th
*2006-NGA Professional Universe-1st Women's Pro Bodybuilding
*2006-NGA Professional Southern State- 1st Women's Pro Bodybuilding
*2006-NGA Health Habits Bodybuilding CHampionships-Guest Poser
*2006-NGA Night Of Champions-Guest Poser
*2006-NPC Emerald CUp-2nd Middleweight Bodybuilding
*2006-WABDL- 1st 140 weight class Benchpress-Set State record for my class
*2005-NGA Crockett Street Classic-Pro Debut-4th and Best Posing Award
*2005-NGA NW Natural-1st Heavyweight-Overall Champion-Pro Card Winner-Best Posing Award
*2003-NGA Glacier States-Guest Poser ( 4 months after having baby number 4)
*2002-NGA NW Natural-2nd Heavyweight Bodybuilding
*2002-WFNA Big Sky Classic-2nd Heavyweight/1st Masters Bodybuilding
*2000-NPC Rocky Mountain States-2nd Heavyweight BOdybuilding
*1999-Musclemania-1st Heavyweight Bodybuilding
*1999-NGA NW Natural-2nd Heavyweight Bodybuilding
*1989-NPC Glacier States-1st Heavyweight Bodybuilding-1st Mixed Pairs
*1988-NPC Montana-3rd Heavyweight Bodybuilding
OK, there ya go

Q: Do you have a preference in competing in figure or bodybuilding?
A: Personally, my body is more for bodybuilding. I tried figure the past couple years... and to get the shape for figure, I have to much muscle density... and to atrophy a bit, I lose the shape.. so I am currently going back to bodybuilding in 2010 and have a few big goals in mind. Have my shows picked....LOL. There are some great women that have surfaced since I took my 2 year break from bodybuilding...I have my work cut out for me!!!
I enjoy figure and I train many figure competitors for competition. So, yes I like the both, but for me... bodybuilding is where I belong.

Q: What have you learned about yourself from competing?
A: Wow, through the years... there is so much I have learned about Kim... To put it in a nutshell, hmm....I am FORTUNATE!. I am fortunate to be doing what I am passionate about, both as a competitor , and as a trainer. I am also fortunate to be part of such an amazing family, this industry! I am stronger both mentally and physically because of the challenges this sport brings before me. Really, I don't see much in life as impossible. A challenge... yes, impossible, NO! I am confident, and at peace with myself. I am able to set an example for my children that I hope they will follow, that life can not conquer you, you just have to do the work!

Q: What do you consider your best body part, or the one you get the most compliments on?
A: My eyes...LOL! NO, really...ummm...ugh... I have to say my glutes! That is what I am complimented on most. HA HA

Q: Do you have a body part you most like to train or a favorite exercise?
A: I will have to say... yep, glutes and biceps! So favorite exercise is definitely squats! Sumo squats, front squats, 1 leg squats, etc etc etc

Q: What is your normal training routine and diet like for off season, and how does it change for contest prep?
A: Typically for season means more food of course....YEAH! Mass training to tweak any weaknesses in my physique and add another layer of muscle. This is usually about 20 weeks of intense heavy lifting. Then I move into a plyometric phase... to teach the new muscle how to work.! LOL! I like this phase because it also conditions me and gets me ready for contest prep.
Contest prep...higher repetitions lifting, more cardio, and less food... pretty typical I think

Q: When people see your physique for the first time, what is the most common response? More negative or positive.
A: It is about 50/50. Really, for a bodybuilder, I am not HUGE, there are so many women much bigger than I am. But, I still get the comments that are negative. I will say that no in 2009, the comments are turning a bit more positive. People seem to be accepting the fact that being in shape is a great thing! I am hearing much more acceptance to women with muscle now than ever before! There are always the derogatory comments from some men, that are sexual, or the caddy comments from some women that are degrading,. But all in all, I do believe we are finally taking a stand and being accepted

Q: When they see it, what is the one question you are sick of answering?
A: LOL... "do you work out?"

