Thursday, July 26, 2012

IFBB Pro Michelle Brent Interview

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At Team Universe a goal that was a long time in the making was reached. Michelle Brent earned her IFBB pro card. Michelle has long been an un-crowned pro, but now it is official. Rarely have I seen so many competitors happy for one person, and that speaks to the respect and admiration so many have for Michelle. She is wasting no time in stepping on the pro stage, as she will compete in the upcoming Tampa Pro. Regardless of where she places that night, Michelle will walk off that stage a winner as she has proven that with hard work, determination and belief, you can achieve your goals.

Q: You just earned your pro card at Team Universe, at that moment what went through your head?
A: My goal was finally accomplished. I was like "wow, this really happened". Once they announced it on stage that Gail Auerbach and myself were IFBB Pros, I was like "wow". I was backstage in my clothes. I could see the audience and a couple people saw me jumping up and down haha. I was like "it's true, it's really true". I was crying, I am gonna cry right now haha. I appreciate it so much Jason.

Q: Assuming you have envisioned that moment before, did it live up to what you expected?
A: In the sense that I know what to expect because I have been around so long and been around friends who had turned pro. I know the thing about you don't make much money and girls aren't respected, I don't even care about that, it's just saying you are a professional athlete, it is a good feeling. I think it will be what I expect or anticipate out of it.

Q: A lot of times people win a show or win their pro cards and the get the obligatory "congratulations", but when you won yours there were so many competitors who were genuinely happy for you, does that make it more special?
A: Oh my God yeah. You're gonna make me cry again haha. Because they have seen me through all these years. It makes it more special. Chris Sabo, I wish she could have gotten hers that night, people were so happy even if they didn't get the card themselves. They have seen the years I have done this. I started in 1985 and my first National show was 1986. There were so many close calls and people knew I should have been pro at least ten years ago. It felt really good.

Q: You mentioned all the close calls, was there ever a point where you felt like giving up on competing?
A: Never! Never! There may have been times during prep, and everyone does the same thing, "what am I doing this for?" But never, I had that goal and I think being an athlete, not just in bodybuilding, it is a mindset. I will never quit.

Q: How were you able to keep positive and keep pushing?
A: Number one, the goal that I accomplished getting there. First I would get upset at a close call and be mad. Then I would calm down and say "I was able to accomplish this, I did this". The push was just having a goal every year and being an athlete, wanting to accomplish something I knew was attainable. It kept me going. And of course my husband, a good support system really helps.

Q: I know how you will answer this, but why was the pro card so important to you?
A: Just wanting to be a professional at something. I did sports so long, I thought it was something I could control and do, it didn't have to be a team thing. It was just a big goal.

Q: Does having "pro" attached to your name carry any extra responsibility as far as how you portray yourself in bodybuilding?
A: It's funny, because I waited so long for it, it seems like I was already a professional. Yeah, I wanna carry myself like I always do, very professional. I wanna represent the league good and myself good. Even if it is somewhere will they don't know what the IFBB is and see I have muscle, I tell them I am a pro athlete. I have been able to do that a couple times and it is kinda cool.

Q: Why did you decide to do the Tampa Pro?
A: I was going to say my body needs a break and wait till next year and see if they have the Connecticut show since it is close to home. But it was the last show of the year, I have waited this long Bill gave me that extra push. I think it was in the back of my mind to do it if I got the pro card. I know it is a hard show cause it is popular and has a lot of girls, but it doesn't matter.

Q: On my fan page I got a message from a woman who wanted to start bodybuilding but wondered if she was too old. Do you see yourself as being able to show women it is never too late?
A: Definitely! Another good example is Ann Gannon, the gal that won the fifty-five and over, she is fifty-eight. I saw her interview with Dave Palumbo and she started at fifty. It is never too late. You have to have some sort of genetic for it, but you also have to work out. If your goal is not to be a competitive bodybuilder and just have that look, the muscle and tone, it is never too late.

Q: Granted it isn't much time but from Team Universe to Tampa, is there anywhere you want to be better?
A: Yeah, more conditioning that anything. I didn't know what the look was, I did Team U once and was smaller and smoother. I know they like lean and don't like super big. Not that I didn't diet as hard, but I needed to lose a little more especially my glutes are the hard part. Muscle wise I am ok with the amount I have, so just lean out a little more.

Q: Is there anyone specific you are excited to share a pro stage with?
A: I know fifteen girls are already doing it. I think Kim Perez is, I have never been on stage with her so that will be cool. I don't think Cathy LeFrancois is doing it, but it would be cool if she was. Lynn Suave said Colette Guimond, who hasn't competed since 2006 and I have never met her, she is doing it, so that will be so cool. I met Kim, but never competed with her.

Q: Have you thought about how much longer you want to compete?
A: As long as I can. As long as my body allows me. Why not? Wouldn't it be awesome to be sixty and still competing on the pro level.

Q: Now that you reached this goal, do you have another one to shoot for?
A: Number one, I would love to bring my business (Michelle's Magic Morsels) to the next level. I have been deciding if I want to get bigger with it. That has been my goal to see if I can bring my cookies to the next level. Also I would like to push my choreography to the next level.

Q: Several girls I have interviewed thank you for doing their posing routine, how do you feel when you see a girl you helped do good and know you helped her get there?
A: It's like the mama bear who is proud of her cub haha. It is gratifying. I am happy for the girl and it is cool to see my work through someone else.

Q: Would you have advice for girls who have been competing and are maybe frustrated over not getting their pro card?
A: Just keep it as a personal goal. Don't get frustrated. If it is what you want to do, keep on plugging. If you love it, you keep on pursuing your dream. I did haha.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: I wanna thank you for doing this and supporting the women. My husband and my whole family for hanging in there. My mom was one of the first people I called and said "mom I did it" and she was so happy. They have supported me. I do my own prep so I cant thank a coach haha.


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