Monday, November 22, 2010

NAAFS Midwest Combat Challenge 12 Report

The NAAFS recently put on Midwest Combat Challenge 12, and as always they put on an incredible show. Here is a fight by fight report of the card.

1. 155lbs
Scott Marckini (1-0 Challenge Fight Team) vs Josh Kallai (1-0 Evolve)
RD1: Kallai landed some great strikes to set up and secure a takedown. From the top he landed some good strikes before flattening him out. Kallai then got the back and secured a rear naked choke but Marckini was saved by the bell.
I scored RD 1 10-8 Kallai
RD2: Kallai got the better of an early exchange and staggered Marckini. Marckini begins to bleed from the nose. At one point Marckini did land a very nice counter. Kallai lands some more good strikes including some nice body shots. Near the end they had another exchange with Marckini getting the better of it this time.
I scored RD 2 10-9 Kallai
RD 3: Kallai rushes in but gets caught with a good shot by Marckini. Kallai gets a takedown nd ends up in half guard. Kallai landed some body shots but then Marckini managed to get up. Marckini was throwing punches from too far away and not landing. Marckini then did land a very nice hook followed by some more good shots to set up a single leg. Kallai got up quick and got his own takedown. Kallia got the mount but Marckini was real good at preventing much damage.
I scored RD 3 10-9 Kallai
My score card: 30-26 Kallai.
Decision: 30-27/30-27/30-27 Josh Kallai by unanimous decision

2. Frankie Kidd (1-1 Dawg House Gym) vs Steve Crowe (2-2 Independent)
RD 1: Crowe landed some nice leg kicks and shoots in from very far away but still secures the takedown putting Kidd against the cage. Kidd is able to quickly rise though. Again Crowe shoots from far away and gets the takedown with a nice slam. He began landing some nice body shots. Kidd tried to go for a heel hook but Crowe lands nice nice hammer fists to end that attempt. Crowe then got his back and went for an armbar, but Kidd nicely rolls and get on top. Crowe was able to sweep and get back on top but was not very active. Crowe then stood up and came down with a hard punch to end the round.
I scored RD 1 10-9 Crowe
RD 2: Crowe shoots in and gets a takedown and looks for side control, but Kidd pulls guard. Crowe lands some nice shots. Crowe worked really hard to pass Kidd's guard and then pushed Kidd against the cage and proceeded to land several good punches. The nice punching continues and the ref begins looking really close. It appeared Crowe may have punched himself out as he began laying on him for a few seconds, however he instead pushed him back against the cage and landed more good punches.
I scored RD 2 10-8 Crowe
RD 3: Crowe uses a punch to set up a takedown and was successful. Kidd was nicely using the rubber guard. Crowe was on top but Kidd was preventing any real damage. Kidd actually landed a real nice punch from the bottom. There was not much going on at this point. Crowe landed a nice hammer fist to the body to end the round.
I scored RD 3 10-9 Crowe
My score card: 30-26 Crowe
Decision: 30-27/30-27/30-27 Steve Crowe by Unanimous Decision

3. 265lbs
Angelo Carpenter (2-1 Nutter MMA) vs Terry Smith (3-3 Instigator)
RD 1: Carpenter lands a nice body shot and shoots for a takedown bun instead ended up in a clinch against the cage. In the clinch Carpenter landed some really nice knees to the inner part of Smith's leg. Smith was clearly hurting from the knees. Smith finally reversed it and put Carpenter against the cage and tried for but could not get the single leg takedown.
I scored RD 1 10-9 Carpenter
RD 2: Both were throwing and missing till Carpenter landed a nice body shot. Smith began landing some nice punches and pushed him against the cage. Smith landed some knees in the clinch and Carpenter answered with some nice body shots. Smith again went for the single leg but couldn't get it. The ref finally separated them and they traded kicks to end the round.
I scored RD 2 10-9 Smith
RD 3: Carpenter lands a nice counter punch. They clinch and Smith lands some good strikes and then backs out of the clinch. Carpenter landed a really nice punch to the body and then blocked a kick to the body nicely. They clinch against the cage and Smith lands some knees to Carpenter's leg. Smith again went for the single leg. I really thought he should have given up on it because he clearly wasn't going to get it. The ref separated them and Smith landed a nice right cross. They clinched against the cage and Carpenter landed some good knees to the body. Smith once again went for the single leg and couldn't get it.
I scored RD 3 10-9 Smith
My score card: 29-28 Smith
Decision: 28-29/29-28/29-28 Smith by Split Decision

