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MMA Roundtable #2

My first MMA roundtable was vey popular. Much more so then I ever expected. So I decided to do a second one. I waited untill I found 8 fighters who I thoughtt would do good with this, and I found them in Amanda Morgan, Jessica Philippus, Kaitlin Young, Lettia Suchevich, Michelle Ould, Missy Pontbriand, Tamikka Brents and Trisha Barr. Each fighter is represented by their initials, except in the case of Tamikka and Trisha both having the same initials. For them I have added the first letter of their last name as well. SO it is AM (Amanda), JP (Jessica), KY (Kaitlin), LS (Lettia), MO (Michelle), MP (Missy), TBR( Tamikka), and TBA ( Trisha)

Part 1: Word and name association

Chris Cyborg:
AM: Huge
JP: Powerful
KY: Aggression
LS: Tattooed bad ass!
MO: Oh!
MP: Respect
TBR: Beast
TBA: Fantastic conditioning and strength

Sarah Kaufman:
AM: Striker
JP: Resilient
KY: Smart
LS: Punch Punch Punch
MO: Machine
MP: Dancer
TBR: Rematch with Coennen ASAP
TBA: Well-rounded

Gina Carano:
AM: Dainty
JP: Is a "pretty face"
KY: Beautiful
LS: Priss
MO: Should come back
MP: "Crush"
TBR: Needs to fight again already
TBA: Decent Muay Thai fighter

Dana White:
AM: Idiot
JP: Arrogance
KY: Jazzercize
LS: Toolbag
MO: Typical male
MP: Controversial
TBR: 80% genius, 20% Nuts (in a good way)
TBA: Smart business man

Scott Coker:
AM: Promoter
JP: Giving women a chance to showcase their talent
KY: Strikeforce
LS: Thank you!
MO: Better than Dana
MP: Strikeforce
TBR: Strikeforce ringmaster
TBA: Needs to quit cheating his female title holders out of main events on main cards

Tara LaRosa:
AM: Awesomely angry woman who needs to knock out Erin Toughill
JP: Is making a comeback!
KY: Jersey
LS: Old school chica
MO: Brawler
MP: Army combatives :-)
TBR: 125lb killer
TBA: Pioneer in WMMA and now one of my favorite fighters

Miesha Tate:
AM: Beautiful grappler
JP: Who doesn't love a cute successful wrestler girl?! Go get that belt!
KY: Takedown
LS: Nice ground game
MO: Butt
MP: Takedown
TBR: I can't wait for her showdown with Coennen
TBA: Obviously a good wrestler

Zoila Frausto:
AM: Kicker
JP: Got some early Christmas presents
KY: Cool shorts
LS: Nice kicks- no ground
MO: Lucky..... or sold soul to devil
MP: Princess
TBR: Rematch with Aguilar please
TBA: More skilled than people want to give her credit for, regardless of judges bad decisions

Megumi Fuji:
AM: Best female powerhouse
JP: Legendary
KY: Leg lock
LS: Bulldog
MO: Still #1 till her and Aguilar fight
MP: Punisher
TBR: Female Fedor
TBA: One of the absolute best grapplers in the world and one of my role models

Marloes Coennen:
AM: Would love to train with her
JP: Might lose that belt in February
KY: Armbar
LS: Awesome!!
MO: Makes a good champ
MP: Commitment
TBR: Slick with her BJJ
TBA: Humble and talented, an excellent combination

AM: Can't show weakness
JP: Is forever, when train like pain is only temporary :-) CYC girls for life!
KY: Lions
LS: Be yourself.... not a puppet
MO: Good in small doses
MP: Self respect
TBR: Not enough people have it anymore
TBA: Too much of this in the world. Instead, have a healthy sense of confidence mixed with humility

AM: Bob Morgan, my husband
JP: Jose Vega, Robb Philippus, and Deryck Ripley, Trifecta!
KY: Greg Nelson
LS: Trust
MO: Should be a good teacher
MP: Protector
TBR: One of the most important people in your career
TBA: My husband, Raymond, whom I wouldn't trade for any other trainer in the world!

