Friday, October 8, 2010

Figure Competitor Round Table

This is my Figure competitor Roundtable. It features fifteen amazing women who I am honored to have take part. Part one is name/word association and part 2 is general questions. Each woman is represented by their initials. There are two with the initials M.B. so they also have the second letter of their last name. The list is, AK (Angelique Kronebusch), CB (Carreen Berry), ES (Eryn Strickland), (GS (Genie Sammons), JH (Jackie Hoppe), KS (Kayte Steenberg), LK (Laura Kline), LS (Lindsay Sollers), LZ (Lisa Zisa), MW (McKenzie Walter), MBA (Michelle Battista), MBE (Michelle Beck), NG (Nicole Gray), SK (Sarah Kinney), and TG (Tonia Goodman)

Part 1: Name/Word association

1. Nicole Wilkins
AK: Pretty girl
CB: Beautiful
ES: Beauty
GS: Balance
JH: Girl next door look
KS: Full figured
LK: Olympia
LS: Natural beauty with a great figure
LZ: Beautiful Symmetry
MW: Beautiful figure
MBA: Very beautiful lady
MBE: Ms. Figure Olympia
NG: New look of Figure
SK: Olympia
TG: Ms. Figure Olympia 2009

2. Gina Aliotti
AK: Don't know much about her
CB: Figure ideal
ES: Whole package
GS: Amazing
JH: My ideal definition for Figure
KS: Tight, great genes
LK: Jakked!!!
LS: She is long overdue for a win
MW: All-time favorite Figure competitor
MBA: Inspirational role model
MBE: Can't wait to see what happens when she makes her comeback
NG: Perfection from head to toe
SK: The whole package
TG: Future Figure Olympia

3. Monica Brant
AK: Rocks!
CB: Inspiration
ES: Icon
GS: Ideal
JH: Face of the sport
KS: Stunner, true champ
LK: Role model
LS: One of my favorite physiques of all-time
LZ: Inspiring
MW: HUGE motivator
MBA: A true ambassador to the sport
MBE: Figure Icon
NG: What Figure is all about
SK: Muscular beauty
TG: FAVE Figure competitor

4. Jamie Eason
AK: Has my dream job
CB: Fitness icon
ES: Adorable
GS: Personality
JH: Cute and sexy at the same time
LK: Oxygen magazine,, Fitness model
LS: Adorable and super cute personality
LZ: Perky
MW: Inspirational because of what she went through
MBE: Top Fitness model
NG: Inspiring
SK: Sweetheart
TG: Cutest ever

5. Motivation
AK: Ava Cowan's abs
CB: Something that has to come from within
ES: Takes practice
GS: Consistent
JH: My mental image of being on stage
KS: Just other Figure competitors in general
LK: Heart, Figure, Childhood
LS: If you can't motivate yourself, no one can
LZ: There is no tomorrow
MW: Seeing IFBB Figure competitors on stage and knowing that, THATS WHERE I WANT TO BE SOMEDAY!
MBA: Feeling good about yourself and having a significant other supporting you
MBE: Motivation is something that has to come from within to keep your goals from day to day
NG: Through the roof
SK: My goals
TG: Goals, other competitors

6. Cardio
AK: Boring
CB: Never thought I could do so much
ES: UGH! lol
GS: Ugh
JH: Stair stepper- YUCK!
KS: Sprints!
LK: HIIT!! Stepmill
LS: Love it in the mornings to get day started.... hate it after a long day of work
LZ: Healthy heart
MW: I actually like it :-)
MBA: It's a love hate relationship
MBE: Blah, I have to switch it up or else I get bored!
NG: Hate it!
SK: Blah!
TG: Love it in the morning, hate it at night

7. Dedication
AK: Training hard for #1
CB: Something I work on daily
ES: Requirement
GS: Necessary
JH: Eating from Tupperware at every social event
KS: Middle name :-)
LK: Belief
LS: Takes motivation, determination, sacrifice, a little bit of selfishness
LZ: Bringing my personal best!
MW: Takes the most dedication that I've ever done! (competition, prep, training, diet, etc)
MBA: Dedication is what it takes to become a competitor
MBE: Only time will tell those who are truly dedicated to accomplishing their goals and dreams, the rest will just fade away
NG: Necessary for success
SK: A way of life
TG: Choosing what gets you closer to your goal rather than instant gratification

