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IFBB Pro Skye Taylor Interview

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In 2011 Skye Taylor went from taking thirteenth in Pittsburgh to winning her IFBB Pro card at Team Universe. How has 2012 gone? Well, she will be competing on the stage that everyone dreams to be on some day, the Olympia stage. If you were to search for pictures of Skye's stage career you would notice with each show, not only has her physique improved, but her confidence and stage presence as well. Regardless of where Skye places at the Olympia, she has proven what determination and hard work gets you, it gets you the right to be considered among the very elite in the sport.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: I have been active my whole life. I took dance growing up and competing in that and cheerleading at the competitive level. I kind of got over the cheerleading and wanted to stay in shape. I met with a trainer who convinced me to do my first show. I was afraid I would look like a man if I touched a weight. He convinced me and I have been addicted ever since.

Q: How long were you training when you decided to compete?
A: I hit nineteen or twenty and realized I couldn't just eat whatever I wanted. I am more of a vain person, so to me food isn't as important as how I look. As soon as I hit that, I remember one of my old friends saying "let's go to breakfast this morning", and I said "no, I have to go to the gym". It was a priority, I had to go to the gym. I have been active since eighteen in the gym.

Q: You kind of mentioned this already, but a lot of people say competing becomes an addiction, was that the case for you?
A: Yeah, it is like an adrenaline rush. You hear people competing and think it is cool they can dedicate themselves to such a hard lifestyle. If you put your mind to something and really want it and push for it, once you are on stage you are so happy that you worked so hard. I remember my first competition, I did figure, and my body is nowhere close to a figure body, more so now than it was then, but, my trainer brainwashed me into believing I could do figure haha. I listened to everything he said and didn't even place, but I was so happy, I knew how hard I had worked, working out and eating clean, and I wanted to keep going.

Q: Before you got on stage were you nervous at all?
A: Yeah, I was super nervous. I had no idea how to pose. My first competition, I met with another coach who was trying to teach me to pose, he was like "you should do bikini" and I said "no, my trainer says to do figure so I am gonna listen to him". At that point you couldn't cross over which is understandable to me now, but it wasn't then. After that I did my first bikini competition and had no clue the day of the competition how to pose. I looked on Youtube at my favorite competitor Nathalia Melo, she was my idol, and now she is my teammate, so it's crazy I am right up there with her. I would watch her videos and practiced and my first show I got first and overall. It just goes to show, if you put forth the effort it can happen.

Q: You won your pro card at the 2011 Team Universe, can you talk about what went through your head?
A: It was unbelievable. I had just switched over to Shannon Dey's Team Bombshell, I thought that was the coolest thing ever. It was a whole new concept. I did my first amateur show in Pittsburgh and didn't place well, I got thirteenth out of thirty, which is o.k., but I was hoping for better. Then I did my first National show, and I almost got my pro card, then at Team U, right before my birthday I got my pro card. It was so great, a great birthday present for me.

Q: You mentioned Pittsburgh, from then to Team U, how were you better?
A: I really focused on bettering how much I put into it. There are little things you can do, I focused on diet and training and pushing hard than I imagined. I was on that treadmill dying and thinking "pro card, pro card" haha. That little voice made me push a little harder. A lot of it is luck to because it is very subjective, but I did work my arm off to get there.

Q: It also looked like your stage presence was better and you were more confident, would you agree with that?
A: Yes, I do agree with that. Each time on stage you get more comfortable and that is what I tell my friends who are just starting. Even to this day, I feel those nerves, but you learn to get more comfortable. When I go in having fun and knowing I worked hard I do better.

Q: You made your pro debut at Ft. Lauderdale, were you any more nervous for the pro debut?
A: I was so so nervous. I trained really hard for my debut. I flew to Florida to train with my coaches a week before and then drove to Ft. Lauderdale from Daytona Beach. I trained so hard. Best shape I had ever been in but hoped to do better than I do. But everything happens for a reason. From there I did the Houston Pro a week later and qualified for the Olympia there.

Q: How was the pro stage different for you than an amateur stage?
A: Pro stage is awesome because you get more diversity in your posing routine so you are able to do your own thing and show your personality. At a national show you have three hundred competitors in the bikini division sometimes, they don't want everyone taking five minutes to pose. You have fifteen to twenty in a pro show so you can show your personality and work the stage a little more.

Q: Most recently you did the L.A. Grand Prix and took seventh, how did you feel about that show?
A: I don't feel I came in my very best but I feel I came in close to my best. It was hard. I feel like I fell of the wagon during my off-season and that makes it harder to come back to here you were and come in tight. It is hard because the sport is so subjective and you never know what that judging panel wants that day. All I can do is bring my best and work hard and show up and have a good time. Seventh is not my favorite placing haha, but it pushes me to do better and push hard for the Olympia now. I don't feel I deserved first place by any means, when I get lower placings it helps me push harder to be better.

Q: From L.A. to the Olympia is there somewhere specific you want to be better?
A: Yeah, as far as my upper body, I could put on a little more muscularity, I don't think it is necessary. I need to tighten up my legs. I am focusing on toning my legs, that is where I hold my weight these days, ti changes as you get older. So focusing on my glutes, my legs and lifting a little heavier for upper body.

Q: Everyone dreams of being on the Olympia stage, for you, do you need to place well to be happy or can you happy knowing you are competing with the best in the sport?
A: I feel very honored to be on that stage. I don't think anyone deserves anything, it is all how hard we work, some people get lucky at the right place at the right time. I feel honored to be there with the girls who are the best of the best. I see how hard everyone works. I just got back from a Team Bombshell camp, I see Nicole Nagrani, India Paulino, Jaime Baird, all the girls, my idols/teammates and see how hard the work. We all work so hard. It all comes down to what the judges want that day. We all work hard but to be up there is such an honor.

Q: Do you enjoy doing photo shoots?
A: Yes, I love love love photo shoots. I enjoy them when I work with someone who connects with me or knows a lot about photography. I am an outgoing person but sometimes you start getting a little shy. People can get you to open up and be comfortable. It makes me motivate myself to look back and see the condition I was in and that I an get there again. I hate doing them at shows but then look back and am so glad I did it. It is awesome to see your progress.

Q: At the gym, do you get a lot of attention or stares?
A: Yeah haha. I don't like to sound cocky, but I do. I try and wear my hat low, my headphones on and focus but you get used to it. There are always guys in the world and vice versa, if you see a good looking guy, you are gonna look, but at the same time there is a border you cross. It isn't that big of a deal. People don't come up and hit on me, I put off a vibe that I am not interested. In my gym it is hard because there are so many girls in Las Vegas who are there to find a guy. I have a boyfriend, I don't need a guy. Sometimes I change gyms. Smaller gyms are so nice.

Q: If you could spend a day training with anyone, who would you pick?
A: This is a tough one. I trained with Jaime Baird this weekend and she is one of my idols. I really look up to how great a person she is, she wants to help everyone. For a guy, I would go with Jay Cutler, he is such a nice guy and it would be awesome to have him push me with the crazy training he goes through.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: Yes, my mom, my family, everyone who supports me, my boyfriend, my sponsor who supports my shows and pays for my travels, Champion Nutrition, they are the greatest. P28 Bread, Nuts 'N More, Muscle Egg Egg Whites, Pro Tan, my Team Bombshell girls who are always there for me, all my fans who follow me, I feel so grateful. I just appreciate everyone who follows me. Thank you for the interview, I feel honored.

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