Sparing Partner:
AM: My teammates
JP: Is the best a girl could ask for! Love you Laura!
KY: Derp
LS: Francis!
MO: Best friend and worst enemy
MP: Understanding, respect
TBR: Need to be as good or better than your opponents
TBA: Also usually my husband, but I could definitely use a bigger variety of sparring partners

AM: Coming back after losing
JP: Necessary for success
KY: Character
LS: Jesus
MO: Not enough of it in MMA
MP: Unpretentious, modest
TBR: Goes hand in hand with confidence... any athlete should have both
TBA: If you don't humble yourself, somebody else will do it for you

Part 2: Questions

1. Which is better, same day weigh-in or day before?
AM: Day before!
KY: I cut a decent amount of weight, so I like day before. I know some feel that weight cutting can give the fighter that does it an unfair size advantage, but I don't see it any differently than other aspects of training. If you have the discipline to do it, you deserve to reap the benefits of your hard work/discomfort. Same with weight training, or sprints, or the multiple hours a day put in the gym. Also, I think people are going to dehydrate to make weight no matter what. Giving them 24 hours to rehydrate probably cuts down on the severity of head and joint injuries sustained in said fight, and likely saves the promotion a significant amount of money in the long run. Plus, it gives a fighter who misses weight time to go back and cut more. Time would be a much greater restriction with a day of weigh-in
MO: Do promotions still do same day? Well they do it in wrestling so...better know what you signed up for.
MP: Day before for you time to rehydrate and replenish
TBR: Day before, for people who cut weight it gives them time to regain all their nutrients and to rehydrate.
TBA: I think most fighters would agree that weighing in the day before is better because it gives us more recovery time before stepping into the cage. It sucks to waste a bunch of energy the day of trying to run off that last couple pounds.

2. What is your most hated training exercise?
AM: Running for sure!
JP: Squats
KY: I really hate drilling. I prefer almost anything to drilling. I would rather run or get beat up in sparring. Still have to do it though- repetition is paramount for skill development.
MO: Running. So boring
TBR: I hate harnessed takedown drills. You pull your weight and another person's weight on every shot.
TBA: I actually enjoy almost all forms of training depending on my energy and mood. One form of exercise I remember hating is stadium runs, which is why I haven't done them since high school.

3. Is cutting weight harder for women than for men?
AM: I think so; it is for me!
JP: For the smaller girls (130lbs or less) I'd say it's probably a 2:1 ratio compared to guys.
KY: Pfff- no, but it functions as a convenient excuse for some of them. Generally, women are smaller than men and carry more bodyfat- so that can make dropping water more difficult, but it isn't necessarily BECAUSE a fighter is female. If fighters exercise good self-control and an educated diet/training plan, they shouldn't have a problem making weight. Male or female.
LS: I think so.... I don't have much to spare!!
MO: I don't think so. All mental.
MP: For women
TBR: It's definitely harder for women.
TBA: Evidence does seem to point that way. First, we retain more water because of our hormones. Second, we're also built to retain more fat. Third, we tend to fight in the lower weight classes- the less you already weigh, the less fat and water weight you can lose without compromising your health and performance too much.

4. Is there a way you think is best to wear your hair for a fight?
AM: Tight pigtails! I still look somewhat like a girl in pigtails unlike in cornrows that make me look more of a man than my husband! LOL
JP: Braids for sure. Just don't try to be festive and paint them, that didn't work so well for me...hahaha
KY: Cornrows. Hands down. Double french braids will work in a pinch.
LS: I wish I could shave it off for 15 minutes and put it back when I'm done.
MO: Bald
MP: Corn rows- I can get it done the day before and not have to worry about it
TBR: Braids duh!
TBA: I'm not too particular. I always just tell the person doing my hair to make sure it's secured in place and won't get in my way when I fight, but that it's not so tight that it gives me a headache. I also don't want to sit there for hours while someone creates dozens of tiny braids all over my head.

5. What is the biggest difference between five and three minute rounds?
AM: Five minute rounds allows you to showcase your talent more. Three minutes is too short.
JP: Well cardio endurance for one, but I think more importantly is in 5 minute rounds you have more time to work position on the ground.
KY: 2 minutes..... Seriously, 3 minutes feels SHORT. Three minute rounds can favor a striker, where it might take the grappler a little while to take someone down and implement their gameplan. Also, I think (just speculation on my part) that judges tend to score 3 minute rounds a little differently as there is less time to "forget" what happened at the beginning of the round. In a five minute round, the last couple of minutes of each round seem to sway the judges.
LS: More time to work once your in the groove!
MO: 2 minutes :-) But seriously we want our full 15 minutes of fame not just 9!
MP: 5 minute rounds give a fighter more time to devise a game plan and use more of their skills.
TBR: Cardio and more time to fight for position
TBA: Two minutes a round. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Did anybody else already say that? (Note: YES LOL) Anyway, you obviously need to be a lot more conditioned for it. And while it does give you more time to figure out your opponent, it also gives your opponent more time to figure you out.