4. 185lbs
Josh Gregorek (2-2 Independent) vs Joe San Filippo (2-1 Relson Gracie Cleveland)
RD 1: Gregorek shoots for a takedown right away and gets it. San Filippo goes for an armbar from the bottom and threw some nice punches. Gregorek gets side control and lands good knees to the body. Again San Filippo goes for an arm, then moves to looking for a heel hook. Even from the bottom he was clearly doing more work. Gregorek lands some nice punches to end the round.
I scored RD 1 10-9 San Filippo
RD 2: Gregorek comes out landing some bombs and then gets a nice takedown and lands in sdie control. San Filippo is able to pull guard. San Filippo was bleeding from the nose at this point. Gregorek lands some good punches from the top. San Filippo was looking really gassed at this point. Gregorek got his back and landed good punches to end the round.
I scored RD 2 10-9 Gregorek
RD 3: Gregorke shoots in and gets a sloppy takedown. San Filippo secured a triangle that looked tight but Gregorek got out. San Filippo stands up and is able to get Gregorek's back and sink in a rear naked choke for the tap.
Decision: Joe San Filippo by rear naked choke :54 of RD 3

5. Andrew Law (5-1 Team Independence) vs Ricky Sandlin (3-2 Triple Threat MMA)
RD 1: Sandlin lands a good leg kick. Both were looking to counter and neither landing much. Law shoots for a takedown but gets stuffed. He tries again and gets the takedown and side control. Sandlin sweeps and gets on top and lands some good shots to end the round.
I scored RD 1 10-9 Law
RD 2: Sandlin lands a nice leg kick. They clinch and Law tries for a trip takedown but couldn't get it. Sandlin gets his back and a takedown but law sweeps and gets mount. Law lands several strikes before the ref steps in
Decision: Andrew Law by TKO :57 of RD 2

6. 205lbs
DJ McConville (0-0 Relson Gracie Cleveland) vs Pat Schottenheimer (1-0 Instigator Fight Team)
RD 1: Schottenheimer lands some punches. They clinch against the cage with not much happening. Schottenheimer gets a takedown and lands some punches to the body. He wasn't being too active from the top but did land some punches to end the round.
I scored RD 1 10-9 Schottenheimer
RD 2: McConville lands a punch and clinches. In the clinch Schottenheimer landed some good knees. Schottenheimer tries some hammer fists but doesn't land them.
I scored RD 2 10-9 Schottenheimer
RD 3: Nice leg kick by Schottenheimer. He lands another one and McConvilel goes for the takedown but can't get it. They clinch and Schottenheimer lands some really good knees to the body and gets a takedown. He moves to side control. The ref stands them up and Schottenheimer gets another takedown and lands some good strikes forcing the ref to stop it.
Decision: Pat Schottenheimer by TKO 2:05 of Rd 3

7. 115lbs
Marcia May (4-2 Stowe, Ohio) vs Ronda Gale (2-2 Team Dungeon)
RD 1: May lands a nice jab and clinches but Gale pulls out. Gale just missed a big leg kick. Gale forces a clinch but May gets out and lands a right cross. Gale forces clinch and May pulls out after a body punch. May lands a leg kick and then another leg kick and Gale asnwers with a real good counter punch. May forces a clinch on the cage but Gale reverses and lands some knees and an uppercut to end the round.
I scored RD 1 10-9 Gale
RD 2: May lands a good punch and they clinch agaisnt the cage where Gale lands some good knees. May gets a guillatine that looked really tight. Great job by Gale to stay in and finally get out while landing some body shots. After getting out she landed some good hammer fists to end the round.
I scored RD 2 10-9 Gale
RD 3: Gale lands a nice punch to the head and forces a clinch on the cage. In the clinch Gale lands good knees till one goes low and ref calls time. Gale lands some good punches. May at this point was clearly exhausted. Gale hurts her with more punches and pushes her against the cage. Gale ladns more good strikes till May gets away. Gale then lands a nice leg kick and rocks her with punches to end the round.
I scored RD 3 10-9 Gale
My score card: #0-27 Gale
Decision: Ronda Gale by Unanimous Decision (Scores not read)

