Sunday, October 17, 2010

NAAFS Caged Fury 12 Review

So last week I was able to again cover another great MMA show put on by the NAAFS. Now there were no women's fights on this amateur card, but I still wanted to cover it. I wanted to because I really want to help get the NAAFS name out there. They are a quality company and I like how willing they are to promote female fights. Furthermore, the amateur matchmaker is Nichole Long. She is incredibly talented, so in a round-about way I am staying true to the point of this blog, helping promote a female. Nichole has been so great in getting me press credentialed, and I am so thankful for her, and have a great deal of respect for her.

As I arrived at the show I was worried right off the bat because my name was not on the list for a media pass, but luckily Nichole showed up to take care of that. After that I basically just sat and took everything in. As in any kind of sporting event I attend, the crowd always amuses me. In MMA, I like to get a feel for who are the real hard core fans, and who are the people there just to see some fights. This seemed to have a little of both. I had a group of legit fans around me in the beginning and I enjoyed listening to them almost commentate as the fights went on. Half way through they were replaced by some people who didn't seem to have that knowledge of the sport. They were making the typical comments of "kill em" "quit rolling on the ground", and things like that, clearly not appreciating good ground work.

As with the Eve Of Destruction show, I was impressed by how well run the NAAFS is. Everyone has a job, and everyone does their job. There seems to be little if any confusion. They also have no down time which is good. One fight ends, and they get the next one in the cage. A lot of friendly people to. People who do not know me, as really Nichole is my only connection, walking up and saying hello and things.

If you have not checked out an NAAFS show, you really need to. It is affordable tickets for a fun night of fights. It is a relaxed atmosphere, and I promise you will have fun.

My goal once the website and radio show are running is to do even more in depth stories on the shows, and to have Nichole on the show to promote the shows. Basically do my part to make sure this great organization gets as much attention as I can provide.

Here is my rundown of the evenings fights.

1. 170lbs: Dave VanderVelde (2-0-1 Kims Martial Arts) vs Landon Khakdoust (4-5 GriffonRawl)
This fight was rather short. VanderVelde landed a nice punch for the early knockdown and jumped right on him. He landed many strikes on the ground and the ref had to stop it. I was very impressed with VanderVelde and see some real potential in him. Remember that name.

2. 135lbs: Matt Montgomery (3-1 Team Titan OH) vs Isaiah Chapman (5-1 Rock Hard MMA)
Chapman came out and landed a good strike but used it to set up a takedown. Chapman landed some really good knees to the body on the ground. Montgomery seemed to be trying to hook a triangle from the bottom, so Chapman landed some more strikes to get Montgomery to give up the attempt. Later Chapman again landed more good knees on the ground. I scored round 1 10-9 Chapman. Round two starts with both throwing strikes with Chapman clearly getting the better of it. His strikes seemed more crisp. Chapman got another knockdown and immediately began some good ground and pound before getting the mount and landing more ground and pound. Montgomery then gave up his back and Chapman sunk in an arm triangle for the tap out.

3. 155lbs: Joe Goyette (5-1 Team Air-Gadfly) vs Joey Holt (7-4 Team Impact)
Round 1 started with both men appearing to look to counter punch. Goyette tried to shoot but was stuffed. Holt landed a very nice leg kick but Goyette responded with a nice one of his own and then lands a punch that knocks Holt down. Goyette pounced on him but Holt recovered quick. Back on their feet Holt got a clinch and pushed Goyette against the cage but Goyette was able to push off. I scored round 1 10-9 Goyette. Round two saw Goyette land some good leg kicks and him being more aggressive than he was in the first round. Goyette shot for a takedown but Holt was able to stuff it. So Goyette began landing some good kicks and punches. Holt at this point seemed rather tentative and shot for a takedown, which was unsuccessful. Holt did land a nice knee during a clinch near the end. I scored round 2 10-9 Goyette. Round three started with Goyette landing two good lefts. At this point I thought Holt needed to step it up and be more aggressive, as he just couldn't seem to get off. Goyette landed a really good body kick followed by more strikes. Goyette really mixes his strikes up well. Goyette tried to shoot in near the end by to no avail. I scored round 3 10-9 Goyette to make my score card 30-27 Goyette.
Judges scored it a unanimous decision for Goyette 30-27/30-27/30-27

