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Karen Schutz-Chewning Interview

A veteran of only two competitions so far, Karen Schutz-Chewning has been very impressive. With top five finishes in both shows, she has more than made a good showing. Karen has shown and will continue to show what hard work and dedication produces. I am anxoious to see Karen take the stage in 2011 and surely look even better than she did in 2010 thanks to that condinued hard work and dedication.

Q: First, Karen, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this.
A: Your very welcome!!

Q: Can you start out by telling a little about yourself.
A: Well I am the youngest of 4. I have two older brothers and sister. My parents have been divorced for many years now. I am originally from Brick Twp. but when my father got remarried we moved to Wall Twp. I spent from 6th to 12th grade there. I now am currently divorced and have 3 wonderful healthy beautiful children ages 16, 15, and 8. I also am super lucky enough to have my boyfriend of almost a year to be there by my side through whatever happens.

Q: Before the gym were you an esepcially athletic person? Play any sports or anything?
A: I have always been a sports person. Being that I have 2 older brothers. Grew up playing softball and football with them and their friends. I started gymnastics when I was in 8th grade. When I was in high school I was in gymnastics and softball for the 4 years. My junior and senior year I played powderpuff (girls) football. needless to say I was in the gym a lot and I loved it.

Q: What initially led you into the gym?
A: Training for gymnastics. Grew to love it. Even after school I was always exercising. When I was finally able to I joined a gym and have been there ever since.

Q: Was training something you picked up fairly easy? How long before you started to see results?
A: Yes loved it. I pick up on things fairly easy especially when it comes to something you love doing. It took a few months to see any results. I learned eventually that my diet also had to change.

Q: What made you decide to compete for the first time?
A: Well I was hesitant for quite sometime. Didnt think it was for me or I could do it. But with my trainers "go get 'em" attitude and her telling me over and over again she thinks I will be excellent!!! I finally gave in and said "wait a minute! this is a challenge, I love challenges!!" and I have a great person telling me I can make it.

Q: Is competing something your family and friends supported?
A: At first they thought I was crazy and started to get worried with the amount of weight I lost. They saw the dedication I put into it and came around and supported me.

Q: Was competing what you expected or did anything surprise you about it?
A: It was a whole new experience. My trainer pretty much prepared me on what to expect and was pretty much what happened. I was just worried I didnt look good enough. There was one thing that surprised me, if you know me you know where I am coming from. How well I pulled off walking around on heels!!!!

Q: Can you share your contest history.
A: On April 24, 2010 I competed in debut figure class for the OCB organization and took 5th place. On August 7, 2010 I competed in the novice figure class for the NCP organization and took 4th place.

Q: As far as body parts, what do you feel is your best one?
A: My back!

Q: Do you have a part you most like to train or favorite exercise>
A: Like to train legs the most! But my most favorite exercise is push ups!!!

Q: What is your normal training routine and diet like and how do you alter it for contest prep?
A: Normal: I like to hit the gym at least 4-5 times a week getting in every a workout for every body part. I usually use less weight just to keep firm and toned. My diet is for the most part healthy. I still enjoy my shakes, everything is natural wheat when it comes to carbs, always egg whites no yolks, but off contest prep I have my pizza and of course my wine!! I always use turkey meat for burgers, with pasta, and meatballs!
Diet: NO salt, wine, pizza or any junk food!!! straight up plain chicken, turkey and bison with green veggies and more veggies and lots and lots of water. as far as gym goes I go everyday using heavier weights and more specific exercises.

Q: When someone sees your physique or hears you compete for the first time, what is the most common reaction? More positive or negative?
A: When someone sees me in training, they usually know or suspect that I am competing and they say I look great. I usually get "wow that's determination!" and more positive not everyone has the will and stamina to do it, and those who don't respect that.

Q: When they see it that first time, what is the one question or comment you are most sick of hearing?
A: C"an you help me with my diet or show me some pointers?"

Q: What is the biggest misconception about women who train and compete or the one thing you wish people understood?
A: That women don't do it to try to be like men. They do it because we also have determination and strength. Its just as hard for women to train as it is a man. There are woman who like to look their best and feel comfortable in there own skin, then there are woman who like to look there best go that extra mile and want to show off what they have achieve and get acknowledged for it.

Q: What is the best and worst part of training for you?
A: The best part I would have to say is that I get to spend time in a place I love going...........the gym. The worse part having to part with my wine!! but I make it though.

Q: Do you have any favorite competitors or any you admire?
A: Not really, I am rather new to figure competing so not really sure of all who is out there.

Q: Do you have a favorite cheat food?

Q: If another woman told you she wanted to start training, what is the one piece of advice you would most want to give her?
A: Along with exercising you must change you diet, and READ LABELS on food, there is alot of crap in foods they tell you are good for you!!

Q: Do you think it is becoming more accepted by society to see women training as hard as men in the gym?
A: For the most part yes. Because it always has been seen that men should be the ones who should be weight lifting and training. But over the past years more and more woman are out there competing no matter what it is, and showing that woman can do this too.

Q: Outside of training, any other hobbies or activities you enjoy?
A: I enjoy spending time with my kids and my boyfriend, taking my son to scouts and going camping especially, taking my kids to a park messing around playing ball, or sitting at the dining room table talking or just popping in a movie with some popcorn!! And of course there is always football season, cant leave that out!

Q: Can you describe a typical day in the life of Karen Schutz-Chewning.
A: well, I have 3 kids to get off to school. Make sure house is cleaned up. Kids appts for docs are made, squeeze in the gym. Make sure everything is going as smooth as I can for my family, do homework with kids, dinner, clean up time with kids and boyfriend then bed.

Q: Describe Karen Schutz-Chewning in five words.
A: Dedicated, Inspiring, Youthful, Confident, and Self motivated

Q: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
A: How soft of a person I am. I have a hard outer shell but get to know me and you can see that I am a kind hearted person that loves with all my heart!!

Q: Any set plans for the near future as far as competing or anything else?
A: I do want to compete more. Looking into the next one to do with my boyfriend as I am filling this out!

Q: Anything you want to take this opportunity to plug or promote?
A: Women's fitness, bodybuilding, figure, bikini anything. If you think you can do you just might be able to. Its all about will power and the drive within yourself to make it happen. No one can do it for you. Its like wanting to lose weight or start exercising you have to have the inner drive to do it for yourself. You are what makes you happen!!!

Q: Are you looking for sponsors? If so how can they reach you and what are they getting in Karen Schutz-Chewning the athlete and competitor?
A: At this time? I will keep the possibilities open. Having them cant hurt. What would they be getting from me? Well I am very driven at the decisions I make. If I decide to do something I try my damnedest and pull all my effort and self into doing it. If I didn't I would have never competed to begin with. Its a lot of hard work, dedication and motivation to compete. That is instilled in me, I have always had it and it will never go away!!!

Q: Karen, again, I thank you for taking the time to do this. Any last words before you go?
A: For anyone who wants to feel comfortable in their own skin and be happy with themselves you have to believe in yourself and if its the extra weight that is keeping you from doing so then find it within yourself and do something about it. everyone can lose weight and be who they want to be. Its you who has to take that first step. I have to put in here that I have helped my sister lose over 20 pounds. she looks great!!! And shes keeping up on everything that I have given her because this is something she wants to do for herself. So she took that first step and came to me for advise and what to do and change and I couldn't be more proud at the progress she had made with her own self effort and motivation.

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