8. Olympia
AK: One day hopeful to be there
CB: Would love to attend and someday be able to compete
ES: Highest honor
GS: Nicole Wilkens Lee
JH: Bodybuilding
KS: Erin Stern!!! xox
LK: One day :-)
L:S A stage I hope to step on one day
LZ: Superbowl!
MBA: Someday...the elite of the elite
MBE: The best of the best physiques in the world
NG: Exciting
SK: Amazingly fun!
TG: My dream to attend someday

9. Off-Day
AK: Makes me feel lazy
CB: Would love one of those right now
GS: Relax!
JH: Does that really exist?
KS: Sundays
LK: What?
LS: Crucial in letting the body rest and recover
LZ: Necessary
MW: SO important to grow!! But sucks LOL
MBA: I get to spend the day doing whatever I want, riding horses, shopping, spending the day with my honey
MBE: So important because the body needs time to rest and reover so it can grow
NG: Ugh, a necessary evil
SK: Stretching and relaxation
TG: Much needed and enjoyable

10. Judging
AK: Hmmm....
CB: Something we all wish we could control or predict
ES: Touchy subject
GS: Difficult
JH: Not political, but subjective
KS: Good question
LK: Oy vey
LS: Love it/Hate it... it's a part of the sport
LZ: Can see both sides... not an easy job, the goal is to get them to notice my improvements next year
MW: Would be so hard! LOL I could NOT imagine having to pick the Olympia winners
MBA: Unpredictable
MBE: Don't even get me started on this subject, especially after the last show!
NG: Oh, so confusing
SK: Questionable
TG: Frustrating!!!.. but only some of the time, there are good judges out there and they are always appreciated!

11. Trainer
AK: Me!
CB: Never had one until 6 weeks ago and now I can't imagine doing this without him! (Kim Oddo)
ES: She's he Boss!!
GS: Helpful
JH: Never had one
KS: My husband and I!
LK: Coach Jeff Dwelle!
LS: Your teammate, coach, confidant.... integral part of being a competitor
LZ: Jack Titone. Best thing I ever did. Worth every penny....
MBA: When I think of a trainer, I think of Charles Glass and how much I admire his training style
MBE: IFBB Pro Abdul Sharif (my trainer, mentor and friend)
NG: Impactful
SK: My life-line
TG: Can make a huge difference, but not always necessary. My hubby!

Part 2: General Questions

1. Why Figure?
AK: Love the muscle and want to show off my hard work.
CB: I love the look of Figure competitors and I am so thrilled that I am actually starting to look like one :-)
ES: I love the look of Figure. It's perfect for my body because it's graceful muscle. Not too big.... not too small.
GS: I have always been a fan of Figure, ever since I opened my first Oxygen magazine and saw the pictures in the back. I love all divisions, but I feel like my physique is structured more like a Figure athlete than Bikini or Bodybuilding.
JH: Figure allows me to train like the athlete that I know I am, but still present myself in a classy and feminine way. I like being able to throw around big heavy dumbells and then put on my sexy suit and heels to show off my hard work!
KS: Figure means something that is what I can control and create through my dedication, sweat, and hard work. It is a personal goal and journey that is always a hunger within me to improve everyday... and have a challenge. To create YOUR physique and to be great and the best at it. True to form :-)
LK: I love to lift weights and play dress up, especially with sparkles!! I love my muscles, my frame and my looks and I believe that Figure is the best way to display them. Plus I love the strict diet and the hard work. I like a challenge! Nothing feels quite as awesome as stepping out on stage after working so hard for that moment! I love competing!!
LS: I really enjoy the Fitness division but don't have the gymnastics background for it.
LZ: Love the glamour and muscle
MW: I love the hard training, diet, the prep... Everything that comes along with it!
MBA: Because I admire the physique of a Figure competitor. Just the right amount of muscle. Plus we get to wear high heels and gorgeous suits
MBE: I started competing back in 2002 and back then I definitely did not have the msucle mass for Bodybuilding, so I tried Figure and fell in love with the sport, being up on stage and the physique I was able to accomplish with hard work
NG: I love everything about the sport. Figure competitors have a beautiful, muscular, yet very feminine physique. For me, Figure has had such a huge impact in my life and I hope it has the same effect for other women
SK: It's challenging, intense, and fun, wih a hint of glamour
TG: Glam, feminine, it suits me better as far as my body type

