Friday, January 21, 2011

Sacrafice by IFBB Pro LeslieRae Newton

Webster defines sacrifice as "a destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else." We all have dreams, and we all have routine in our life. We dream of a better body, job, home, life style and relationships; but, what holds up back from our dreams is the routine of life. We are stuck in the rut of routine so to speak.
If we are not stuck in the day to day routine of yesterday, we are a slave to the routine of the world. We constantly look to celebrates for our next look or how we want to mirror our life. The problem with this is we begin trying to live other peoples’ dreams and loose our own.
I find it hard myself to keep fixated on MY dream. There is so much propaganda encouraging me to fit in to an ideal I never had. As a little girl, I didn't dream of being a slave to a job. I didn't think I would be focused on a clothing size or wonder if my lips were too thin. My dreams focused on ME being a great, imperfect, quirky, and,! I dreamed of living a life like the former Chariman and CEO of Coca-cola, Doug Ivester, encouraged by "never allowing my memories to be greater than my dreams." Ensuring that means sacrifice. Sacrificing instant pleasure for lasting joy. Sacrificing sleeping through cardio. Sacrificing going out and eating and drinking acknowledging that I can go out and have fun and have my dreams to be successful in the fitness industry.
Sacrifice is not about giving up fun; it is about having fun within guidelines that don't derail YOUR dream. If your dream is to have a house full of children, there are sacrifices. Your schedule is not your own. You will have to sacrifice your wants, and perhaps other dreams, for your families needs. If your dream is to be at the top of the business industry, your life is not your own. You will have to decline social invitations, spend weekends working and miss out on relationships. However, I am confident that Bill Gates would agree all the sacrifice is worth the reward of achieving the success of reaching the dreams of your heart.
~LeslieRae Newton

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