4. 185lbs: Corey Bresson (4-1 Warrior MMA) vs Bob Rech (5-1 Team DNA)
Right away I noticed Bresson keeps his hands low. Bresson started out landing some good punches until Rech got a takedown and landed a couple good strikes. I really was enjoying listening to Bresson's corner. They were constantly yelling good instructions. Rech landed another takedown and got Bresson's back. Rech was able to get his hooks in and land more strikes to end the round. I scored round 1 10-9 Rech. Round 2 started with Bresson landing some good punches. Rech tried to shoot in but got turned away. Rech started bleeding and Bresson got a takedown, but Rech got right up. Rech then got his own takedown and ended up in half guard. Bresson used a great wall walk to get up. Rech got one more takedown to end the round. I scored round 2 10-9 Rech. Round 3 saw Rech throw more strikes and it looked like he used them to set up a clinch. Bresson threw a nice knee in the clinch. After they separated Bresson began to look tired. Rech shot for a takedown. He was really working hard for the single leg, finally getting it. Rech got side control and landed two knees to the back that the ref must have missed. Bresson did work his way up and Rech again shot and got the takedown. Rech got mount but didn't have time left to do anything. I scored round 3 10-9 Rech making my score card 30-27 for Rech.
Judges scored it a unanimous decision for Rech 30-27/29-28/30-27

5. 135lbs: Bhrandon Poindexter (6-3 Evolve) vs Brett Gruber (3-2 Ohio BJJC)
Poindexter landed some good kicks early. Poindexter threw and missed a kick and fell down and Gruber got his back and then positioned to the mount. Poindexter was able to pull him into half guard. Not much was really happening on the ground until Gruber almost was able to get a heel hook. When up, they clinched against the cage. I thought Poindexter had the chance to land some good knees but wasn't throwing. Gruber got an armbar at the end of the round. I scored round 1 10-9 Gruber. In round 2 Poindexter got a clinch and landed a good knee. It was interesting Poindexter was going for a clinch and his corner was yelling " No clinch". Poindexter was going for a choke as round 2 ended. I scored round 2 10-9 Poindexter. In round 3 Poindexter got a trip takedown and moved into side control but let him up. Poindexter then landed good knees and punches standing. Gruber got a takedown but Poindexter got on top. Not much happening at this point. Poindexter wanted up but Gruber was trying to keep him on the ground. Gruber was trying for an armbar to end the round. I scored round 3 10-9 Poindexter making my card 29-28 for Poindexter.
Judges scored it a unanimous decision for Gruber 30-27/29-28/30-27

6. 185lbs: Chase Owens (6-2 CO MMA) vs Milan Wesley (4-3 Strong Style)
Good early kicks for Owens. Wesley secured a takedown. There was some really good grappling and then good clinch work against the cage. Owens got his back and flattened him out. Owens had a really tight rear naked choke, but Wesley rolled into him to escape, however Owens got his back again. Again Owens went for the rear naked but Wesley escaped at the bell. I scored round 1 10-9 Owens. In round 2 Wesley got the takedown but didn't do much with it. Wesley stood up but then jumped right back into Owens guard. Ref was about to stand them till Wesley started to land some strikes. Standing, they clinched against the cage with Owens landing some good knees. Owens got a takedown to end the round. I scored round 2 10-9 Wesley. Round 3 saw Owens land some good kicks. They clinched against the cage and Wesley got a takedown. Owens began working to get a triangle. He then rolled into securing an armbar. Wesley managed to escape and ended up on top, but didn't do anything from the top. I scored round 3 10-9 Owens making my score card 29-28 Owens.
Judges scored it a split decision for Owens 29-28/28-29/29-28

7. 265lbs: Nathan Brynat (7-3 Ground Zero WV) vs Nelson Best (5-1 Team Impact)
Best opened round 1 with a really good jab. Bryant was trying to get the clinch up against the cage. THe rolled off the cage but ended right back clinched against the cage. In the clinch Bryant landed some good punches. Bryant then started trying for a single leg takedown. Bryant seemed to relly want the clinch in this round. Best landed some more good punches and it led to Bryant again looking for the single. Best was able to land two really good uppercuts. They both were throwing strikes to end the round. I scored roun d 1 10-9 Best. Round two saw them both come out throwing with Best getting the best of it. Bryant landed an accidental low blow. When they resumed Best landed a great shot to the body and then dropped him with another punch but Bryant got right back up and got a clinch up against the cage. Bryant landed a good punch but then Best landed several and got the takedown. I scored round 2 10-9 Best. Round 3 saw Bryant getting the clinch again, but not really doing much with it. I thought he might go for a choke, but didn't do it. Bryant ducked a punch and got the takedown from it. Bryant then got his back and got his hooks in but Best rolled out and ended up on top, landing a few strikes to end the round. I scored round 3 10-9 Bryant, making my score card 29-28 for Best.
Judges scored it a unanimous decision for Best 30-27/30-27/29-28