2. On a scale from 1-10, if ten years ago women training as hard as men in the gym being accepted by society was a 0, what is it today?
AK: I think it is definitely a 10 today.
CB: I think a lot more people are accepting of a woman with muscles but still not nearly enough so maybe a 4.
ES: Maybe a 5.....Sad
GS: I can't believe that I have already been lifting that long! I haven't seen much of a difference in the gym, but I do see working out (maybe not lifting heavy) becoming more mainstream.
JH: Probably about a 7, it is not viewed as odd by most people, but you have a handful that think gyms are only for big burly boys.
LK: 3?
LS: I'd say it's a 7. I think if you are referring to women in the Fitness/Figure division it's probably an 8/9. Women's Bodybuilding I don't think is embraced and supported as much as the other divisions.
LZ: 10
MW: 10
MBA: Probably about a 9. At least in my area
MBE: I think as far as women training as hard as men it is about a 9 today. I think for the most part the area that is still not widely accepted by most of society is female Bodybuilding. I think it is unfortunate because these women work jsut as hard as the men do, but do not get the same amount of credit
NG: Tough... maybe a 3! Most people I encounter still think that a women will get "huge" and look like a man if she trains heavy. It's unfortunate that these myths are still out there
SK: 4
TG: 8-9 Most men seem to respect it, but some hate having to share the gym with us gals....TOUGH!

3. What is the biggest misconception about Figure competitors?
AK: Steroid use, not everyone does it.
CB: That's a good question, better answered by someone with more experience in Figure. One that I hear a lot though is that they all use steroids, or maybe I'm wrong and they do? IDK
ES: I didn't think there was a misconception
JH: That we are bodybuilders.... I ahte trying to explain the difference in Figure, Fitness, and Bodybuilding to people who are clueless about the sport. A lot of people think that any girl with muscle is a Bodybuilder. Also a big misconcpetion is that we are all taking 'supplements'. Not true... some might, but not all.
LK: That we are lean year round :-)
LS: I think there is a big misconception that Figure competitors are bodybuilders. I try to simplify with people and tell them Figure competitiors are Bodybuilders to a lesser degree. We carry more muscle than most women in society..... but it's more about tone, definition, and symmetry then about mass and density.
LZ: That is easy. We are naturally built this way
MW: Our diets... A lot of people think that we hardly eat. No, a lot of us have to eat A LOT! Every 2-2.5 hours :-)
MBA: That they don't have to diet or train as hard as Bodybuilders
MBE: A lot of people who are not really into the sport do not even know what the Figure division is, they just clump it into female bodybuilding or think we perform a routine to music. They do not realize that we have different poses, have a different look to our physiques and have to wear five inch heels up on stage!
NG: In my experience it would be drug use. Most peole seem to assume that you can't obtain a winning Figure physique without the use of drugs and that just isn't the case. There are many, many women that build top level physiques the natural way
SK: All of us are drugged out. We shouldn't lift heavy. We don't work as hard as bodybuilders
TG: We are starving ourselves or that we are doing the equivalent of a bar type bkini contest, that you can't possibly be a spirit filled on fire Christian woman and compete in a bikini...."sigh"

