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Melody "The Dominican Bulldozer" Melo Interview

475lb Deadlift, 420lb squat, and 250lb bench press. Pretty good for anyone. Now imagine they come from a seventeen year old female. Makes it more impressive. But if you read this interview and see the dedication and determination Melody Melo has you can understand how she has gotten to the point to be able to make those lifts. Melody is now planning to get into bodybuilding as well, and I think it is safe to see she is going to be a star in that bodybuilding world also.

Q: First Melody, thanks for taking the time for this.

Q: Can you start out by telling a little about yourself.
A: I'm a seventeen year old from the small town of Olean, NY known for holding a strong deadlift and competing in powerlifting meets. I accept any challenge given to me and make into a record to beat! My next step is to kill my transitioning into being the youngest pro bodybuilder with strong lifts. I get questioned alot on why I chose this lifestyle especially at my age, and I always answer "because I want to make my name count and make someone out of myself."

Q: Before you started powerlifting were you an especially athletic person? Play any sports or anything?
A: I wouldn't say I played many sports, but I was a very competitive person, I started training and powerlifting when I was 12 so I didn't really have the sporty girl background..just hardcore slamming weights and sniffing ammonia!

Q: What initially got you interested in powerlifting?
A: My mother- she is a huge influence in my life, my father started training her to compete in powerlifting, after watching her a couple times, I knew it was what I wanted to do and take after.

Q: Was Lifting something you picked up fairly easy?
A: I would say I did, I fell in love after knowing I had the ability to go far.

Q: Can you share some of your best lifts and accomplishments.
A: In my five years of Power Lifting, I've participated in many local meets, like the Beast of the Northeast, War of the Swords, Travis Goodie, Summer-Beast of the Northeast. I've competed in a Bros vs. Pros meet and came 2nd, aired in 2 radio shows, also worked for SPECIES nutrition, and RXmuscle (very huge with those companies), and appeared in 3 newspaper articles. I've won first in every meet I've lifted in. I dead lift 475lbs, squat 420, and bench 250 geared up. I've also competed in a Strongman/woman meet...I'm up for anything!

Q: Did you ever think when you started you would be able to accomplish as much as you have accomplished at such a young age?
A: Honestly, no I didn't think I would make myself get to the point where I am. But the day my parents looked at me and said "do what makes you happy" I knew I was made for this sport!

Q: I understand you are now going to give bodybuilding a shot. What made you decide to do that ?
A: Well like I said before I set goals for myself everyday, this is my major one, I love the training and being able to have muscle definition :)

Q: Is the plan to still compete in powerlifting as well?
A: My heart is always going to be set on powerlifting, it's a sport I fell in love with, so without a doubt I would love to still compete in powerlifting.

Q: For people who may not be as familiar with powerlifting, what are some of the differences in powerlifting training and bodybuilding training?
A: Powerlifting takes alot of your wind, more maxing out and focusing on going up in weight, rather than repping out. Also more free weights and less focusing on what we ate...LOTS OF PASTA was a must!

Q: Do you have a part you most like to train.
A: I love killing a leg workout! legs were always my best quality.

Q: What is your normal training routine and diet like?
A: I usually come straight home from school get ready and head to the gym, I spend most of my afternoons there. I love staying and helping others out. I train 5-6 days a week, starting with upper body at the beginning of the week and ending my week with intense leg workouts! As for my diet, Dave Palumbo helps me with what I need to eat, I'm eating every 3hours, still bulking up for 2011. Lots of protein and less carbs...

Q: When someone sees your physique or hears you lift for the first time, what is the most common reaction? More positive or negative?
A: I hear alot of positive feedback from people who understand the fact why I wanted to accomplish the goals I have. I love being able to inspire many to do better at anything they wish to do. As for the younger kids and peers in my school, its more of "well I don't want to mess with her". I get judged alot because of my age and having powerful lifts and a muscular build.

Q: When they see it that first time, what is the one question or comment you are most sick of hearing?
A: "Woah, what are you on?" I get that alot, and all I have to say is I'm very focused on expecting something big, I work very hard and I always finish what I start, no questions asked!

Q: What is the biggest misconception about women who train or the thing you wish people understood?
A: When people are so insecure about themselves and coming across a female who has any muscular build or a powerful background, instantly we are associated with doing illegal things, I take that as a compliment and actually makes me want to push harder in the gym.

Q: I have read in several places people predicting you could do really well in bodybuilding. What is it like to have people predict big things for you?
A: I love it, awesome motivation and only want to be the best! Expect big things!

Q: What is the best and worst part of the training lifestyle?
A: I could on forever on the best part, but the best best is having an identity you can be proud of for pushing yourself harder each day! As for the worst, for me I would say loosing my friends throughout the choices I've made, only shows who your true friends are!

Q: Do you have any favorite competitors or any you admire?
A: yes, I have many and admire any woman who goes through the sacrifices and struggles each day.
my two main favorites are: Debbie Bramwell, and Debi Laszewski.

Q: Do you have a favorite cheat food?
A: Don't we all, my favorite is home cooked meals from my mother...Dominican mothers get down in the kitchen.

Q: If another woman told you she wanted to start training, what is the one piece of advice you would most want to give her?
A: Anyone can start something, but it only matters if you're up to challenge yourself and finish what you started...enough talk, lets LIFT!!!

Q: Do you think it is becoming more common to see women in the gym training as hard as men?
A: Ohh, of course..and nothing wrong with us working as hard as men do and even harder.

Q: Outside of training, any other hobbies or activities you enjoy?
A: I enjoy traveling and working booths, meeting new people. Also just being able to go spend a nice evening with my boyfriend and family.

Q: Can you describe a typical day in the life of Melody Melo.
A: Wake up around 6am, eat my egg whites with oatmeal take my SPECIES supplements, get to school by 7:45, drag school because all I can think about is raising hell in the gym.

Q: Describe Melody Melo in five words.
A: Determined, Dominican, Powerful, Leader, GROWING!

Q: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
A: I live my life day by day, and make the best out of any negative energy around me.

Q: Any set plans for the near future as far as competing or anything else?
A: Yes, I plan to do many shows, I would to compete this July at nationals in Pittsburgh and a huge goal I set it get my pro card at age 18!

Q: Anything you want to take this opportunity to plug or promote?
A: Huge shout out to my sponsors and helpers- NLN (next level nutrition), SPECIES Nutrition, RX Muscle, Brutal Inc. Clothing. Eades Fitness (my gym)..and big thanks to Rob Rinck (manager/friend), Parents, and my boyfriend...they've kept me sane and push me to go harder and become better day by day.

Q: Are you looking for sponsors? If so how can they reach you and what are they getting in Melody Melo the athlete and competitor?
A: Yes! and can reach me at my email- or find me on facebook.
and I can promise you hard work and nothing but great progress. I'm here to take on challenges giving to me and do it with ease! :)

Q: Melody , again, I thank you for taking the time to do this. Any last words before you go?
A: One major goal I have set for myself, is start an organization that gets young kids in troubled areas involved in lifting, and being active, to help keep them off the streets and to help combat the obesity epidemic in this country. I feel like I'd be a great spokesperson, because I've been through the struggles that those kids deal with every day. Hopefully kids will look up to what I have done and set goals for themselves when they see that it's possible to overcome adversity. I plan to bring the same determination that's made me a champion lifter to spreading my message and helping others to achieve as well. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I've made my family and friends, and even my hometown proud of me. I don't plan on letting them down anytime soon.

Melody "the dominican bulldozer" Melo


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