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Andria Caplan Interview

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After a lengthy lay-off Andria Caplan will return to the cage on August 28th when she faces Gabrielle Holloway. It will be Holloway's pro debut, while Caplan will be in her second pro fight. Andria is a fighter who you would call "fan friendly", always in an exciting fight and always gives it one hundred and ten percent.

Q: You have been doing some matchmaking lately, how have you enjoyed that?
A: It's been fun. I actually enjoy it, it is fun for me. I can sit and say "I would like to see these guys fight". Then, I get to have the best seat in the house to watch it, which is awesome.

Q: Best part and worst part of matchmaking?
A: Best part is getting to watch all the fights I have made happen. Worst part is following fighters around like their mother asking for blood work and medicals and licenses. That gets frustrating. In some states it is more complicated than others. So I am forever chasing down paperwork, that's no fun haha.

Q: You are fighting Gabrielle Holloway coming up, what do you know about her?
A: I know that she is undefeated, 7-0 as an amateur. She is from Virginia. I guess she is a wrestler, but she trains at a boxing gym so I assume she has some boxing. She is a little shorter than me so I get a reach advantage but as a wrestler she doesn't really have to change levels to shoot. So I think we both have an advantage in our own world, what we like to do.

Q: You have about a five inch height advantage, if it is the kind of fight you like, how important is that reach advantage?
A: She is south-paw to, it looks to me. You can still jab but it is not as affective for someone who is south-paw. I am just gonna go and fight and be ready wherever it goes. Just see what happens. I am not sure what to expect out of her, if she is gonna just run at me, I'm not really sure haha.

Q: It is your first fight since last October, do you worry about ring rust at all?
A: No, not too much. I have gone a few months here and there. If it had been much longer I would be worried about it but I don't think I'm screwed over or anything, it's not so bad.

Q: She fought in March, but before that she also took a year off, so even if there was ring rust, would her inactivity kind of neutralize it?
A: Possibly. I don't know how big the shows are that she is fighting on, but I fought at NAAFS, it was huge, Fight Night in the Flats, tons of people there, big venue, lots of awesome fights and after that was my pro debut and it was Bellator, so I am used to cameras and large crowds. I don't know how big a crowd she is used to or sued to a camera in her face. The first time I saw a camera in my face I didn't like it so much.

Q: While you only had the one pro fight, it being her pro debut, does that give you any advantage to have that experience?
A: Coming from Virginia, I think their amateur rules are pretty much pro rules anyway. I think the only thing she has to contend with is the five minute rounds instead of three.

Q: I know you and know how you will answer, but I will ask anyway. Taking that much time off, how frustrating was it?
A: It is o.k. for a little bit cause you are like "oh, I can eat". Then it becomes just awful. I get real edgy. When I was super busy matchmaking, it was hard to train as much, which is the only reason I didn't fight more, not getting in a proper training camp. So not being able to get in a good camp is enough to make me kind of bitchy haha.

Q: You are perfectly content to stand and trade, but if she takes it down are you confident you can hang there?
A: Yeah! My last fight I won the first and third rounds and my opponent won the second. I was on my back the second round. So all I did when I didn't have a fight coming up was pull guard, pull guard, pull guard, work on getting up and submissions off my back. I don't think it will be a huge issue. I don't want her to hit a takedown but I am not helpless. I am not really worried. I know she has wrestling but I don't know what her Jiu-Jitsu is like, and I do know Jiu-Jitsu. I have wrestlers I train with a lot. At my gym there are plenty of wrestlers. I am not worried, I was at first and then I stopped.

Q: When you know you have a fight, in this case with a wrestler, how much of your camp do you devote to wrestling knowing she will want to try and wrestle?
A: I devote just as much time to striking still. I do Muay-Thai, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and wrestler. Equal time devoted to each. I don't want to change myself completely. My last two fights were mostly on the ground and I did fine, I won them both. I am not afraid to be there. I continue to train that but also train my stand-up. What if she decides to do nothing but stand-up? Then I am like "duh how do I throw a punch?". I guess I would still know how to throw a punch haha.

Q: Is there a key to winning this fight?
A: Make her uncomfortable.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: I just think it could go so many different ways. Every time I play it in my head, it ends differently. It changes constantly.

Q: Any idea what you want to do next, be more active?
A: I think I am supposed to fight for the same promotion. I have a two fight contract with them, so I think November 3rd. Then maybe take time off and do more matchmaking. I have been offered a couple jobs doing that. It's hard to say ya know.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: Absolutely! I wanna thank Intimidation for sponsoring me again. Rock Star Tattoo in Absecon New Jersey, Al does the greatest tattoo. He did a great cover-up of one I hated forever. Makes me very happy. Daddis Fight Camps for looking out and taking care of my training and the emotional support. My parents for understanding I like this and coming and watching my shows. Caged Fury for letting me stop matchmaking so I can get a fight in. Slade at Tussle, I had a crazy time trying to match a female fight and he was a huge help. And thank you for another interview.

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