Q: Are there any misconceptions about female bodybuilders?
A: Oh, I think there are many. I can only answer this question for myself, being a mother, a multiple business owner, and a competitor... I do this to be respected as an athlete. It is a way to satisfy my competitiveness, meet amazing people, stay in shape for my business life, and stay healthy for my family. I feel the biggest misconception is that women do this to be noticed. I hear that a lot, and honestly, it infuriates me. I have an amazing man in my life and there is no way on this earth, that I spend all those hours in the gym, the grocery store, and in the kitchen, to be noticed by other men. If there are admiring eyes out there, well, there is an appropriate way to show it. Maybe by saying "Wow, you are in great shape, you must work hard" or by saying something respectable...something that could be said in front of my children or my boyfriend. I strive to be a good example to my family, and to all those I wok with, and to many view a female bodybuilder as a sex object not an athlete.

Q: What is the one lack of gym etiquette that really bothers you?
A: UGH... leaving the weights on the machines! And...sitting on the equipment to chat! GRRRR!!!LOL

Q: To me, you are a great inspiration for someone like me, who is new to bodybuilding. When someone says you inspire them, what does that mean to you?
A: Oh, it means the world to me. I know how many people have inspired me in my lifetime to reach a little farther, push a little harder, smile even though life is tough... and if I can be even a sparkle of the light that people have share with me... well, then, WOW... I am honored.

Q: Now, you are also the owner of Phyzique Fitness Studios. Can you talk about what that is, how people can find it, things like that.
A: PhyZiques is in some major transition right now, but it is NOT going away. My studio is located in Missoula Montana. I am looking at a big move to the East Coast in May of 2010. I have still not decided if I will move my complete studio or if I will do the majority of my training online once I move. PhyZique offers so many amazing programs... our biggest winner program has produced people who ahve lost over 100 pounds and become personal trainers themselves!! We have bootcamp classes, TRX classes, boxing, spinning, etc. I personally train many competitors for competition. BOdybuilding, figure, bikini... havne't had a fitness competitor yet, but I was a gymnast so would love to do that too! I help my competitors from start to finish, diet, exercise, cardio, suit choice, I tan them, makeup, hari, choreography, posing, oiling, gluing suits...LOL, etc etc....LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! So PhyZique continues to grow and change with the fitness needs arund us. We beleive in a healthy mind and spirit.

Q: What are the benefits of being trained by Kimberly Agnew?
A: Number one, I care!!! I look at each individual client as a relationship, not a trasactions! Together, we build a goal, a goal that is exciting, a challenge, and a journey. I look at myself as the provider of tools, the navigator of the journey, or an ear to listen and help sort the hard roads...etc. Each journey with a client is so individual. I do NOT use cookie cutter programs, or shoot for quantity. Is tick to quality and ensuring the satisfaction of each client in reaching their personal goals along with building self esteem and balancing their new lifestyle> Changing lives, one step at a time and loving every step of the way.

Q: Is there anyone in the sport you admire or are a fan of?
A: Is there one idividual, no. I will say that Cory Everson and maybe Rachel McLish were who I followed in the 80'a. So they inspired me yes, but I am not really one of those who is a star gazer. I don't see anything as impossible, so there are really no limitations to waht I can do, or what I can help others do...except the limitations we palce on ourselves... I look at athletes who are more accomplished with much respect, because I know what it takes to get there and stay there, but at the same time, each and every person that has a personal goal and triumphs over the obstacles to get there...hmmm... they are all champions and inspirations to me.

Q: If someone came yp to you and said they were going to start bodybuilding, what is the one piece of advice you would want to give them?
A: Be prepared for the journey of a lifetime! There are magnificent people and experiences around every corner! Prepare to get to know yourself very well, your limitations, your determination, your drive, your true grit self...because there is no other way to be a bodybuilder.

Q: Now you also have other things going on. Can you talk about those things and let people know about them. ANy websites?
A: Wow...yes. First and foremost, I am making a big move from Montana to the East Coast. I have amazing opportunities opening up to me, some I can mention, some I can not quite yet. I am working with Tammy Renee and World Physique Magazine to becoem nutritionist and online competition trainer for WP members, and anyone who we reach through her website... I am also working with Robert Loigu in San Dieog. He is the owner of Diamond I am Diamond Physiques online trainer, competition prep trainer, and nutritionist also. We have a few otehr things in the works that I can not mention yet...LOL... but I will keep you posted through my website..., or www.kimberlyagnewcom, both under construction and coming soon!

