Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jason Adams Creater of Promoting Real Women Interview Conducted by Amanda Genao

After reading interview after interview after interview done and posted by Jason, I decided to take it upon myself to request that HE be the one to be interviewed! He agreed without hesitation.

Q: First of all, let me first thank you for allowing me to do this Jason, considering you get to be at the other end of the spectrum. Many of the questions I will ask will be a bit personal, as I try to unveil the persona behind the blog “Promoting Real Women “.
A: Than you for wanting to do this. Several people have said I should do this, an interview for my blog. I have passed on it waiting for someone I really trust to do the interview, and when you asked, you are for sure someone I trusted to do it.

Q: Tell me a bit about yourself, age, where you are from, where you grew up, etc.
A: Really not much to tell. I am what you would call boring. I am 34 years old. Born, raised and live in Lakewood Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. I am hoping to move to Las Vegas soon. Danny-J lives there, and as you will see later in this interview, she is very important to me, and I want to be where she is.

Q: Why did you decide to start your own blog about promoting women in the sport?
A: Several reasons really. When I first started training, or at least trying to, I asked people for advice. I asked men and women. Women were much quicker to help. I wasn't asking for a program or a diet, just simple advice. Men always tried to charge me and things. Women were usually willing to give advice. I wanted to thank them. So I thought doing this blog, and giving them some free publicity and coverage was a nice payback. Besides, let's be honest, you read these so called bodybuilding magazines, and how often do you see women in them? Rarely. That's crap. Women in this industry work just as hard and deserve some coverage. I can't change it, but I can call attention to it. Same with MMA. Bodybuilding is my love, but MMA is my passion, and there are some really talented women in the sport who people don't know about, and they need to know how good these women are.

Q: Why did you choose the name “real women”?
A: I have had this question before and really kind of danced around the answer. But here is the real one. How many times in your life have you seen a woman in the fitness industry, and heard the comment "She looks like a man"? That's crap. When did muscles become gender specific? A woman is not a man just because she is muscular. That is naive, ignorant, and flat out stupid thinking. Women are women. Really it is men with inferiority complexes who say that. A woman is more muscular than them and they feel they are inferior and to call them manly is there only way of feeling better about themselves. Some of the most beautiful women I know are women in this industry. They are women.

Q: Did you get any type of rejection from women that you approached to interview?
A: Yeah I got a couple. I had one woman ask me to pay her to do it, ummm no, I won't pay anyone. Another top name bodybuilder said no because "you have too many Figure and Bikini girls on there and they don't belong on my stage". Then there are my favorites. The ones who say no, then a month later realize how big my blog is, and suddenly contact me asking to do an interview. Always makes me laugh, but I still don't turn them down. See, to me say yes or say no, I honestly don't care. Look how many I have done. Not having one is not going to set me back. But if you respectfully turn me down, or are busy, I understand that, and the offer is always there. I don't do this for me. I don't profit from this. So far I have turned down every sponsorship offer, because I am not looking to profit.

Q: At what point would you say that your website began to get recognition and legitimacy?
A: This question is very easy for me to answer. Two words: Victoria Larvie. When Victoria agreed to do an interview is when it happened. First, Victoria gave what is still one of the best interviews I have done. But you throw in the fact that Victoria is an IFBB Pro, a popular person, things like that gave me credibility. People realized it was real. It allowed me to ask others and say "Look, even an IFBB Pro did an interview with me" Would it have happened without her? Yeah probably, but she made it so much easier. Now I have competitors coming to me asking to do interviews. And that is a great feeling. It means I must be doing something right. People see I do this with the best intention and I think they respect that. Same with fighters. First fighter I interviewed was Sarah Kaufman. One of the best in the sport. People see that and it makes other fighters more willing. Now I even get to cover MMA events due to the blog.

Q: Without much thinking, out of the top of your head, list the interviews that you’ve done that stood out the most (the stories that touched your heart or that moved you)
A: First and foremost is my two interviews with Danny-J. She has an amazing life story. Zoa Linsey's second interview about the Olympia and what she overcame just to get on stage. Jill Crean's first interview is special to me. Eryn Strickland because she has become one of my best friends, Genie Sammons, especially her second because she was open about medical issues. Sarah McLeod and Tisha Rodrigues, two women who are talented fighters and friends. Tonia Moore, one of my favorite bodybuilders and so revealing about her medical setbacks. Victoria Larvie because as earlier mentioned, it gave me instant credibility. My interviews with Vanessa Prebyl. Vanessa has done several interviews. Every time I guaranteed she would get her Bikini Pro card, and when she finally got it I was so happy. PJ Braun. PJ is a male, but he is my favorite male bodybuilder, and so it was very cool to me that he did one. There are so many more that I would think of, but you said off the top of my head, and those came to mind first.

