Tuesday, September 14, 2010

IFPA Pro Kristin Fonseca Masters Nationals Interview

Kristin Fonseca is the kind of competitor I really like. Why? She just clearly loves being on stage and has fun. Not to say she doesn't take it serious, because Kristin definitely does take it serious, because the other thing I really like, is Kristin is a determined and hard worker. I was honored to meet and talk with Kristin at Masters Nationals and found her to be a very pleasant woman to talk to. Kristin is an IFPA Pro and decided to try doing Masters Nationals, and while she wasn't top five, physique wise she was as good as anyone else on that stage. Kristin is someone really deserving of your support.

Q: Kristin, thanks for taking the time out to do this.
A: Thanks for asking Jason. I really appreciate all that you’ve done to promote women in bodybuilding and other athletic sports.

Q: For those who may may not be familiar, can you tell a little about yourself.
A: I am a 43yr old IFPA Natural Bodybuilding Pro. I have only been competing for 2 seasons.

Q: I must say congrats on Masters Nationals. I thought you looked incredible, and really deserved a better placing.
A: Thanks for the compliment. It was the first show that I’ve done where I haven’t placed in the top 5 but most competitors in my class have been competing for some time now. The NPC Master’s Nationals is extremely competitive. That’s why I wanted to try it. I wasn’t disappointed.

Q: As a show itself what did you think of it?
A: I enjoyed myself a the show. I thought that it was run smoothly and I loved Pittsburgh.

Q: How confident were you going in?
A: I had strung 4 contests in a row on consecutive weeks. My conditioning was good. I came in very lean. I was confident in my posing and my routine.

Q: After pre-judging how were you feeling about your chances.
A: I had an idea who the top 5 were and I knew that they where in the first call out. I expected 6th or 7th.

Q: How did you feel about the overall package your brought to the stage?
A: I could have possibly been fuller but I wanted to make the lightweight class so my diet was planned accordingly.

Q: What part of your physique would you say was the one you have improved the most the last year?
A: My legs are my best body part and they have improved this year. I’ve also developed my body all over. My shoulders , bis, tris chest are more developed than last season.

Q: Was there one aspect of your physique you thought could have been better or you wan to improve on?
A: My back needs work. I’ve been hitting it hard in the gym. I need width and thickness. I’d like to also improve my rear delts and my calves, glutes and hams. Basically the package needs to be as impressive from the rear view as it is from the front. That’s my ultimate goal.

Q: Did your prep go as smoothly as hoped for?
A: My prep is always right on. I’m very serious about my diet all year. My diet coach is the best and I don’t listen to anyone else. It keeps things very simple.

Q: Is there a point in the prep process where you say "O.K. I am ready"?
A: One week out.

Q: Anything about the prep process that you can say you want to do different next time?
A: NO. Four shows in a row was a bit much. I am a school teacher and had the time off so I wanted to try it. Next time 2 or 3 is plenty!

Q: After a show like that, are you mentally drained at all?
A: No, just looking forward to the next one. If my husband and son aren’t with me I just want to come right back home though as soon as the show’s over.

Q: The week before a show like that, what were you thinking about? Nervous or excited, or what?
A: The week before the show I was competing in Sacramento. I didn’t have time to be nervous. I’m always excited to compete.

Q: How about those last 5 minutes before you hit the stage, what were you thinking about?
A: These girls are BIG!!

Q: When you are on stage did you try and read the judges reactions at all or just focus on what you are doing?
A: I just focused on what I was doing.

Q: Whats the first thing you ate once it was over?
A: Sweet potato and a huge amount of almond butter.

Q: Was there any other competitors you noticed who really impressed you?
A: I loved Rachel Baker’s physique. She is also an all-natural competitor and won the IFPA Yorton cup in figure last season. Katie Carron also a figure competitor has a beautiful physique. Her abs rock!

Q: What will be your biggest memory from the entire weekend?
A: Hanging out with a few new friends and having some laughs.

Q: How important is support from family and friends at a show like this?
A: Very important. I went alone but kept in close contact with my Husband and Son.

Q: Have you decided when you will be on stage next?
A: I am competing in the IFPA Pro Gaspari Classic in Cape Cod, MA and the IFPA Pro Yorton Cup in Washington DC, both shows are in October.

Q: Anyone you want to thank for helping you in the process?
A: I would like to thank my mentor and posing coach 4X WNBF Natural Bodybuilding Champion Nancy Andrews and I would also like to thank my diet Coach Dave Lyford from Cape Cod Nutrition in Plymouth, MA

Q: Anything you want to take this time to plug or promote?
A: Because I compete as a natural what I fuel my body with is extremely important. Off -season I need to build as much muscle as I can with just food and supplements that natural federations approve of. During the cutting phase I also do this completely naturally without the aid of prescription diuretics or other cutting drugs. It’s my personal choice and I do it this way because I want to remain healthy from the inside out.

Q: Kristin, again congrats, you really did look incredible. Any last words before you go?
A: Thanks so much Jason and I hope to see you again soon!!

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