6. Who is the most underrated female fighter in the sport?
AM: Me! But seriously, I think someone like Julie Kedzie or Laura D'Auguste
JP: That's a tough one, but I would say that Lisa Ward doesn't get as much credit as she deserves.
KY: I don't know who is the most underrated, but I think Sarah Schneider is MUCH better than her record shows.
LS: I like the Dutch girl.... Marloes Coennen
MO: Me! :-)
MP: Shayna Bazsler- "The Queen of Spades"
TBR: Jessica Aguilar. I thought she was going to be in the Bellator finals with Fuji.

7. Take yourself out of it. Who are the top five pound for pound in the sport for both women and men?
AM: Women- Megumi Fuji, Marloes Coennen, Sarah Kaufman, Chris Cyborg, and Kelly Kobald. Men- GSP, Randy Couture, Frankie Edgar, Clay Guida, and Rashad Evans
JP: I can never do this in order, I don't feel like it's fair! Here goes: Men- Urijah Faber, Cain Velasquez, Frankie Edgar, Chad Mendes, and Joseph Benavidez. Women- Megumi Fuji, Lisa Ward, Miesha Tate, Chris Cyborg, and Marloes Coennen
KY: This question is to complicated for me to answer
LS: HAHA!! Why would anyone say him/herself???I like GSP, I was pretty impressed with how Cain Velasquez handled Brock.... always love Fedor and Cyborg and Marloes are looking to be pretty good for the girls... but there are tons I just love win or lose!
MO: Men- Manny Pacquiao, Dominic Cruz, Aoki, Aldo, probably more I don't know. Women- Fuji, Aguilar, LaRosa, Cyborg, Kaufman
MP: Women- Cyborg, Fuji, LaRosa, Kaufman, and Coennen. Men- Aldo, St. Pierre,Silva, Rua, and Velasquez,
TBR: Women- M. Fuji, Cyborg, M. Coennen, S. Kaufman, and T. LaRosa. Men- Fedor, GSP, A. Silva, Aldo, and Dominick Cruz
TBA: Men- Jose Aldo, GSP, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Ben Henderson. Women- Megumi Fuji, Chris Cyborg, Marloes Coennen, Sarah Kaufman, and Zoila Frausto

8. My dream fight would be vs __?
AM: Marloes Coennen
JP: An opponent for a title fight at Harrah's in February!! Can't find one. But I guess me vs Sarah Goodlaxson, only we've been trying to schedule this FOREVER!
KY: I don't have my heart set on anyone.
LS: Dana White vs and angry mother Polar Bear
MO: My losses. Especially Z-Bag (Zoila Frausto)
MP: It's a dream come true that I'm fighting... I'll take whatever they'll give me.
TBR: Fighting in Las Vegas against Cyborg for the 145lb Women's title

9. What one women's and one men's fight would you pay to see?
AM: GSP vs Anderson Silva and Marloes Coennen vs Megumi Fuji
JP: Lisa Ward or Miesha Tate vs ANYONE! They always put on a good show. And I'd definitely pay money to see Cub Swanson or Chad Mendes, those boys had me on the edge of my seat.
KY: Shayna Bazsler vs Marloes Coennen and Cain vs Fedor
LS: Chrisy Cyborg vs Giant Silva??? Anyone against GIant SIlva is pretty entertaining to me
MO: Tonya vs Miesha and Mendes vs Aldo
MP: I've paid to see lot's of fights LOL- I just enjoy the energy and atmosphere
TBR: Carano vs Cyborg 2... Carano was the last fight that Cyborg was in a bad position and didn't dominate every aspect of the fight. Fedor vs whoever holds the UFC heavyweight title or A. Silva vs GSP or Bnes Jones vs Shogun Rua
TBA: I want to see a rematch between Fuji and Frausto. I also want to see Aldo take the title from Edgar