4. How can we make it so the prize money is more even between men and women?
AK: Not sure
CB: I have no idea how to go about it but it needs to be done, I can't believe something so sexist is still allowed in this sport.
ES: Good luck
JH: I doubt that will ever happen. Maybe if we could prove that more people come as spectators to watch the women instead of the men...?
KS: Hmmm, good question
LK: That's a great question!! I wish I knew the answer
LS: I think the only way that happens is if the women divisions are selling out or at least as many tickets as the men. Additionally, more sponsors at shows could help. Quite frankly.... there are more women competitors since there are more divisions so the prize money should be more even.
LZ: No idea LOL
MW: Easy... Split it down the middle
MBA: Boy, good question. Don't know
MBE: That is a tough one. I am not sure, but you would think with the addition of the Bikini division they would be making more money so they could have more money to spread the wealth around to the women of this sport
SK: I think tis is soemthing that needs to happen, but probably never will. Just as in every other professional sport. Although steps in the right direction could be taken if more sponsors would step up for women as well as more coverage of the sport so the general public would get a bit mroe interested
TG: When you figure that out, we'll be making progress LOL!

5. My greatest achievement in the sport so far is?
AK: Winning the Figure Short category at the WBFF Alberta Championships in 2010
CB: My greatest achievement so far is definitely my physique. I am very proud of what I have been able to accomplish.
ES: Winning the battle against doubts in my own head and from those around me that I couldn't do this.
GS: Winning the Overall at the NPC Monster Mash. What an amazing experience!
JH: Turning Pro at the 2010 Team Universe!!! :-)
KS: Just improving my physique and meeting new/great people in this industry by far for me. It is just the beggining and can't wait to see what is next.
LK: Winning 1st place and Overall at the Oklahoma State Championships on June 5th, 2010. Also making it to Junior Nationals and stepping on stage despite a flight cancellation, luggage being lost and a storm that delayed the show! It was a BLAST!!
LS: It would be taking the National stage. I certainly have a ways to go as far as developing my physique but I'd say I'm 50% there
LZ: Stepping on the National stage at 46
MBA: Becoming an IFBB Pro
MBE: My greatest achievement in Figure so far wa qualifying at a large National qualifier and placing 3rd at my first two National level shows in my first year competing after being away from the sport for almsot 7 years
NG: Hands down, winning my IFPA Pro card. I still can't believe the next time I compete, it will be a Pro stage
SK: Just getting on stage and being confident
TG: Consistantly improving each season, each year

6. Train alone or with a partner, and why?
AK: Both. I like training with a partner for cardio because I find it so boring, but sometimes I like to train by myself with weights. Less chatting and more work!
CB: I train alone, I don't have time to wait for someone else LOL.
ES: I prefer to train alone. NO DISTRACTIONS
GS: I like to train with a partner, my husband, especially on heave chest or shoulder days when I need a spotter.
JH: Alone, mostly just because of my schedule. I just get my workouts in around clients so my workout times are always changing.
KS: Alone. I can really push myself and move quick. I am working with my husband now who can really push me but love that alone time too :-)
LK: Alone. I get into this frame of mind when I train and am extrememly focused. Hard to reach the same point with a partner. I tend to get too easily distracted with a partner unless it's my coach.
LS: Depends. If it is a partner who can keep up with me and knows how to get me to push/pull one more rep then I'm all for it.
LZ: Both. Love partner. The male pushes me and the female, we push each other...alone, have to reach deep
MW: I prefer training alone. I like to be able to focus and I don't like to rest long between sets. However, I do like to go to the gym with my dad or brother. It's nice to get a spotter here and there. Helps you go so much heavier and to push through the sticking points
MBA: Tough one. I like to train with someone if they are dependable. Having a spotter allows me to go a little heavier and push me through those last reps
MBE: I usually train alone or with ym trainer. Every once in a while when I am off season I will train with a friend, but I look at this sport as my second job and when I am at the gym I am there to accomplish a task and to get myself closer to my goals and dreams of becoming an IFBB Figure Pro
NG: It's nice to train with a partner every now and then, but I prefer to train alone. I get in a zone, I'm focussed and in the gym to get things done
SK: Alone.... partners seem to slow me down with chatter. I prefer plugging my ears with blaring music and pushing myself to my limits
TG: Both.... Mostly with my husband and a friend of mine, but every now and then when the hubby is away, I make it work into my schedule to go alone, because sometimes, you just gotta!

