Sunday, January 9, 2011

Michelle Ould January Cover Model

Michelle "Thundercat" Ould is a very talented fighter. With wins over Jessica Rakoczy (TKO), Avery Vilche (Decision), Melissa Moore (decision), and Angie Dunhower (TKO), she has beaten some very credible opponents. But there is a whole lot more to Michelle Ould than just her MMA career. This beautiful mother of two is an inspiring woman, who through ups and downs in her life has overcome the downs, and the ups are a result of her hard work, dedication, and perseverance. You will once in awhile here me say that a person is what is good about the sport. Michelle is among the greatest examples of that saying. Always improving and never shying away from a challenge, and that is something that you can say about Michelle's fighting career and her life. Something very important is to have the respect of your peers. Michelle has that respect. So many times talking to other women in the sport, you ask them who they enjoy watching or who a future star is, or simply who the like as a person, and Michelle's name is brought up to me as often as just about anyone. Getting to know Michelle a little, I have found her to be someone who is appreciative of support and always respectful to anyone who shows her that same respect. Michelle has a ll the potential in the world to be among the best in this sport, and she will no doubt achieve that, because to be the best you have to fight for it, and her whole life Michelle has proven she is a fighter. I am very happy to have Michelle Ould the self described "sarcastic little b*tch who likes to mess with people and is addicted to almond butter" representing my blog and fan page for the month of January.

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