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Kerri Bolen Interview

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Kerri Bolen is someone I know quite well from her figure competing. When I recently saw photos of Kerri when she was about to compete in bodybuilding I was blown away. She had added some great muscle and was the definition of the word "shredded". Obviously I was not alone in that belief, as Kerri won her pro card at that show. Rarely have a seen anyone look so much better from one show to the next. Bodybuilding is definitely the division for her. She is now just weeks from her next show and I cant wait to see what she brings to the stage.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: I guess it would be due to my uncle. He used to workout and I would go hang out with him when I was a teenager and I got interested in lifting weights.

Q: At the time was there any thought of adding muscle like you have or was it just something to do?
A: No, it was just something to do I think. I didn't get interested in competing till a few years later when I started buying fitness magazines.

Q: Why did you decide to compete?
A: I really admired the ladies back then, like Rachel McClish, Cory Everon, Carla Dunlap, I just thought it was cool and loved their physiques.

Q: Some people still are not accepting of female bodybuilders, when you started to really add muscle did anyone close to you react negative to it?
A: I didn't have too much of that. I will say that I have some family members that don't understand me wanting to compete. Most of the feedback has been positive.

Q: After 2003 you took a long time off from competing, why was that?
A: At that point my son was still young and the amount of time and dedication it took to compete was not worth taking that time away from him.

Q: Why did you decide to get back into it in 2010?
A: My son was pretty much grown and my husband is interested in working out. We go to the gym together an the natural instinct to compete came back. I knew I had the time to devote my everything to it.

Q: When you came back, why figure instead of bodybuilding?
A: I was afraid I didn't have enough muscle for bodybuilding in NPC. So I decided to try the figure aspect.

Q: In 2011 you did physique and now bodybuilding, is it safe to say that is where you prefer to be?
A: Yeah it is. What I found with figure is that I am not really a girly girl and don't do great with the heels. I think it is more me to be barefoot and posing haha.

Q: Comparing figure to bodybuilding, how is your training and diet different?
A: With figure I tried not to put on quite as much muscle because they don't want you to be huge. Plus, they don't want you as cut and ripped so my diet wasn't as strict with figure like it is now.

Q: You just recently won your pro card, what does your pro card mean for you?
A: That has been my ultimate goal. I wanted my pro card and like I said, bodybuilding is my true love. Figure wasn't a good fit for me. I was super excited, that pro card was my ultimate goal.

Q: Does having the word "pro" attached to your name carry any more responsibility as far as how you portray yourself?
A: I think so. Getting ready for my pro debut, I think I put more pressure on myself to, to try and set a good example.

Q: You mentioned your pro debut, what show are you doing and how far out are you?
A: I am doing the Kansas City Pro International and am three and a half weeks out right now.

Q: From last show to this one is there any part of your physique that you want to be better?
A: The one thing that I do want to improve, well I have several, but the main thing is to improve my lats. I also ant to improve my posing.

Q: For people who don't follow the sport closely, they may not understand the importance of posing, can you explain how important it is?
A: There is no way to show your physique if you don't display it for them to see. You have to display it for them to see it. I have been working on my posing with my trainer. We mostly do Skype. That is one thing I want to work on next year. After October this year I want to take a year off to gain some size and work on my posing. It is very important.

Q: From pictures I was amazed at your conditioning, is that something you made a conscious effort to work on and how important is it?
A: I think part of that is because I have been working out so long. You have that muscle maturity, it gets better and better with each show. The other part is I have an awesome diet coach, and that diet is very important.

Q: When you are at the gym, girls with your physique are not common, do you get a lot of attention or stares?
A: I do have a lot of people come up and talk to me. But I would say ninety-eight percent of it is positive comments or questions. Saying I am in great shape or asking how long I have been doing it. I get a lot of positive feedback.

Q: In public, do you dress to show it off or cover up and avoid attention?
A: I guess I show it off cause usually I am walking around in gym clothes haha. People outside, like if I go to Wall Mart, people are looking at you kind of funny haha.

Q: If you could spend one day training with any person, who would you pick?
A: I believe I would pick Cory Everson.

Q: Any particular reason?
A: She was one of my idols when I was growing up. I think she is still pretty cool these days. I think a lot of her. She won the Olympia many times.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: Special thanks to my husband for putting up with me and supporting me. Also, my trainers, Cliff and Katie Wilson, Team Wilson.


  1. Thank you, Jason - I really enjoyed doing this interview with you. Keep up the great work on this site!

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