Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Competitors Edge by Vanessa Prebyl

A Weekly Blog By Nationally Ranked Bikini Competitor Vanessa Prebyl

Hello my readers!!! Alright, this week I would like to talk about 10 tips that can make your stage presentation better.

1. Have confidence, confidence, and confidence!!! BY the time you step on stage you should be fully confident in yourself and how your body looks and even if you don't feel that way, FAKE IT!! You cannot change your body at that point so work with what your mama gave you!!

2. Walk around in your shoes and make sure you feel comfortable and are able to walk fluidly.

3. Check your hair. Make sure your hair has volume in the back. If you feel it is falling a little flat, take your fingers and fluff up your hair by going under your hair and fluffing the roots. Avoid fluffing by turning your head upside-down because it will mess up your curls.

4. Check your makeup. Reapply lip liner, lip stick and lip gloss. Make sure all eye makeup is in place and check under your eyes in case your eye liner has smudged. Finally, use a large brush and powder in order to make sure you are not too shiny.

5. Practice your poses. I practice my poses at least 5 times in a mirror back stage just to make sure I am hitting them all exactly how I want.

6. Double check your suit and "bikini bite" any area of the suit you are worried may shift positions as you walk. This will take a lot of worry off of your mind.

7. Put your game face on!! Even before you go on stage. While you are waiting on the side of the stage remember that the judges still are able to sometimes see you so SMILE :-)

8. Walk with good posture as you present your body to the judges/audience.

9. Look at ALL of the judges. You may scan the judges table but I always seem to focus on the center/head judge after I have scanned the judges a few times. Furthermore, the middle judges also have the cameras behind them most of the time.

10. Have FUN!!! THis is your time to show the world how AMAZING you are. Take your time!! It is YOUR moment. :-)

If you ahve any questions please post a comment to this blog or feel free to email me at vanessaprebyl2000@yahoomail.com

Quote of the Week:
"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Only a few days till my next show!! USA's July 30-31 in Vegas!! Talk to you all next week,

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