Friday, September 24, 2010

More Than Air?? by Lacey Schuckman

More then Air???

So I got a video email the other day. It was a video of a motivational speaker talking to youth about success. His break down was this: When you want to breathe as much as you want to succeed, that is when you will be successful. So I got to thinking how could I apply this to the MMA world? Then I started to dwell on my feelings over my current loss by way of Rear Naked Choke. In my 20 fight experience it was the first time I had ever tapped out in a fight the worst part I wasn't even submitted. I was paniced, I was scared, and I gave up. Thats when it hit me: When you want to win as much as you want to breathe when you are in that choke, that is when you will win!!!

Now obviously this is metiphorical but what I am saying is that when you want to fight out of that choke, or submission more then you want the physical air you need to survive that is when you will have won your personal battle. A huge part of fighting is about how you challange yourself by literally pitting yourself against yourself. The mental battle is so much tougher then the physical.

You have to "want" to win it's not something that is given to you. It is something not only do you have to train for, you have to live for. It has to be so important that it hurts inside to imagine it not being a part of your life. Obvioulsy you can't win everytime but you can win your personal battles and be more satisfied in your growth not only as a fighter but as a person. You leave that cage a different human everytime and you want to make sure that when you come out, you haven't left anything to be desired! Go in everytime and fight your whole fight because then you won't be left with the what if! If you love MMA and it is what you want to be successful at then you have to want it more then oxygen! You must tap into your warrior spirit and bring out your beast within! Use all of your talents to full potential and go get it done, EVERYTIME!!! Winning isn't everything but it is much nobler to die trying then to defeat yourself and choose to fail!

-Lacey Schuckman

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