Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jaime’s PHOENIX THEORY contest prep by Jaime Filer

Jaime’s PHOENIX THEORY contest prep

In sacred ancient mythology, the colorful phoenix birds ends its life cycle by bursting into flames, and miraculously, from its own ashes, the fiery bird is reborn. It’s immortal – And a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and renewal.

I’m a bodybuilder. Not a bird. I’m pretty sure I just have one life cycle, and I’m definitely sure I haven’t come to the end of it. In fact, I’m just beginning my next phase.

I’ve plagiarized before, and I’ll do it again, because my own words aren’t as eloquent or concise and those of Chris Shugart. In his own adaptation of “The Phoenix Theory”, Shugart states that “those who make jaw-dropping physical changes usually follow the same basic path of the phoenix (sic):

The Phoenix Theory of body-transformation involves four key stages:
1)A traumatic event leading to a sudden realization and awakening.
2)Anger and a firm decision to change
3)The physical transformation itself
4)Continued progress fueled by fear of regression

Now can you start to see where I’m headed with this blog?

I’m sure we’ve all hit steps 1 or 2 in our lives. New year’s Eve comes, we promise ourselves we’ll lose 20lbs this year, and start out determined enough to do it… but we fizzle out either around step 2 and 3. Either we don’t get angry enough, and therefore the decision isn’t firm enough, OR, we realize the actual physical transformation is a lot more difficult and time-consuming than it was in our heads, so we give up, and tell ourselves we’re “happy enough.”

I’ve been a New Years Resolutioner. I’ve also been a competitive amateur bodybuilder. I’ve also been anorexic. Let me reassure you that each and every label took on its own form of Phoenix Theory. Step 1: At 11 years of age, I underwent a traumatic event, and realized it was time to start my first diet. Step 2: At 16, I made a firm decision to get my 5’7” frame below 100lbs (ended up hospitalized). At 17, I had I vow to build enough muscle to actually be competitive on stage at my first show. Step 3: At 21, I had to make a physical transformation that took me from the depths of hell (my eating disorder and 95lbs), up to a healthy weight and lifestyle, and then diet down to compete in my 9th bodybuilding show. And now, Step 4: At almost 25 years old, having been recovered for 4 years, I’m ready to continue that progress… and compete for a 10th time. I don’t want to regress, and I don’t want to become complacent with my physique.

With all that said, I’m prepping for a show. This might not be the biggest one of my competitive career, but it will certainly be the most meaningful. I have 4-5 shows that I’m gunning for in 2012, and you’re all about to join me for the ride.

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