7. What is the most ridiculous comment or question you have heard from someone the first time they saw your physique?
AK: "Wow, you must not eat very much." Ya right!
CB: "How much do you bench press?" People don't understand that bodybuilding and powerlifting are completely different sports.
ES: "Do you "like" being THAT big??"
GS: Hmmm... I don't know if this first the bill, but when people see my progress pictures before they meet me, they think I am much bigger than I actually am!
ES: A girl in Sam's CLub once asked me... "Do you take those proteins?".... I'm not sure what that question really means. LOL> I responded with "well.... I eat protein if that's what your referring to."
KS: "How much can you bench?" teehee
LK: "Do you workout?"
LS: "How much do you bench?" I get that quite often as if bench pressing is the absolute measure of your strength
LZ: "Your to skinny", "Do you workout?"
MW: I know someone looked at my picture and said " Why would you want to do that to yourself?"... LOL Really? You learn to let things go in one ear and out the other :-)
MBA: I get this all the time (almost everyday) "Do you workout?" The enxt person that asks me that question, I am going to respond "No, I was born this way."
MBE: "How much can you bench press?" Really??? I am a Figure competitor not a powerlifter. Please come up with something more original guys
NG: I had someone ask me what supplements I take. When I told them BCAA's, Whey, and Creatine, they said "Oh, I figured you were using something" I was stunned.
SK: Just got one the other day, it is probably not the most ridiculous comment, but the first one that came to mind... "'re..dense.. I mean that as a compliment.".... Not sure what "dense" meant, but I'll take it haha
TG: "OMG you look anorexic"

8. My favorite part to train is__ but my least favorite is__?
AK: Favorite: Everything, Least favorite : Nothing
CB: Favorite: Shoulders, Least favorite: Legs
ES: Favorite: LEGS, Least favorite: Abs and calves
GS: Favorite: Shoulders, Least favorite: I don't really have a least favorite, but I seem to skimp on abs and calves the most.
JH: Favorite: Shoulders, Least favorite: Bi's and Tri's
KS: Favorite SHOULDERS, Least favorite: I honestly don't have a least favorite. It used to be legs but I love the challenge now!
LK: Favorite: Back, Least favorite: Chest
LS: Favorite: I love, love, love training shoulders, Least favorite: Legs used to be my least favorite to train byt they are slowly growing on my as I have focused my efforts in balancing my physique and bringing up my legs
LZ: Favorite: Back, Least favorite: Dont have a least favorite. I love everyday
MW: Favorite: Shoulders, Least favorite: I love training all groups, but if I HAD to pick my least favorite it would be Abs
MBA: Favorite: Back, Least favorite: Legs
MBE: Favorite: Shoulders, Least favorite: Legs because they hurt
NG: Favorite: Back, Least favorite: Chest
SK: Favorite: Shoulders, Least favorite: Abs
TG: Favorite: Back and Bi's, Least favorite: Legs because it is exhausting, but I'm learning to LOVE legs!!

9. Who is the most underrated Figure competitor right now?
AK: Not sure, probably local girls around here that I know that do not get enough recognition.
CB: Too many awesome physiques out there to pick one.
ES: Heather Grace
GS: Ooooh! I would love to see both Latisha Wilder and Rosalind Vanderpool place higher. I love both of their physiques.
JH: Hmmm... I really like Akane Nirgo-Ismel's look. I'd like to see her placing higher in the Pro ranks.
KS: I would have to say Larissa Reis! She has a lot of muscle and is ripped!! I think she is stunning
LK: Well... Pro I think Alicia Harris should've won first the last couple shows she did. Also I was bummed to not see Ava Cowan in the top three at her last couple of shows, she was freaking JAKKKKED!! Looked awesome!
LS: Kristal Richardson
LZ: Monica Brant
MW: Ava Cowan. I kind of think she was screwed over at some shows she did this year
MBE: Me...HAHA! Just kidding.... I know from siouxcountry that Rosalind Vanderpool has come in with a great physique this year, but did not get good placings at her shows
NG: Erin Stern. Her physique is beautiful and I hope she soon starts getting the recognition she deserves
SK: Two actually... Shelly and Betsy Albetta
TG: Well she's someone I became familiar with recently and that is Carin Hawkins. I haven't heard too much about her, but I love her physique and love her stage presence!

