Sunday, January 9, 2011

NAAFS Proving Grounds Report

On January 8th NAAFS put on the second installment of their Proving Grounds Series. What is great about this series is it gives young new fighters a chance to fight and prove they belong on bigger shows from the NAAFS. This is a chance to see some potential future stars early in their careers or even in their first fight. You may look at the records of some of these fighters and notice they have a losing record, and if you are just a casual an you may think that means they are not good. That is incorrect. There could be many reasons they give off to a rocky start, and it does not have to be because they are not good. Look at another sport such as Major League Baseball. The best players in the world. Some teams have a winning record and some have a losing record. But just because the team has a losing record doesn't mean the players are not good. It means they are playing against the best in the sport. And the next year they could end up having a winning record. For example Ben Yoder. He came in with a record of 0-1 and was so impressive. What you had on this night was 8 fights with talented young fighters who are still learning their craft and all have the potential to move on to bigger and better things.
As always the NAAFS put on another fan friendly and entertaining show. IF you are a fan of the sport and live anywhere near where an NAAFS show is being put on, it is well worth the very affordable ticket to go watch some great mixed martial arts action.

1. Amateur Bantamweight
Joe Schnebelen (0-0 Independent) vs Josh Wolff (0-0 Air Gad-fly)
RD 1: Wolff landed a hard right to start the action. Schnebelen tries to charge in but Wolff throws him off. Wolff then rushed in and forced a clinch followed by a takedown. Wolff begins to land some good ground and pound until Schnebelen was able to get back up. Wolff then landed some more good punches that drop Schnebelen forcing the ref to stop it.

Result: Josh Wolff by TKO at 1:01 of Round 1

2. Amateur Middleweight
Dustin Wentz (0-0 Independent) vs Rob Anderson (0-0 Independent)
RD 1: The fighters clinch and Anderson gets a takedown. He begins looking for a choke but Wentz pulls out and gets on top. Wentz lands a good knee to the body and then some nice punches to the side of Anderson's head. Wentz then postures up and lands some more strikes. Anderson tried for an armbar from the bottom but Wentz is able to get north south position and land more strikes, before moving back into side control and landing more punches to the body. Wentz then gets mount and Anderson gives up his back. Wentz landed some more strikes to end the round.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Wentz

RD 2: Wentz rushes in and gets a beautiful slam for the takedown and moves into side control and then mount. He lands some ground and pound. Anderson used good wrist control to stop some damage until Wentz freed his wrists and lands more good ground and pound until the ref stops it.

Result: Dustin Wentz by TKO at 1:17 of Round 2

3. Amateur Welterweight
Ben Yoder (0-1 Hill MMA) vs Julius Bello (0-0 Independent)
RD 1: Yoder lands a good kick to the body and Bello lands two punches to the head. Yoder clinches against the cage where Bello lands a couple short punches, before Yoder slams him down. Bello pulls guard and Yoder pushes him to the cage. Bello does a good job keeping him close to avoid damage. Yoder lands a couple light punches followed by some good hard shots. Bello is able to get up. They trade wild punches to end the round.
I scored RD 1: 10-9 Yoder

RD 2: Yoder lands a leg kick, and Bello answers by hurting him with some good punches. They clinch against the cage and Yoder gets a head lock and lands punches before getting a takedown. Yoder pins his arm down and lands some punches, doing a good job mixing it up between head and body. Yoder then gets the mount and lands some ground and pound. Yoder pins his arm down again and lands more good shots to the head.
I scored RD 2: 10-9 Yoder

RD 3: Yoder forces a clinch against the cage and gets a takedown, gets his back and sinks in a rear naked choke for the tap.

Result: Ben Yoder by submission (rear naked choke) at :30 of Round 3.

4. Amateur Bantamweight
Joel Vincent (0-3 American Muscle MMA) vs Bryan Burham (1-2 Air Gad-fly)
RD 1: Vincent drops him with his first punch. Burham gets up and Vincent drops him again and the ref stops it. Crowd was not happy with the stoppage, but it was the right call.

Result: Joel Vincent by TKO at :12 of Round 1

5. Amateur Welterweight
Justin Reynolds (0-1 American Muscle MMA) vs Chico Torres (0-3 Independent)
RD 1: Torres lands a punch and Reynolds gets a takedown, but Torres got right back up. Torres received a point deduction but I am not sure what for, as my view was blocked. Torres starts landing some bombs and gets a takedown and rear naked choke for the tap.

Result: Chico Torres by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:21 of Round 1

6. Amateur Heavyweight
Mike Luscher (0-0 American Muscle MMA) vs Chris Mihalic (0-1 H2) MMA)
RD 1: Luscher lands a good leg kick. Mihalic counters with a nice leg kick of his own. Mihalic hurts him with a punch.They clinch on the cage and Mihalic gets a takedown. Luscher sweeps and gets on top. Action stalls. Mihalic is able to get back on top and gets the mount. Mihalic lands some ground and pound and Luscher taps.

Result: Chris Mihalic by submission (strikes) at 2:35 of Round 1

7. Amateur Welterweight
Dave Spadell Jr. (2-1 Team Independent) vs Dave Graf (2-2 Evolve MMA)
RD 1: Spadell lands a good jab. Graf gets a beautiful slam and Spadell pulls guard. Graf lets him back up. Spadell drops him with a vicious punch and gets his back in north south position. He begins landing some punches before getting a guillotine for the tap.

Result: Dave Spadell by submission (guillotine) at 1:35 of Round 1

8. Amateur Featherweight
Francis Healy (5-1 Mad Dog Fight Team) vs Bhrandon Poindexter (6-4 Evolve MMA)
RD 1: Healy lands a good jab. The clinch and Healy gets the takedown and mount. Poindexter almost escapes and Healy now has side control. Healy gets the mount again and Poindexter tries to wall walk. Healy gets an armbar but Poindexter escapes and gets an ankle lock, which Healy was able to escape and get back into the mount. Healy begins landing some strikes and Poindexter taps.

Result: Francis Healy by submission (strikes) at 2:02 of Round 1

Submission of the Night: Ben Yoder

Knockout of the Night: Josh Wolff

Fight of the Night: Ben Yoder vs Julius Bello

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