10. One fight I saw that I will always remember is?
AM: Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar 1
JP: Robb Philippus vs Shane Grant for the National ISCF heavyweight title! It was the kind of TKO that no one saw coming, even both of them! And the place boo'd him for winning, who cares! I couldn't have been more proud!
KY: Nat McIntyre vs Raul Llopis (Muay Thai)
LS: Favorite knockout EVER was when Tank Abbott knocked out that Karate guy.... I always hated Karate
MO: Kaitlin knocking chicks out in G-Fight
MP: Sergio Pettis vs Joe Simonetti- 135lbs Kickboxing June 2010.... went to decision
TBR: Kevin Randleman vs Fedor.... the best slam ever! But couldn't stop Fedor
TBA: Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin

11. The biggest misconception about female fighters is?
AM: That we don't work as hard as males and that we don't belong anywhere besides the kitchen. COME ON! It's 2010 pushing 2011.
JP: That they're a joke. Or too small or too pretty or weak. Blahhhh I like to prove em all wrong.
KY: Seems like everyone always thinks we will be uglier....
LS: I wish people wouldn't make such a big deal over it.... it should be treated just like the men's weight classes.
MO: That they aren't girly. There are some serious diva's in this sport OMG.
MP: That I do this because I am angry.... not the case what so ever.
TBR: We don't hit as hard as guys. Hahah, who wants to test that theory?

12. My proudest moment in the sport so far is?
AM: Coming to the fight better each time.
JP: Having wrestler moms tell me how much their daughter admires and looks up to me.
KY: Yet to happen :-)
LS: Being on Spike TV was pretty awesome
MO: Yet to be realized
MP: June 26th Pestigo, WI, my debut MMA fight vs Amanda Jerrol... I lost on a split decision, but it has enver felt like a loss... I Overcame so much to get there...
TBR: Being a part of Ohio's first all women's card where Tara LaRosa was a commentator
TBA: Winning at the Eve of Destruction because God blessed me with the strength and means to overcome my toughest opponent yet. It always means a lot to have my hand raised and be able to testify to everybody of God's goodness, although I still praise Him even in times of loss.

13. Why are sponsors so important to a fighter?
AM: Helps a fighter know that people out there know them, respect them enough to give them gear/money etc.
JP: To help promote the fighter's name and reputation and vice versa. On a pro level, they prived financial backing as well. Fighting doesn't exactly pay well for females....
KY: Sponsors make it possible to pay the bills and buy the expensive fighter diet groceries. They make the sport possible.
LS: Well, it sure is hard to go anywhere with this when you gotta work for a living... it's like living two lives!
MO: Because a lot of them end up paying to train and fight and need to make a living. However, it shouldn't be the central focus of the fighter.
MP: I'd imagine sponsors are important to fighters when it comes to deflecting cost of training and travel... as an amatuer I have yet to encounter this.
TBR: Training, equipment, healthy foods etc., all this costs money and especially if your ammy, you don't get money for fights, just money from your sponsors.
TBA: Sponsors can supply much-needed funds for gear. Fighters and sponsors also give one another helpful exposure

14. Which is better, the old Pride scoring or the 10 point must system?
AM: Old Pride scoring
JP: I don't know really, but I'd say the 10 point system is probably easier for fans to understand.
KY: I like Pride rules, if only for the fact they used to hit people with the "yellow card" if they were not active enough. I think the UFC has it right with Fight of the Night and locker room bonuses and such. Wins are great, but it is the performance that puts the butts in the seats.
LS: Pride all the way!
MO: I don't remember the Pride system
MP: I don't know enough about either to make an intelligent statement about that LOL
TBR: I prefer the Pride scoring system
TBA: Each has it's advantages and disadvantages. I think the current system just needs to be tweaked a little so that it has more of a difinitive, universal, objective way of scoring rounds. But you can simply never take the subjectivity out of it entirely, so it will never be a perfect system. People lose to bad decisions all the time, so finish your fights if at all possible.