8. 170lbs
Dallas Dishman (1-1 Nutter MMA) vs Dustin Wolf (1-0 Strong Style)
RD 1: Dishman hurts him with some punches. Wolf gets a takedown and lands in half guard. Wolf gets the mount and lands some good sttrikes before getting the rear naked for the tap.
Decision: Dustin Wolf by rear naked choke 1:08 of RD 1

9. 170lbs
Isaac Steel (4-0 JG MMA) vs Andrew Jordan (4-1 Team Andrew Jordan)
RD 1: Jordan comes out throwing wild strikes. They go to the ground and Steel gets his back. Some really good grappling going on. THey stand up and clinch. Steel lands a good knee to the body and slams him. Steel gets his back looking for a choke. Jordan gets up and Steel slams hima gain and once again gets his back. Steel was looking for a choke but Jordan defended well. Steel is able to get in one more slam
I scored RD 1 10-8 Steel
RD 2: Steel lands a vicous kick to the groin and the ref calls time. Steel gets a takedown but Jordan reverses and gets on top, but Steel nicely pulls guard. More really good grappling by both. Steel went for an arm but Jordan gets his back. Steel uses good wrist control to avoid the choke. Steelsweeps and gets on top. Steel then gets his back and lands some punches and goes for the choke at the end of the round.
I scored RD 2 10-9 Jordan
RD 3: Steel lands a good head kick and really good body kick. Steel gets a takedown and Jordan pulls guard. Steel gets side control and Jordan goes for an armbar. Steel gets his back and goes for a rear naked but Jordan gets out and goes for a choke of his own. Steel reverses and gets his back again. Steel flattens him and lands more strikes to end the round
I scored RD 3 10-9 Steel
My score card: 29-27 Steel
Decision: Isaac Steel by Unanimous Decision (Scores not read)

10. Fred Davis (1-1 Team Impact) vs John Cook (0-0 Evolve)
RD 1: Cook being the hometown fighter has incredible crowd support. Cook lands a nice elg kick and shoots for a takedown but gets stuffed. Cook gets a clinch against the cage and then teh takedown. Not much was happening here. Cook tried to get the mount but lands in half guard. Finally Cook did get the mount. Davis gets him off of him and Cook moves to side control. Cook gets north south position but doesn't do much with it.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Cook
RD 2: Cook forces a clinch on the cage and gets a takedown and moves to side control. Davis holds him close so Cook can't do much from teh top. Cooks gets the mount and then gets his back. Cook flattens him out but Davis defends well and actualyl lands soem good strikes backwards. Ref yells at him as some were to the back of the head.
I scored RD 2 10-9 Cook
RD 3: Cooks shoots for a takedown and misses. Davis lands a good punch and Cook gets teh takedown into side control. Davis defends well. Cook was not being active enough here. Cook ladns a couple knees to teh body. Davis then lands some good knees from the bottom and then some punches. Cook is on top but not doing much.
I scored RD 3 10-9 Davis
My score card is 29-28 Cook
Decision: 30-27/30-27/30-27 John Cook by Unanimous Decision

11. Paul Waite (3-0 Team Air Gad-fly) vs Kenny Jackson (5-2 Strong Style)
RD 1: Waite shoots in and gets a clinch. Waite uses a foot stomp and gets a takedown into side control. Waite lands a couple short punches and then knees to the body. Waite moves into his half guard and then full guard. Jackson goes for an armbar but Waite pulls out.
I scored RD 1 10-9 Waite
RD 2: Waite shoots in for a takedown but isntead they clinch against the cage. Waite finalyl gets the takedown and lands a few knees to the body from side control. Waite gets his back and tries to land some strikes to set up a choke. Waite flattens him and lands many punches to the head.
I scored RD 2 10-9 Waite
RD 3: Waite shoots for a takedown and Jackson lands a good punch to the head. Waite gets a takedown and works for a choke. Jackson steps over and is actually on top but not in control. Jackson gets out of choke and has mount. Waite escapes and seems to be holding on.
I scored RD 3 10-9 Jackson
My score card is 29-28 Waite.
Decision: 29-28/29-28/29-28 Waite

Submission Of The Night: Dustin Wolf
Knockout Of The Night: Pat Schottenheimer
Fight Of The Night: Isaac Steel vs Andrew Jordan

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