Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sheila Benditz Contest Prep Journal

June 11th, 2010

This week I hit the full spectrum of emotions, coming into the Branch Warren, I was feeling nervous! I was doubting myself, as I knew we were not going into this show hardcore. But, nonetheless, I wanted to do well. After weigh-in and seeing a few of the competitors I was still nervous. I finally got done being sprayed and arrived home at 11:20pm! Set the alarm clock for 4am and 4:15am (just to make sure I woke) as I needed to get up and eat a hamburger, my fat load! Although IHOP was not my first choice, but it worked! Going on 4 hours of sleep was tough, but that is contest day!!

All of my self doubt was erased once I got onto stage Saturday morning! I felt I did good and my support, husband, who is usually very unbiased told me that I was awesome, so I was becoming quite a bit more confident. Got home to rest between the morning and evening shows, my husband began showing me the pics, so I became pretty happy going into the evening. I was excited, as I got a new suit, done by Jodie Bruce, with Fit Wear Designs, and it really rocked!!

Got up on stage for my evening "performance" and started out, messing up!! Got back into it and completed it, with these, if you mess up, you are the only one who knows, unfortunately I messed up in the beginning, and it was obvious! But pushed through it, and happy for it to be over. Had to stay for overalls, as I was the only one in light heavyweight open, I won and had to do overalls. Sarah Hayes took overall and looked awesome.

Today, I had a photo shoot, luckily it was not until mid-afternoon, so I got to sleep in! But today was my first day back on my diet, and I am back into the gym tomorrow, as I get ready for master Nationals.

I will let you know how I am doing these next couple of weeks, as I prepare for this show


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