15. In the movie of my life __ would play me?
AM: Jennifer Garner
JP: Hilary Swank
KY: I have nooooo idea. Maybe Carrot Top
LS: Probably Juliette Lewis! Haha
TBR: Michelle Rodriguez, I think she's pretty bad ass
TBA: Someone offbeat and quirky, like Zooey Deschanel

16. In five years I will be?
AM: A professional MMA fighter. Graduated from University, and a better, stronger, quicker, more known woman.
JP: Fighting professionally, have had another baby (a girl maybe!) and hopefully not living in Missouri still.
KY: World Champ
LS: 39... God only knows!
MO: Rich and famous :-) But seriously, signed with a promotion that has 125lb females and active as ever and finally have my degree and still going to wrestling competitions with my sons. And I would still be wrinkle free and have my sense of humor.
MP: Teaching speciall needs children, finishing my Master's...fighting, coaching
TBR: A pro, fighting the best female fighters in the world
TBA: Helping my husband run a Christian ministry out of a large martial arts school and fitness center, where we will also form our own T-shirt company conveying positive messages. We hope to influence others through our passion for God, martial arts, fitness, and the sport of MMA. Really, wherever the Lord leads us, we plan to follow. By then, I might even be a pro fighter, a missionary, a novelist, a monther, or all the above.

17. If I wasn't a fighter I would be?
AM: Fat and boring
JP: Not very many people are lucky enough to just fight for a living. But I'll play pretend for a minute and go with being a stay at home mommy and starting my own business in the general vicinity of nutrition/fitness counseling and corporate wellness
KY: I'm not sure about that.... nothing else has ever interested me as much. I ended up studying Kinesiology in college because I had been fighting, so training became an interest to me. If I had never started fighting, I'm not sure where I would be.
LS: Living in a much cleaner house
MO: Lost
MP: I've always been a fighter, the only difference is not I actually physically do it :-)
TBR: A cop... either way someone will get put in some kind of hold until they stop resisting!
TBA: Still a practicing martial artist, but I might be finishing my first novel by now or going to graduate school to be an English professor

18. Favorite Movie?
AM: Pretty Woman
JP: Million Dollar Baby and Crash
KY: Boondock Saints
LS: Lots.... but I love Zombieland and Joe Dirt
MO: Freeway with Reese Witherspoon
MP: I'm a BATMAN junkie... any one of the six movies
TBR: 300 or Troy
TBA: I love movies too much to be able to choose just one

19. The two best fighters to play partners in a buddy cop movie are __ and __?
AM: Forrest Griffin and GSP
JP: I'm going to put my own twist on this and choose people in the fight community. Slade Bittler and Sam Wilson
KY: Nick Thompson and Derrick Noble. See link
LS: Crazy Horse CHarles Bennett and someone serious like Cro Cop or Matt Hughes
MO: Rampage and Joe Warren. OMG that would be hilarious
TBR: Rampage and Mayhem Miller, slickest talekrs in the game LOL
TBA: Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin. Griffin is the goofball and comic relief, while Silva is the foreign martial artist who doesn't speak much English. Then Megumi Fuji appears as the female Asian who kicks butt, with even less English skills

20. What five songs are always going to be on your IPOD?
AM: "#1" by Nelly, "On Fire" by Eminem, "No Apologies" by Eminem, "I won't Forget You" by Poison.
JP: Make Yourself" by Incubus, "Dig" by Anna Molly", "Papercut" by Lincoln Park, "Drop the World" by Lil' Wayne
LS: "For Whom the Bell Tolls", "Hybrid Moments" by The Misfits, "Let the Sun Shine In" by Kitty Wells, "Devil Went Down To Georgia, "Where is My Mind" by Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
MO: "Hypnotize" by Notorious BIG, "Sex is on Fire" by Kings of Leon, "Jane Fonda" by Mickey Avalon, any Tracy Chapman, "White Liar" by Miranda Lambert
MP: "Lose Yourself" by Eminem, "Not Afraid" by Eminem, "White Trash Beautiful" by Everlast, "All My Life" by Foo Fighters, "If You Want Blood" by AC/DC
TBR: "Down With the Sickness" by Disturbed, "Forever (Travis Barker remix)" by Drake, "Go Hard" by Nick Minaj, "Monster" by Kanye West, and "Renegade" by Jay-Z
TBA: I wish I had an IPOD... And if I did, it would be really hard to choose just five. But I'll give it a shot. "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes, "Gravedigger" by Dave matthews Band, "Cry Baby" by Janis Joplin, "The Story" by Brandi Carlile, and "Mad World" by Gary Jules

21. One food I can't live without is?
AM: Yogurt and bananas
JP: Egg beaters
KY: Pomigranate
LS: Haha....oatmeal. It's cheap but healthy and warm
MO: Almond Butter
MP: My coach recently ended my love affair with McDonald's french fries
TBR: Chicken...I love chicken
TBA: Apple crisp a la mode, my favorite psot fight treat

