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Bojana Vasiljevic-Obradovic Interview

My first interview with Bojana Vasiljevic-Obradovic was one of my favorites. SO I was very happy she was interested in doing another one talking about winning her pro card this year. It was a Pro card she earned and deserved. I can't wait to see Bojana step on to the Pro stage in 2011, as I am sure she will be a great representative for the IFBB and the fitness industry.

Q: Bojana thanks for taking the time to do another interview.
A: My pleasure.Thank you Jason,I appreciate it more than you know!

Q: For those not familiar can you tell a little about yourself.
A: Well, I’m originally from Serbia (Yugoslavia),and currently live in the USA.I moved to the United States to follow my dreams and to compete in the Mecca of Fitness Industry. I graduated from the “Faculty of Sport and Physical Education” (Department of Sport and Recreation),Belgrade University,and now I work as a personal trainer..I am passionate figure competitor who wish to representing the sport of figure in the best possible way.I am married and enjoy life with someone that I love very much.

Q: Congrats on earning your pro card. What did winning it mean to you personally?
A: Thank you Jason! This means that my dreams have become true.I am very proud and happy.It gives me a lot of positive energy for new challenges.Winning my Pro card was a feeling I can't describe. Great satisfaction!

Q: What shows have you don since your first interview?
A: I had a lot of competitions, but most important are 1st place on NPC NY Metropolitan,IFBB International Kup of Serbia,IFBB Balkanian Championship & 2nd place on IFBB World Championship and IFBB World Cup.I also was in the Top 6 finalists at the IFBB European Championship 2010.

Q:Do you think having the pro card comes with more responsibility as a competitor?
A: Definitely!As a Pro competitor you must be a good example and athletic role model to others.

Q: Have you noticed any one part of your physique that you really improved on in 2010?
A: In 2010 I tried to achieve relatively equal development, an overall degree of athleticism, and proportion.

Q: Heading to 2011, what do you want to improve on?
A: Most important thing to me is good health,so I could train hard. I will work on improving upon my stage presence .I will work especially on fuller shoulders and try to accentuate that V-Taper. . My body is my best marketing.

Q: Looking back on 2010. On a scale of 1-10 how would yo are the year for yourself competing wise?
A: I would say this year was about a 10 for me. Because I deserve my PRO CARD! I had a great season.

Q: As far as the fitness industry, are there any changes you would like to see made?
A: Judging criteria must be clear, because competitors are not quite sure what judges are looking for .

Q: Depending on who you talk to, some think women in the industry are getting more respect, then others say less. Which side do you fall on?
A: I am definitely on the side of gaining more respect for women. I think that women have gained alot of respect over the past few years. All of them deserve it!I hope that in the future will be even better.

Q: Do you get a lot of people asking for diet and training advice? If so, whats the most typical type of question?
A: Of course! Competitors usually want to hear some secret recipes for good shape:-) There are no secrets! Only hard work, effort,discipline & desire........keeping the focus..

Q: Can you give people an idea of what your typical training routine and diet are like.
A: My normal training would consist of weight training 5-6 times per week,hitting different body parts and two sessions of cardio per day.I do cardio every morning and after weight training. If I am preparing for fitness class, I do my routine several times a week.I train very consistently. Posing practice is important, and I practice it more often in the competitive period. Rest is just as important as training. I have at least 2 days off from weight training each week...I’m lactose intolerant so I never eat any dairy so that helps me kept my diet very clean.Sometimes I change my main source of protein to increase fat burning.The basis of my diet is lean meat, egg white, green vegetables, oats,almonds...this means high-protein,low carbs,low sodium &healthy fats..... but if I want something (chocolate for example ) I have it :)

Q: What is your favorite healthy meal and favorite cheat meal?
A: My favorite healthy meal is protein pancakes made with egg whites,oats& protein powder.I also like red meat, especially steak with a salad of green vegetables.Cheat meal....EVERYTHING...chocolate, gummy candies, peanut butter, Chinese food.... But It changes every time I get ready to compete.Sometimes I'm crazy about sweets and sometimes I want salty foods:-)

Q: What body part do you most enjoy training and why?
A: Legs are my favorite part to train and shoulders is a close second.Actually I have no favorite body part, I have a favorite exercise:dead lift,squat,bench press.I love all the exercises which are typical for powerlifters training:-)I like to train hard.

Q: Which do you least enjoy training and why?
A: Uggh..... hate training biceps,they are so stubborn:-)No matter what I do, nothing happens to them ....

Q: When it comes time for off season, how long do you consider your off season, and how far over contest weight do you like to go?
A: In my off season diet, I still try to eat pretty clean, but I do take in more complex carbs(oatmeal,rice,sweet potatoes) and good fats( almonds, flax seed,nuts,olive oil). I eat lots of egg whites, chicken,fish and lean beef.My body weight is pretty constant, varying by a few pounds.My off season never lasted longer than 4 months,but now it will take longer, because I want to prepare for pro debut.I want to show my best shape!I'll need a little more time than usual:-)

Q: Do you prefer training alone or with a partner and why?
A: I "prefer" training alone in off season. In pre contest period I enjoy training with my husband.He is a Master of Sport Science ,my coach and great support.I am grateful to him for all the energy that he is invested to realize my dream!

Q: Usually I ask what the biggest misconception about competitors is. This time I will ask whats the biggest misconception about you?
A: It’s still surprising to me that the majority of people don’t know what figure/fitness competitions really are.So ,many people have no real idea of what kind of athlete I am actually,and what is really my job. They are not considered figure competitors like serious athletes.They think that this is some kind of modeling.Figure is a sports discipline with all the characteristics that make the sport :planning, programming and methodology of training process for competition.Added to the strategy, tactics and techniques.

Q: What would you say is your biggest achievement so far in the fitness industry. Is it earning your pro card, or something else?
A: Pro Card is truly a great honor! I appreciate that people in this industry noted me.When others value and respect your work, this is the real happiness and satisfaction.

Q: What is a typical day like for you?
A: A typical day for me always starts with my training. I get up early and have coffee before my first cardio.After my first meal,I go to gym for weight lifting training and work with my clients (personal trainings).That is my priority .So that's a typical start of the day... but the rest of the day is always different.

Q: Finish this sentence. In five years I will be__.
A: Happy and satisfied!

Q: Anything else you want to plug or promote?
A: Keep an eye out for me on IFBB Pro stage this year:-)
My Official Website is www.BojanaFit.com.

Q: Looking for sponsors? If so how can they reach you and what do they get in sponsoring you as an athlete?
A: Every athlete is always looking for sponsors!!! I would love the opportunity to be sponsored by someone.:
I am a professional, dedicated hard worker,and feel I have a lot to offer!I would be honored to be invited to become part of a team.
My email address is bojana.fitness@gmail.com
My website is www.BojanaFit.com www.BojanaVasiljevicObradovic.comFan Page on FB http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bojana-Vasiljevic-Obradovic/110431035675864

Q: So any idea when we will see you on stage next?
A: I can't wait to making my Pro debut in 2011. I am not sure which shows yet.

Q: Bojana , again, thanks so much for doing this and again congrats on winning your Pro card. Any last words before you go?
A: Thank you Jason I appreciate this opportunity!
"God gives a path;you have to do the effort"

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