Friday, January 21, 2011

Fitness At Any Age by IFBB Pro Debbie Fowler


Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Debbie Fowler and I’m a wife, mother of three and an IFBB Fitness Pro. I’ve been married to a wonderful man for over 16 years. He’s a major in the US Air Force, awesome dad and all around great guy. We have an 18 year old named Nick, a 15 year old named Gabrielle and a 12 year old named Ben. They are all very active in sports so they keep me BUSY!

Enough about that stuff, lets talk fitness. Some of you may know that I earned my pro card in fitness this past year at Jr Nationals. Some of you may also now that I was 44 when I won it. So why would I even think that I could compete in fitness at my age? Why not is my answer. I didn’t start competing until I was 40. Most women have long since left the stage by age 40.

A little back ground for you. In the fall of 2005 I decided to go watch a local show and thought that I looked just as good as a lot of the girls on stage. I talked it over with my trainer and decided to enter the 2006 Alaska State NPC Championships which happened to fall two weeks after my 40th birthday. I competed in masters figure and took second. I was hooked after that. I competed in masters figure until 2008 and then switched to fitness. I was a gymnast until my sophomore year in college so I had the background for it, but nothing prepared me for the pain I felt after not stretching out for 20 years! I had to start from scratch. I was a nervous wreck at my fist fitness show. I literally had not done a floor routine in 21 years. It has been a long process, but well worth it. Fitness is definitely where I belong.

So why call this fitness at any age? Well how about because you can be fit at any age! I am living proof that it can be done. I compete against girls who are young enough to be my daughter. Sometimes I even win. So ladies give it a try! It may take you a little longer to get there than a 20 year old, but you can get there. I have to say that competing in fitness is one of the most satisfying and gratifying things I have ever done

I just want to emphasize that age is a state of mind. Don’t let it become a mental block. We’ve all heard the excuses, “I’m too old, I just can’t lose the baby fat (even though her kid is 15) I just don’t think I can”. That’s all nonsense. We need to encourage anyone we can to be fit. We especially need to encourage women to compete in fitness if they are at all interested. Fitness competitors are becoming a rarity. Let’s keep the sport alive!! .

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