Monday, November 22, 2010

Competitors Edge by IFBB Pro Vanessa Prebyl

Competitors Edge:
A Blog By IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor Vanessa Prebyl

Hello to ALL,
The topic for this blog is “How to start competing”. This is a very valid question, because there are a few things that need to be done in order to start competing. I have listed them below in the order.
1. Decide to get in the best shape of your life and be willing to put in the time and effort
2. Start a nutritional plan that is correct for your body weight and height. I would seek out a nutritionist if possible.
3. Start a workout regiment preferably 3 months before your show. This will allow you adequate time in order to change your physique.
4. Pick a show. I would pick a regional show close to where you live for your first show. Shows that are close to home are nice because you have your family and friends there to support you and you don’t have to worry about packing your food and traveling.
a. will have a listing of ALL of the shows for the year.
5. Get an NPC Card
a. Online application.
b. Some shows will allow competitors to register at the show. This will usually be stated on the shows website, if it is not, email the promoter and ask (do not assume).
6. Find a bikini (Remember, it doesn’t matter how expensive or inexpensive a bikini is, it is how YOUR body looks in the bikini)
a. b.
7. Find Shoes. Many judges have said that they don’t care what heel you wear on stage for bikini; however, it is always best to stick with the classic style. 5inch clear heel with little to now platform on the toe area.
8. Find show Jewelry. The shinier the better.
9. Do your research on who is winning and see if there are any similarities. For example, look at how they are walking, smiling, are they wearing dark colored bikinis, is their hair done nicely, does their makeup match their competition tan?
10. Learn what poses look best on YOUR body. This is very important. This also would count as research as well. Find a top pro with a presentation you like and see what they do. Does it look good when you do it? Can you change it a little and make it your own?

11. Find a good Competition Tanning Service
a. Jan Tana (I always use Jan Tana and I am VERY happy with their service. They also do hair and makeup as well.)
b. Pro Tan
c.Or see what tanning service the actual show will be using
12. If you have any specific questions remember the promoters of the show are there for you and are happy to answer questions. You can usually find their contact information on the event flyer or event website.
13. Lastly, GET PUMPED!!!! Think of some people that inspire you. It could be a song (eye of the tiger), a movie (Rudy), or amazing people like Jenny Lynn and Ronnie Colman.
You determine what you are able to do and only you will be able to put in the necessary work in order for you to be stage-ready. I know you can do it and I am sure you will be AMAZED at what you can and will do.
If anyone wants to share their “First show experience and pictures” please feel free to post them or you can always email me at if you would just like to share your awesome experience with only me.
I hope you all have a great weekend and train hard :D
Much love,
Vanessa Prebyl

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