Q: Let’s talk more about yourself. What do you do for a living?
A: Nothing LOL. I am currently unemployed. Have been for awhile. I will hopefully change that soon. After talking with Danny, I have decided I want to study and get certified to become a trainer because I see too many bad ones who don't know what they are doing and that bothers me. Someone pays you and trusts their bodies and health to you, they deserve quality help.

Q: What things in your life do you struggle with?
A: Hmmmm, tough one. Really I guess the big one is very low self esteem. Never thought much of myself. I am working on that though, and Danny-J has helped me with that.

Q: What things did you or do you still struggle with in your life?
A: Really just a continuation of the previous question. My low self esteem has improved and I have gained confidence in myself, but that is not a total turnaround. It's still a struggle. I consider myself the ugly unattractive guy who has little to offer and will be single forever.

Q: You mention Danny quite a lot in your blog and your facebook posts. What is the nature of your relationship with her and how has she been able to help you?
A: Danny-J is everything to me. She is my trainer, my leader, my role model, and my hero. I have had couple people do my diet, with very marginal success. Even with them I often asked Danny for advice. Finally I said, "I need to hire her". In about three months I lost 20 pounds. In about six months with Danny I lost 80 pounds, and it would be much more but I have added a good deal of muscle. Recently Danny even started designing my workouts also. We are actually currently in my practice contest prep. Danny is simply the most amazing person I know. I do nothing without her approval. I first met her about a year ago when I offered to help her in a contest. From there someone started bad mouthing me and saying lies about me, and went to Danny with them, instead of judging me, she asked me, and I told her they were untrue. She believed in me. And we have formed a friendship and now trainer-client relationship. I really could not do this without her. She is female and like 6 or 7 years younger than me, but she is my hero. She helps me physically obviously, but even mentally. People say how much of a different person I am, more confident, not always depressed, that’s because of Danny. I sometimes write stuff like this and start crying. I am so blessed to have her. As I always say, I am Danny-J taught, Danny-J trained, and on my way to being Danny-J made. Danny, if you read this, thank you so much for what you do for me, you are the best. Love ya!!!

Q: What is the most commendable thing you’ve done for yourself?
A: For myself? That's tough because I don't do much for myself. I prefer to do for others. But I guess the answer would be losing over a hundred pounds so far in my goal from going from 292 pounds to competing.

Q: Do you have any children? Are you in a relationship? (anything you want to talk about here…past relationships, etc.)
A: No children and no relationship. Really I don’t expect a relationship anytime soon. Who would wanna date me? I am that guy who always gets screwed over. I date and they cheat. I was engaged many years ago, but after she cheated on me the third time, it was time to call that off. LOL

Q: Did you attend college? If so, where?
A: No I did not. Me and school never got along. Never liked it. Dropped out of high school and got my G.E.D. I am plenty smart, just hated school

Q: When you are not attending to your blog, or writing interviews, what do you do? What occupies your time?
A: I am not a partier. I would much rather site home and watch MMA or boxing fights and my teams games. L.A. Lakers, Toronto Blue Jays, Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Michigan Wolverines

Q: I’ve seen you made tremendous changes in your body and from your posts on facebook, seems like you are still making some amazing changes. Want to share your workout routine?
A: My routine is all designed by Danny. I always resisted anyone designing my workouts, but I have so much trust in Danny I had her design mine. We change it but currently, since chest is my weak point (except for stomach which has some extra skin from when I was big that we have to get rid of) we do that twice a weak. I go four days on and one day off.
Day 1: Chest and Tri's and Abs
Day 2: Back and Bi's and Calves
Day 3: Chest and Shoulders
Day 4: Legs and Abs
Also 45 minutes of cardio each day currently, also that will change.

Q: What type of cardio are you doing?
A: Currently 45 minutes a day on the stairmaster. I always did the bike because I was afraid the stairs would hurt my messed up hip. Danny gave me the courage to try the stairs. She said do it for five minutes. That first time I did it for an hour and it was much easier than I though.

