Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tips on Choreographing A Routine by Viko Newman

Tips on choreographing a routine

1. Choose at least 3 songs you love that is up beat! Find a a professional mixer to put it together and add any sound effects.

2. Count out the "8 counts" on paper and make notes for where a certain sound effect might be or where certain movements should go (such as a straddle jump would go great where this "BOOM" noise was placed...)

3. Make a list of what you can do good, such as, cartwheels, jumps, gymnastics etc. Make notes where you think your mandatory movements should go and where any of your specialty moves should go...

4. Now you "Fill in the blanks". Think about what might be missing so far. If you have too many strength movements... add some flexibility ones. If too much gymnastics... add some dance movements. Your trying to find a balance.

5. Transitions, transitions, transitions!!! There has to be a smooth transition from one movement to another. If you are on the ground doing a 1 arm push up and need to be standing up on the next 4 counts... try 1 arm push up, then ply metric push up with both hands to the right, roll over and stand up.

6. Practice make perfect. Also practice in front of family and friends!

7. Personality and smile throughout the whole routine. If you make a mistake... DO NOT STOP! Smile and keep going! If your music stops... DO NOT STOP! Smile and keep going!

8. Do not run out of gas! Nothing ruins a routine like a girl too pooped towards the end!

9. Little things matter... Toe point, no flimsy limbs, good eye contact with the audience and judges, hold your strength movements and have fun!

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