Monday, January 24, 2011

Fitness Quiz

Me and Fitness competitor Jennifer Nash have put together a Fitness Quiz. The person with the most correct answers will win several signed photos of competitors. Both Pro and Amateur. If multiple people tie for the most, a drawing will be held to select the winner. To vote send your answers to elway78 Contest ends on Feruary 15th. One entry per email address

Fitness Week Quiz – See how much you know about the Fitness Division and the lovely ladies who participate!

1) Which IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor runs Phat Camp?

2) Which IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor started the Save Fitness Campaign?

3) What are the mandatory moves that need to be included into your fitness routine?

4) How long (time wise) does your fitness routine have to be?

5) Do you have to be a gymnast in order to compete in fitness?

6) Which IFBB Pro won her pro card in both Figure and Fitness in the same show?

7) Name 3 IFBB Pro Fitness competitors who also have their own suit and costume design business.

8) Name all the shows in which one can win an IFBB Pro card in fitness.

9) How many pro cards are awarded per year in fitness?

10) Who is the youngest female to earn her IFBB Pro Card in Fitness?

11) Who was the first person to win Fitness Olympia and Fitness International in the same year?

12) Stacy Wright won her IFBB Pro card in what year and what show?

13) Who was the last Fitness Olympia winner before Adela Garcia?

14) The first blog/fan page cover model was?

15) Who won the overall and her Pro card at 2010 North Americans?

16) What year and show did Adela Garcia make her stage debut?

17) What country was Tanji Johnson born in?

18) What year and show was the first time Tracy Greenwood finished 1st place?

19) Jen Hendershott was a varsity cheerleader for what two colleges?

20) Who was the first ever Fitgems sponsored athlete?

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