Q: Outside of training and competing, any other hobbies or activities you enjoy?
A: My children are very involved in sports. So, I spend many hours cheering them on in baseball, softball, hockey, football, gymnastics, tae-kwon-do, LOL! I am sure youg et the idea. Aside from that, as a family, we enjoy water sports, skiing, snowboarding, camping...anything we can do together really. As a woman, I enjoy quit time with my, dinning, a glass of red wine, cheesecake. I love cooking, the beach, dancing, friends, for a book or two coming up! I do not like sittign to long or being I will try almost anything once.

Q: Describe a typical day in the life of Kimberly Agnew
A: LOL!!! Up at 4AM... workout with client and cardio...rush home to get breakfast and get the kids to school, clients untill 3PM, pick up kids from school... take to practices, back to Studio for more clients, pick kids up from practices, go home...cook dinner, moitro homeworkk, baths, etc., get kids into bed, finish up online clients, squeeze in a little time for Chad (my guy), then off to bed. Pretty exciting huh? LOL! There is the occasional day of... where I just say...ummm...let's fly by the seat of your pants today... because my life every day is very very scheduled.

Q: Favorite actor, movie, TV show, and musician.
A: Wow, interesting question.... I will answer with this.. I am a Gemini, so does that mean I get to double up my answers? I don't have favorites. All of the entertainment industry is a mood thing for me. I go from classical to old rock, to jazz, etc. Same with TV...some I watch to learn, some for pure entertainment. So could be watching the History channel... then switch to Keeping Up With The Kardashian's. LOL! Movies.... I am the worst movie watcher on the planet! If I sti down, I fall asleep... and unless I am on the treadmill, a movie puts me out! LOL! So hmmm... aside from listening to musci, I don't have much time for TV or movies.

Q: Describe Kimberly Agnew in five words.
A: Compassionate, Confident, Honest, Loving, and (always a) Student (of life).

Q: Now, obviosuly in this sport, sponsorship is so important. I assume you are like everyone else and always looking for it. Can you tell what you might be looking for, how they can contact you, and what their benefits are?
A: Sponosrship is crucial for some competing... in order for them to be able to travel and succeed. I am not lookin for personal sponsorship, but would definitely seek sponsorship for Team PhyZique as far as supplements, suits, photography, taking a sliver off of the traveling expenses. We would put your logo on our team sweatsuits!!! I am also interested in seeking sponsors for my ventures with Daimond Physique (Rober Loigu) and PhyZiue Fitness Studio (ME). We have teamed up to train in person and online from the west t the east coast once I make my move! World Physique Magazine is also another great place for advertising and support of their products (the advertising is mega inexpensive and reaches many!!). Would lvoe to seek support for Tammy and the amazing information she makes available to all of us through her magazine.

Q: Any plans for 2010 as far as competing or any otehr projects?
A: 2010 is taking me back to bodybuilding... where I belong. I tried the figure realm the past couple years, lost 12 pounds of muscle that I am missing! SO back to the weights to rebuild and be better! 2010, you will see me on the bodybuilding stage again! I am grateful for the time on the figure stage, as it has taught me a great deal about training my own completely worth it, and I may need to hit the figure stage now and then to learn, but my passion is on the bodybuilding stage for myself! Watch for me there! I haven't picked specific shows yet, but you can follow me on my website ocne I decide.

Q: Kimberly, I want to again thank you for doing this. It has been an honor. I am a fan and admirer, and find you to be a great sourse of motivation and inspiration. Any last words before you go?
A: Yes, I want to thank you, Jason, for providing a place for athletes to PR themselves, their businesses, and clients. A place that they will be respected for the hard work and dedicated lifestyles. A place that the respect for their choices is rewarded, not degraded! Thank you and I wish you the absolute best in your bodybuilding journey! Stay healthy, and kick butt every day... and love is way to short! Enjoy every single minute you are given!!!

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