Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tisha Rodrigues Column

As many of my friends and supporters know, I have been writing a book
on my life and how I came into the MMA scene and most importantly I
suppose, they will have a better understanding as to why and the
reason I'm so passionate about it. I have learned so much about the
sport in these past three years and it only makes me want more and
push harder. More interestingly, is how much I have learned about
myself through MMA. I have never had to dig this deep in my life and I
couldn't be happier with the person I have become and will continue to
be. I have honestly met the most genuine people in my life just in the
past 3 years doing this sport. It's such a tight knit and caring
community and it can sometimes even be overwhelming. Ecspecially when
you are not use to the outpouring of support. I love it!

I can't complain about my life these days. It doesn't matter the
battles I sometimes continue to tred through nor the demons I have
come face to face with in the past..what matters today, is TODAY. It's
only straight ahead from here and it's looking really bright! I'm on
board with The Next Great Fighter now, so I travel to different MMA
events and gyms in the New England area interviewing rising stars in
MMA. What could possibly be better then covering MMA when I'm not
actually in the cage fighting? It also helps open the doors for my
future. There always has to be a backup plan..always. I have a
wonderful family, a great Team, lots of great new friends/ supporters
and sponsors. I'm truly blessed. I don't plan on slowing down anytime
soon either. I have more new plans to share very soon! I'm extremely
grateful, I know I have awesome things awaiting me.. It's all about
positivity and putting it out there, that's what I believe in. The
Universe is just open to your thoughts. I'm a good person and friend
and Karma comes back around for the good and the bad! I ecspecially
want to thank Teri C. Edwards, Lauren Belmont and Jillian ( Starfire)
for connecting me with great contacts and always, always being so
supportive of me. All of the awesome friends that make me believe I
can do anything and as always Jason Adams for sharing our stories.. Go
for your dreams, you only live once couldn't be said any more simply!

Thanks to: Slade from Tussle, Bon Cacho of Fight Soap, Boston Brawler,
Tracy Tate of Cage Candy, Elisabeth From Fight Chix, Lead Creative
Group ( and Rising Fighter Gear!
Tisha Rodrigues

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