22. One fighter who needs to write a book is?
AM: Debi Purcell
LS: Does Crazy Horse already have one?
MO: I don't care as long as they are funny and interesting
MP: Gina Carano
TBR: Fedor! In his own words, no help from anyone
TBA: Me- I'm suppsoed to be working on my writing, so I need to get on the ball

23. My biggest strength in the cage is?
AM: My cornerman
JP: Heart
KY: Discipline
LS: My heart
MO: My aggression
MP: My fists....when it comes down to it, my confidence is in my hands. I have come a long way in 9 months, but when all else fails, I'm coming out swinging
TBR: Cage control and ground and pound
TBA: God, because He gives me the strength and courage to get in the cage in the first place!

24. If they amde an all women's MMA Hall of Fame, __ would be the first inductee?
AM: Megumi Fuji
JP: Megumi for sure, there shouldn't even be a doubt in anyone's mind!
KY: Probably Cyborg. I think she will be sitting at the top for a while
LS: I don't care about that stuff
MO: Megumi
MP: Cyborg
TBR: Megumi Fuji. 22 wins and 1 loss....and controversial loss at that. She is a freak.
TBA: Tara LaRosa- She has helped and continues to help pave the way for the rest of us women. She has tons of experience and an awesome record o boot.

25. Anything coming up in the near future you want to mention?
AM: A few fights in December that I know of right now
JP: December 18th, I'll be back in Mt. Vernon for the finals of the 105lb tournament. I WANT that belt for more than one reason....
KY: I was recently involved with a reality show along with 15 other female fighters- it is called the Ultimate WOmen's Challenge. It is set to begin airing before the end of the year on NBC and/or it's affiliates. Be sure to check it out!
LS: Nah
MO: I hope so... as soon as I am injury free I am going on a rampage, I am tired of not being able to fight! Going stir crazy over here.
MP: Hoping to fight again after the first of the year, we've been training hard and doing some cross training trying to braoden my skills a bit.
TBR: Title fight at 155lbs in the NAAFS Dec. 4th and a very busy 2011....dropping to be on the look out for me.
TBA: I am currently taking a hiatus from competition and plan to just get in some solid training in the coming months. I say that knowing if a really good opportunity arrives (and I'm healthy), then I will probably take it. Otherwise, plan to see me back i the cage something between January and March.

26. Any sponsors or anyone else you want to plug or thank?
AM: Just the usual suspects, you know who you all are! Thank you!
JP: Would like to thank Slade at Tussle for supporting me and cheering me on. I don't really have any sponsors otherwise, but I am in the process of starting my own line/website called WRSLRCHICK!! We do have a lot of support and encouragement from ym co-workers and friends in Marshall who cheer on "team Philippis". On a nostalgic note, I'd like to thank all the 707 area guys who took a chance on me in high school and coached me to succeed! Most importantly, Robb and Robby Philippus who make my life worth living.
KY: First, I'd like to thank my coaches and teammates at the Academy in Minneaspolis, my family, and my boyfriend, Ryan. I'd also like to thank the coaching staff at Htrowdown Training Center in Las Vegas and One N Done fight wear
LS: Thanks for asking me to do this. I like silly stuff!!
MO: My sons are my inspiration because this is a job in the end and I work to provide for them. Tonya Evinger of course is my main training partner and coach, and everyone that ahs supported me along the way. Jason, you are great.
MP: Where to start? Chris Barrera, Devil's Den MMA, for the training opportunities this summer. Mike Reilly, Ambition MMA, for letting me come out and visit/train and for the continued support from a distance....thank you my friend. Jim Bleau, Fox Valley Grappling Club, for working with me and giving me perspective, and last but dfeinitely not least, Bruce Erikson and Tom Hinds of Moxie's House of Pain in Iron Mountain, MI.... I ca not thank them enough for the time and effort they've put into me the last few months....without you this would not be possible.
TBR: Team Warrior Concepts is my family and team, % Knuckle Management, Legacy Fight Wear, XB-Fit, my friends, my family and every fan of MMA period.
TBA: I thank Jesus, Ray (my excellent husband and trainer), my family, my church at Harvest Christian Fellowship, and everyone who continues to bring me much appreciated support and encouragement! That includes you, Jason. Blessings!

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