Friday, July 9, 2010

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Hello to my readers!!! This week I would like to talk about packing your food for an away competition. As many of you know I am currently packing for Team Universe in New Jersey. As a California girl I am planning to fly out of LAX on Wednesday July 7th and my return flight is on July 12th. Therefore, I will be packing up all my food for the days I am away from home.

The first thing you should do is know what you will be eating for each day you are away. preparation is KEY if you want to control what you will be eating. As a competitor, I am very strict with my meals in regards to what I will be eating and how it is prepared. It is very important to take control of what is going into your body and you are only able to do that with taking your own food with you on your trips.

The second thing you should do is portion out all your food that you will be eating when you are away from home. Once the food is weighed out, put each portion in a small sandwich bag and put a labeled sticker of what it is and how many ounces are in the bag. Once all of the food is portioned out, I then take all the portions that will be eaten and seperate them all in to a large Ziploc bad labeled for teh day I will be consuming them. I ahve found this to work best for me.

THe third thing that should be done is to think of what if situations. I usually bring one red meat meal and one salmon meal in case I am flattening out or becoming too lean. I would also reccomend bringing a small scale, measuring cups, measuring sppons, and large zip lock bags (used to fill up with ice in order to keep the cooler cold in the hotel rooms).

You should purchase:
1. Rolling cooler
2. Label Stickers
3. Sandwich bags with Ziploc
4. Large plastic bags Ziploc seal
5. Plastic measuring cups
6. Ice chillers (frozen to keep the cooler cold during the flight)

If you have any questions about packing up food for travelling please post a comment to this blog or feel free to email me at

Quote of the Week:
"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow."
-Lin Yutang

Talk to you all next week after Team Universe :-) Yeah!!!!

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