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Allison Moyer Team Universe Interview

This is my third interview with Allison Moyer. I used to say it is hard for me to be unbiased when I talk about Allison because of how much I admire and respect her. But really I am being very biased. I am biased because the respect and admiration I have for her, is something she has earned. Allison's placing at Team U may not have been what she wanted, but Allison is good at being able to figure out what she may need to improve, and there is no doubt she will come back better than before. I have said many times I believe Allison is deserving of her Pro card, and deserved it for awhile. I stand by that belief. I think something that speaks volumes for Allison, is when I talk with newer competitors, Allison is always one of the first they mention in the women they look up to. Allison is a respected, trainer, fitness model, competitor, and woman. I am always HONORED to have Allison do an interview.

Q: Allison, thanks for taking the time out to do a second interview.
A: Thank you very much for asking Jason! Always a pleasure!

Q: For those who may have missed the first interview, can you tell a little about yourself.
A: I'm a national level figure athlete and a professional fitness model. I live in PA, I used to live in Harrisburg and have recently relocated to Lancaster. I run my nutrition and training company, full time.

Q: First I must say congrats on the Team Universe. I thought you looked incredible.
A: Thank you for the compliment- I appreciate it.

Q: As a show itself what did you think of it?
A: Bev and Steve always put on a great show. As a whole I believe it was far larger then last year's turnout, I thought the competition was tight, especially in figure. I was thrilled to see such a turnout of well conditioned ladies.

Q: How confident were you going in?
A: I was actually fairly confident, despite my low call out and my low placing.

Q: After pre-judging how were you feeling about your chances?
A: I was second to last call out so I was aware I was not on par with what the judges were looking for. I knew after pre judging I had not done well.

Q: How did you feel about the overall package your brought to the stage?
A: Structurally I was very happy with my presentation. I made some drastic changes to the bulk and amount of muscle I previously carried. However I was not satisfied with my conditioning and believe I need to bring a harder and leaner package to the stage.Two days out I was much tighter and crisper and somehow over the last few hours before the show I softened up, which I think really worked against me. Some ladies carry the softer look well, I simply am not one of them.

Q: What part of your physique would you say was the one you have improved the most the last year?
A: My legs, definitely.

Q: Was there one aspect of your physique you thought could have been better or you want to improve on?
A: I still have work to do in terms of streamlining and fine tuning my physique. I also intend on working on my conditioning.

Q: Did your prep go as smoothly as hoped for?
A: I had a wonderful prep. I cannot thank Gretchen (my trainer, GST Fitness) enough.

Q: Is there a point in the prep process where you say "O.K. I am ready".
A: I began seeing that I was ready about two weeks out.

Q: Anything about the prep process that you can say you want to do different next time?
A: Not particularly, I think I'm on the right track I just need more time to downsize and streamline my body.

Q: After a show like that, are you mentally drained at all?
A: Of course, physically and mentally I'm exhausted, in fact much of Sunday and Monday I spent sleeping and lounging. Training and dieting for a show takes a big toll on your mental and physical state and resting is just as important as training. It's imperative to take a few days to let the body re group and adjust after a show.

Q: The week before a show like that, what were you thinking about? Nervous or excited, or what?
A: I'm always nervous, and always excited. I get anxious, I call it "stage stoke". I'm constantly thinking about my diet and my training, my stage time, posing, presentation, the whole gambit. I barely sleep the week before a show which is part of the reason I'm so fatigued post contest.

Q: How about those last 5 minutes before you hit the stage, what were you thinking about?
A: I spent the last 5 minutes backstage with Gretchen. We prayed, she told me she was proud of me, I gave myself a pep talk, and I took a deep breath before stepping out there. There is NO point in being nervous before going on stage- the work is done. At that point in the game the only thing to do is step out there in confidence and OWN that stage. Be proud of yourself, be proud of your hard work, be proud of the journey, and handle yourself with grace and professionalism.

Q: When you are on stage did you try and read the judges reactions at all or just focus on what you are doing?
A: Posing is second nature for me, so I don't need to focus much on it. I'm constantly looking at the judges, smiling and making eye contact.

Q: Whats the first thing you ate once it was over?
A: I went to the Cheesecake Factory with Randy, Gretchen, and my best friend Eryn. I had a grilled chicken salad (fun I know) and a piece of peanut butter chocolate cheesecake!!

Q: Was there any other competitors you noticed who really impressed you?
A: I was thrilled to see some friends of mine get their pro cards, but I'd have to say the overall winner, Jackie impressed me more then anyone. I was fortunate enough to meet her in the changing room, when she introduced herself to me and we talked for a while. She is a humble, beautiful, down to earth woman who will be a wonderful spokesperson for the sport of figure. I'm thrilled she won the overall.

Q: Anyone you got to meet or see for the first time that you were excited about?
A: For me, I love seeing my friends more then anything else. I was stoked to be backstage with Eryn, Jillian Reville, Laura Bailey, and Kat Ramirez. It was great to see my friends!

Q: How important is support from family and friends at a show like this?
A: Support is EVERYTHING. Contrary to common belief this is NOT a solitary sport. My parents were there supporting me, as was my bf Randy. In fact, a few weeks out from my show I was doubting my ability to get on stage and Randy looked at me and said, "You know Allison, this is not just you, I know you're the one dieting and training, but I'm in this too." That really says it all right there, this is a team sport, a group effort. I have a lot of people invested in me- Gretchen and Randy more then anyone. And when I didn't place well at Team U the first thing Randy said was, "We don't give up, we'll re-group and come again." He didn't say "you" or "I", he said "we". Support from my family and friends means more to me then any placing or trophy ever could.

Q: Have you decided when you will be on stage next?
A: I will definitely be at Nationals in October. I have not yet decided on Jr USAS or North Americans. I'm awaiting some feedback from the judges.

Q: Anyone you want to thank for helping you in the process?
A: Oh yes! First and foremost God, because without Him and without His grace I'd never be able to stay strong in my diet and my training. Randy, for his constant love and patience. Gretchen for her motivation, her guidance, and for becoming a close friend. Eryn, because she's my best friend and without her I'd be lost. My parents for being so supportive. My clients for being a HUGE source of inspiration and motivation to me, and all my fans and friends for their messages of love and support.

Q: Anything you want to take this time to plug or promote?
A: I currently am working on the re-launch of my members only site, I'm VERY excited about this project. And of course my company, Alli-Fitness (, feel free to visit my site and view all I have to offer in the way of nutrition, training, contest prep, weight loss, and lifestyle management. My online modeling portfolio can be viewed at

Q: Allison, again you really looked great. No secret the admiration I have for you. You are one of my favorite people in this industry, and I guarantee a Pro card will be yours. Any last words before you go?
A: Thank you Jason- I appreciate it! The only thing I have to say is that we ALL fail sometimes. We cannot win them all and we all suffer low placings, poor showings, and are sometimes (unfortunately) at less then our best. So many girls place low in a show and quit, or give up. National competition is stiff and sometimes it takes time to achieve a pro card, or to gain that placing you want. I really stress to everyone NOT to give up, learn from your mistakes, learn from your poor placing, grow from it, and move on. We all suffer setbacks in the road to achieving our goals, its how you view those setbacks that defines you as a person and as a professional. Don't get discouraged.
Again, thank you for the interview Jason!!! I appreciate it!!!!

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