Q: What about your diet? What is it like?
A: Well currently since we are doing this practice prep it is a basic contest prep diet. Right now I am eating six meals a day, it was seven before the prep. Not a piece of food goes into my mouth without Danny approving or telling me to.

Q: Any intentions of competing?
A: Yep. That is what this whole journey is about. Some people won't like this answer but too bad. So many times people write on Facebook and things about how hard prep is, and they are right, it is. But they say people will never understand it, or that most people can't do it. That's wrong. Anyone can do it, just most choose not to. I am on a mission to prove it. If me being as heavy as I was, with a hip that needs replaced can do it, then it will show anyone can. This started out being about me. It isn't anymore. It is about each person who was told they can't do something (because believe me more than a couple competitors told me I can't do it, including the one who said I should just be a backstage helper). Each person who has been told they can't, I want to show them they can. Anyone can do anything they want. It is about all the people who email me and message me telling me I have somehow inspired them, and not wanting to let them down. It is about people like Danny-J, Belinda Hope, Zoa Linsey, Macey Leigh, Jamie Eason, Genie Sammons, Eryn Strickland, Sarah Kinney, Jill Crean, Tonia Goodman, Teri Chadwick Edwards and many more who ahve been behind me from the beginning and helped me along the way, making sure they know their help and support has not been wasted. The best way I know of to thank them is to get on stage. My own set goal is around April 2012

Q: What are your honest thoughts about both men and women who compete?
A: Well I think the other questions have made this obvious. If you get on stage, man, woman, or alien, than you are a winner. The problem is, men get to much of the respect compared to women. Look at magazines. It's always big headlines, Jay Cutler wins again....... and by the way so did Iris. Magazines and websites have crapped on female competitors and it is pathetic. Yes the IFBB and NPC are total politics, I get that, but do magazines and websites have to be? Can't they at least treat everyone as hey deserve? The people making the rules in the IFBB are the biggest reason female competitors don't get respect, because they don’t do a good job respecting their female athletes, and the magazines and things just follow the example.

Q: One of the questions you often ask your interviewees is what is the misconception people have of them competing, so I’m going to ask you, what is the biggest misconception people have about you and your blog?
A: First, I assume some think I am one of the creeps. You know the types. The guys who don't give a crap about the sport, just have their muscle fantasies. Let's be clear, to me, a muscular woman is a beautiful woman, but it's not the muscle that makes her that way. It's the dedication, the determination, the willingness to do what society says they shouldn’t, that is a beautiful thing. But surely some think I may be one of the creeps who have blogs just talking about how "hot" the women are. Really it is ignorant people like that who make me work harder to treat these women as respectable athletes. Some may wonder what I get out of it. The answer is nothing. I have been offered sponsors and turn them down. Sure if the right one came along, I might listen, but I don't do this to profit of the work of women like you Amanda, and all the others.

Q: Any final thoughts you’d like to share?
A: I just want to thank every person who has helped me with my goals of competing especially Danny-J. I want to thank the people who have read my interviews, joined the fan page and above all else, each woman who has trusted me to do these interviews. Thanks to Jason from Siouxcountry and C-Ray from Fitgems for helping me and letting me advertise my blog on their sites. Thanks to Jamie Eason for her brilliant advice when I got messed up listening to too many people and she told me pick one or two I trust and only listen to them, and she was very very right. Thanks to Victoria Larvie. She is the first person I asked for advice and she helped me out. If she had said no, I may have been afraid to ever ask anyone else. And thanks to my little team of my closest supporters. You all know who you and can't name you all cause I may forget one and will feel bad, but have to name Belinda Hope, Zoa Linsey, Eryn Strickland, Genie Sammons and Sarah Kinney. Love you guys. And all those who said I can't compete one day, I thank you above all else, because you are the people who guarantee I WILL COMPETE. And Amanda thank you so much for wanting to do this. You rock.

My pleasure Jason. I think we’ve all learned a lot about the person behind the blog! Looking forward seeing you on stage soon!


  1. What a great interview! Thank YOU Jason and Amanda. Jason you know many of us HAVE YOUR BACK!! Keep it strong, you have a big future!

  2. awesome interview! thank you amanda for finally getting jason to do this,and THANK YOU jason,for doing what you do!
    like Zoa said,many of us have your back,myslef included

  3. Thank you both. I truly appreciate it. I do what I do because my help in my own progress has been from females and this is my way to pay back