8. 145lbs: Francis Healy (5-0 Mad Dog Fight Team) vs Justin Steave (10-5 H20/ Mainstreet MMA)
After s short exchange to start the round Healy shot in but got stuffed. Both were throwing and missing with some wild strikes. Healy shot again and got the takedown but Steave got right up. Steave then landed some good punches. Steave rocked him and bloodied his nose with some good strikes. Healy then got a takedown to end the round. I scored round 1 10-9 Steave. Round 2 started with Steave landing some good punches. Both men started using a lot of feints but neither were throwing. Healy's nose really started bleeding. Steave landed some more nice punches. Healy went for a takedown and got it followed by some ground and pound. I scored round 2 10-9 Healy. Round 3 saw Healy get the takedown and transition to side control. Steave was able to pull him into half gaurd, but Healy got back into side control, however he did nothing with it. Healy began trying for a Kimura, but Stave managed to get it back standing. Healy then landed another takedown. SOme really good grappling. I scored round 3 10-9 Healy making my score card 29-28 Healy.
Judges scored it unanimous decision for Steave 29-28/29-28/30-27

9. 145lbs: Clint Mussleman (4-2 PM Fight Club) vs RJ Buck (8-1 Ohio BJJC)
Buck being the home town favorite had the crowd behind him big time. Buck lands some good knees in the clinch. Musselman forced a second clinch against the cage and was trying for a single leg, finally getting it. Mussleman then got his back and was working ahrd for the choke to end the round. I scored round 1 10-9 BUck. Round 2 saw Mussleman land good strikes to set up the clinch and finally takedown. Mussleman got his back and hooked in the rear naked choke for the tap. Crowd was dissapointed.

10. 170lbs: Bill Morosetti (6-2 H2) MMA) vs Josh Oppenheimer (4-2 Evolve MMA)
Morosetti got a quick takedown to begin round 1. He was able to get side control, but Oppenheimer was looking for a triangle, till Morosetti picked him up and slammed him down. Morosetti then got the mount and after not doing much finally started with soem ground and pound. I scored round 1 10-9 Morosetti. Round 2 saw Morosetti shoot in but Oppenheimer got hsi back from it. Morosetti was able to pull guard. Very little was happening here. Morosetti did try for an armbar from the bottom. I scored round 2 10-9 Morosetti. Oppenheimer opened round 3 with some nice jabs followed by more good strikes. Morosetti kept trying to shoot in but was not coming close. Oppenheimer got a cut by the eye. Morosetti shot in again but Oppenheimer ended up on top. Oppenheimer's cut really started to bleed bad. Morosetti again was trying to an arm from the bottom. I scored round 3 10-9 Oppenheimer, making my score card 29-28 Morosetti.
Judges scored it a split decision for Oppenheimer 29-28/27-30/29-28

11. 170lbs: Nick Kilian (5-0 Relson Gracie) vs George Comer (7-0 GriffonRawl)
Kilian lands a punch and ends up in the clinch. Real good battle for position against the cage. Comer landed a takedown and landed some good knees against the cage. Kilian gets it up and lands some good strikes. Comer got a takedown to end the round. I scored round 1 10-9 Comer. Round 2 opened with COmer landed a good inside leg kick and pushing him against the cage going for and securing a single leg takedown. COmer wasn't very busy from the top though. Kilian almost managed to escape but COmer got him back down. On the ground in front of Kilian's corner, Kilian's people were yelling loudly to encourage him and commenting on Comer "being scared to stand". I scored round 2 10-9 Comer. Round 3 saw Comer again shoot for the takedown but get stuffed leading to a clinch on the cage. Comer finally got the takedown and got his back. Kilian got up, and COmer took him right back down. Comer landed some good strikes on the ground. I scored round 3 10-9 Comer, making my score card 30-27 for Comer.
Judges scored it a unanimous decision for Comer 30-27/30-27/30-27

All in all another really good card put on by the NAAFS. You really need to get out and see an NAAFS show.


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