Friday, July 20, 2012

Invicta FC 2 Predictions

With the second event put on by Invicta FC, I thought I would do a little prediction post featuring some pro and amateur fighters as well as my own predictions. Since these predictions have been made, two fights have changed so there will be no predictions in them. Ayaka Homasaki will now face Lacey Schuckman instead of original opponent Jasminka Cive and Amanda Nunes will now face Raquel Pa'aluhi instead of Leslie Smith. The fighters making preditions are Ashley Hawkins, Kristin DeWitt, Sarah McLeod, Sarah Maloy, Cassie Rodish, Tecia Torres, Sarah Goodlaxson, Kelly Warren, Jordan McDonald, Jordan Gaza, Jessica Dinch and Tamikka Brents, as well as myself, Jason Adams. Some just picked a winner and some picked how they will win.

1. Jessica Philippus (0-0) vs Liz McCarthy (0-0)
Adams: Philippus unanimous decision
Brents: Philippus
DeWitt: Philippus submission Round 2
Dinch: McCarthy submission
Gaza: McCarthy
Goodlaxson: Philippus decision
Hawkins: McCarthy decision
Maloy: Philippus TKO
McLeod: Philippus
McDonald: Philippus
Rodish: Philippus decision
Torres: McCarthy split decision
Warren: Philippus
Totals: Philippus- 9 and McCarthy- 3

2. Jocelyn Lybarger (0-0) vs Cheryl Chan (0-0)
Adams: Chan submission round 2
Brents: Chan
DeWitt: Lybarger TKO round 2
Dinch: Chan submission
Gaza: Lybarger
Goodlaxson: Chan submission
Hawkins: Chan submission
Maloy: Chan
McLeod: Lybarger
McDonald: Lybarger
Rodish: Lybarger TKO
Torres: Chan submission round 2
Warren: Lybarger
Totals: Lybarger-6 and Chan- 7

3. Jessamyn Duke (0-0) vs Suzie Montero (1-0)
Adams: Montero split decision
Brents: Montero
DeWitt: Duke KO round 1
Dinch: Duke TKO
Gaza: Duke
Goodlaxson: Montero decision
Hawkins: Duke TKO
Maloy: Duke
McLeod: Duke
McDonald: Duke
Rodish: Duke TKO
Torres: Montero unanimous decision
Warren: Duke
Totals: Duke- 9 and Montero- 4

4. Sarah Moras (2-0) vs Raquel Pennington (1-1)
Adams: Pennington TKO round 1
Brents: Moras
DeWitt: Pennington
Dinch: Pennington decision
Gaza: Pennington
Goodlaxson: Pennington
Hawkins: Pennington TKO
Maloy: Moras
McLeod: Moras
McDonald: No pick
Rodish: Moras decision
Torres: Moras unanimous decision
Warren: Moras
Totals: Moras- 6 and Pennington- 6 and 1 no pick

5. Angelica Chavez (4-1) vs Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc (7-6)
Adams: Chavez submission round 2
Brents: Rivera Calanoc
DeWitt: Rivera-Calanoc submission round 1
Dinch: Chavez submission
Gaza: Rivera-Calanoc
Goodlaxson: Rivera-Calanoc submission
Hawkins: No pick
Maloy: Chaves submission
McLeod: Rivera-Calanoc
McDonald: Rivera-Calanoc
Rodish: Chavez submission
Torres: Chavez unanimous decision
Warren: Chavez
Totals: Chavez- 6 and Rivera-Calanoc- 6 and 1 no pick

6. Carla Esparza (6-2) vs Sarah Schneider (6-5)
Adams: Esparza submission round 1
Brents: Schneider
DeWitt: Esparza submission
Dinch: Esparza decision
Gaza: Esparza
Goodlaxson: Esparza submission
Hawkins: Esparza decision
Maloy: Esparza
McLeod: Esparza
McDonald: Esparza
Rodish: Esparza decision
Torres: Esparza unanimous decision
Warren: Esparza
Totals: Esparza- 12 and Schneider- 1

7. Julia Budd (2-2) vs Elina Nilsson (2-2)
Adams: Budd TKO round 2
Brents: Budd
DeWitt: No pick
Dinch: Budd decision
Gaza: Budd
Goodlaxson: Budd TKO
Hawkins: Budd TKO
Maloy: Budd
McLeod: Budd
McDonald: Budd
Rodish: Budd TKO
Torres: Budd unanimous decision
Warren: Budd
Totals: Budd- 12 and Nilsson- 0 and 1 no pick

8. Barb Honchak (5-1) vs Bethany Marshall (4-0)
Adams: Marshall unanimous decision
Brents: Honchak
DeWitt: Honchak unanimous decision
Dinch: Honchak submission
Gaza: Honchak
Goodlaxson: Honchak submission
Hawkins: Honchak
Maloy: Honchak
McLeod: Honchak
McDonald: Honchak
Rodish: Honchak submission
Torres: Honchak unanimous decision
Warren: Honchak
Totals: Honchak- 12 and Marshall- 1

9. Sarah D'Alelio (5-2) vs Vanessa Porto (14-4)
Adams: Porto unanimous decision
Brents: D'Alelio
DeWitt: D'Alelio KO
Dinch: Porto submission
Gaza: D'Alelio
Goodlaxson: Porto decision
Hawkins: Porto submission
Maloy: D'Alelio
McLeod: D'Alelio
McDonald: Porto
Rodish: D'Alelio TKO
Torres: Porto split decision
Warren: D'Alelio
Totals: D'Alelio- 7 and Porto- 6

10. Liz Carmouche (6-2) vs Kaitlin Young (6-5-1)
Adams: Young TKO round 3
Brents: Carmouche
DeWitt: Young TKO
Dinch: Young decision
Gaza: Carmouche
Goodlaxson: Carmouche submission
Hawkins: Young decision
Maloy: Carmouche
McLeod: Young
McDonald: Carmouche
Rodish: Either one by TKO
Torres: Carmouche TKO round 2
Warren: Young
Totals: Carmouche- 6 and Young- 6 and 1 no pick

11. Alexis Davis (11-5) vs Hitomi Akan0 (18-9)
Adams: Davis TKO round 2
Brents: Akano
DeWitt: Davis KO
Dinch: Davis decision
Gaza: Davis
Goodlaxson: Davis TKO
Hawkins: Davis TKO
Maloy: Davis
McLeod: Davis
McDonald: No pick
Rodish: Davis decision
Torres: Davis unanimous decision
Warren: Davis
Totlas: Davis- 11 and Akano-1 and 1 no pick

12. Shayna Baszler (14-6) vs Sara McMann (5-0)
Adams: McMann Unanimous decision
Brents: McMann
DeWitt: McMann split decision
Dinch: McMann TKO
Gaza: Baszler
Goodlaxson: McMann TKO
Hawkins: McMann decision
Maloy: McMann
McLeod: Baszler
McDonald: Baszler
Rodish: Baszler submission
Torres: McMann unanimous decision
Warren: McMann
Totals: Baszler- 4 and McMann- 9

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