Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jessica Philippus Interview

Photo Credit: Invicta FC

Jessica Philippus was scheduled to be on the debut Invicta card. However unforeseen issues dropping weight due to recently giving birth caused her to have to pull-out after attempts were made to make the fight at a higher weight. The people at Invicta were very understanding and Jessica will now get to make her pro debut at the second Invicta card on July 28th against Liz McCarthy in a fight that could end up being one of the highlights of the card.

Q: By now most people know you had to pull out of the first Invicta card due to having trouble dropping weight after giving birth, how frustrating was it to have to pull out?
A: I don't that it was frustrating as much as it was heart breaking. We tried to get Meghan to go to 115, offered her more money, part of my purse, and she said no. I told her it's not like I'm a buff 120, I was a fat 105'er. It was frustrating putting that many weeks into preparation and having to pull out two and a half weeks before. I wanted to be the first winner on Invicta, the first to have my hand raised. I cried when Cassie won, I was happy for her but at the same time it should have been me. The whole night was hard. Then to see how many girls missed weight, I could have come in four or five pounds over weight, but that's not how I roll. That should have been my moment, it was hard.

Q: You did get to corner Cassie Rodish, was it hard to corner and not be in there?
A: Yes a little bit. I was excited, Cassie is a genuinely good person and let me be part of it. She probably felt I was helping her, but I felt she was helping me to. It would have been hard to watch from the stands. It was probably easier for me to do that and be part of it and be there for her. I gave her a good pep talk before she went out and shared what I had been telling myself all along. It was hard, and if I was a selfish horrible person I wouldn't have been able to do that, but I was happy to be part of that with her and am grateful for that.

Q: Knowing what Invicta means for women's MMA, years down the road can you look back and at least be proud you were part of that first show?
A: Oh yeah. I marketed the crap out of it, even after I had to pull out. I was trying to pump up the girls I was close with. Doing what I could to get Invicta out there even though there was no longer anything personally in it for me. Invicta is great so I wasn't gonna stop.

Q: You did recently take an amateur fight, beating Amanda Hein, was that more just so you could stay active?
A: They messaged me on facebook and it wasn't in my plans. Ideally I wanted to fight one more time a long time ago, but it happened to work out perfect. She wanted to fight at 120 so I didn't have to cut weight. I am grateful for it because I would have hated to have the experience I had there on Invicta. I froze up on the first hit having been out of the cage for so long. I got hit and literally froze. I remember thinking "oh my gosh I totally forgot". I ate probably two or three decent punches. After it was over I was thankful I did this here and not Invicta haha. She was a tough chick and a little bigger, so I know I can handle that.

Q: What does it say about Invicta that they not only understood the situation, but are giving you this opportunity?
A: I don't have words for that. It was a hard phone call to make. I called Shannon (Knapp) and said "what do I do"? She called Janet and then I called Janet (Martin). Janet was like "let's see what we can do". I said to offer some of my money, the things they did to try and keep it on the card was awesome. They were never mad at me. We went about it the best way possible. It was a relief cause I felt bad. I know how it is for promoters and wasn't trying to burn bridges. This second time around I almost wasn't able to get on the card because we couldn't find an opponent. I feel super grateful to them. That Patricia Vidonic girl was like "why would you give someone like that, someone who didn't make weight a fight on the next card?". I didn't realize there was any of that out there, so it means more for Janet and Shannon to want me on the card.

Q: You are fighting Liz McCarthy, what do you know about her?
A: I know she is super tough. We have gone back and forth sharing one and two in the amateur rankings. We have similar experience. She is well-rounded and has great stand-up and tricky Jiu-Jitsu. She is down to fight so this might be one of the better fights of the night. It is an equal match-up. There is no quit in either of us. So it will be an exciting decision or someone will get submitted.

Q: Is there one place where you feel you hold the biggest advantage against her?
A: I actually think this fight my biggest advantage would be that I am a lot more well-rounded. I am not scared to stand and bang. I also feel really strong, like when you go for a run and hit that stride where everything is feeling good. I feel I have hit that stride. I have a lot going on in my life and it hasn't complicated anything, it has made it better. Everything is coming together. For her to train only for a wrestler, she is gonna be wrong with that. She went and trained with a former teammate of mine and it made me upset for a minute, but training with Lisa Ward for one weekend wont prepare you for my wrestling and even if you think it does, good luck with that cause I am not gonna try and wrestle the shit out of you, I am gonna try and go and have an exciting fight. My strong suit is my determination and heart.

Q: Before the first Invicta you told me you had a "tear shit up game-plan"...
A: Hahaha

Q: Is that the game-plan this time or is their a chance the shit might remain intact?
A: I think the shit might stay intact haha. In the short period of time I have made big strides. Just today training I can't believe my improvements. I know how to hit and kick with technique now. Before it might have been a tear shit up flurry but this time it will be more calculated. It might be mama beast mode cause I wanna win, but it will be more controlled.

Q: So the shit may get stretched, but stay intact?
A: Yes haha.

Q: Knowing your affection for wrestling, does Sara McMann being the main event make this more special for you?
A: Absolutely! I know Sara personally and she has been a role model of mine. When I first started wrestling I saw her in tournaments and thought she was awesome. A year ago, I would have never thought we would be on the same card with her headlining. For that to be coming true, I am darn excited. I have been trying to pump that up just as much as my own fight. It is great she can headline such a big card, she is awesome and I want everyone else to know that. It is a great opportunity. Same with Carla Esparza cause she is great to.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: Not really. I have been having weird dreams about how it might end, but I don't think any of those are it. If I see something I will go for it, on my goal board it says first round win preferably haha. My goal is win in the first round.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: For sure. Have to thank Robb for putting up with me. He has done tremendous things with my strength and conditioning and now I am listening and not arguing. I have to thank you for always giving me these opportunities. My main sponsor is MMA Chick and Anthony the owner has been awesome helping me and supporting me. He firmly believes and supports us one hundred percent. The place I train, Grindhouse, Laura, Marcus my training partners.

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