10. If I had my choice between being on the cover of Oxygen or Muscle & Fitness, I would choose?
AK: Oxygen, because that is why I started training!
CB: I would choose BOTH haha
ES: EITHER ONE IS A HUGE HONOR!!! lets just say I wouldn't be picky choosy lol
GS: They are both great
JH: Probably Oxygen, mostly because it appeals to so many everyday/mainstream women who need help but don't know what or who to turn to.
KS: Muscle and Fitness!1 HARDCORE
LK: Oh that's a mean question. Either!
LS: Oxygen.... would have a greater impact with society
LZ: Love them both but if I had to..... Muscle & Fitness
MW: Dang that's though! Probably Muscle & Fitness because they usually have men on the covers, so they need a change!!!
MBA: Probably Muscle & Fitness since it applies to men and women where as Oxygen is just geared towards women
MBE: I can't choose! To be on the cover of either magazine would be an honor and a dream come true!
NG: I have read both, but to choose one, I'd go with Msucle & Fitness
SK: Hmmmm.... I'd take either, but I'd probably be happier with Msucle & Fitness
TG: I'd have to choose? I can't LOL

11. The best thing about the sport is?
AK: The dedication and the feeling of accomplishment.
CB: Meeting new people, I love hanging out backstage getting to know the girls!
ES: Making improvements each time you get on stage
GS: The challenge, setting goals, and the life-style. I love it all.
JH: The self battle, I love that my biggest competitor and critic is myself.
KS: How independent the sport is in regard to training and overall
LK: Watching my body transformation during contest prep and during off season!! I lvoe change and I am constantly taking part in it!
LS: Pushing yourself to the limits
LZ: Self discipline, strength, and meeting many great inspiring people
MW: The whole process. Training, cardio, diet, contest prep, meeting all the people in the industry along the way, etc.
MBA: The people that I have met. I avhe met all of my closest friends through this sport and now they are truly my family
MBE: It gives women the opprtunity to set and accomplish goals at any age and to change their bodies to be able to compete in Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, or Bikini
NG: The family-like bond between competitors. There is something we share that is so unique, very few people understand
SK: The girls involved, the support system I've found, the amount of confidence and happiess it's brought to my life
TG: Leaning SO much about yourself and what you are capable of, as soon as you think you can't possibly endure any more, you have the opportunity to dig deeper and go further. Also the PEOPLE you meet and friendships you make!! The BEST!!

12. In the movie of my life, __ would play me?
AK: Jessica Biel because she is in good shape, actually has muscle.
CB: I have no idea.
ES: Carmen Electra!
GS: Hmmmmm....
JH: Jessica Biel....she's just a bad ass
KS: Erin Stern! teehee
LK: A movie of my life? I don't know! I guess I would like to play myself, it'd be fun and I have the memories and all the emotions that go along with them that would make the movie what it's supposed to be.
LS: Tough question...don't know
LZ: Sandra Bullock
MBA: I believe Jennifer Aniston would play me since I ahve been told I look like her (just wish I had her earnings) :-)
MBE: The woman that played Xena the Warrior Princes! LOL
NG: Drew Barrymore. We don't look alike but she's a little goofy and I like that :-)
SK: People say I look like Julia Styles... so I'd pick her :-)
TG: Kelly Ripa Hands down

13. In five years I will be?
AK: A Pro card holder on the cover of Oxygen.
CB: An IFBB Pro and well established in my fitness career so that I don't have to work my day job anymore :-)
ES: OMG! Who knows.... I live for today! It's in God's hands
GS: A mother, maybe. I see myself training hard and eating healthy regardless of where I am in my life.
JH: Who knows!!! Isn't that the beauty of life? Hopefully I will have stepped on the Olympia stage by then....
LK: Ms. Figure Olympia :-) And hopefully back in school for my Masters degree in nursing for my Pediatric Nurse Practitioner's license.
LS: An IFBB Pro! Maybe...LOL
LZ: An established personal trainer, Figure suit designer, and IFBB Pro
MW: Graduated from college with my teaching degree and hopefully a Pro card in Figure!.. and still going
MBA: I will be married and hopefully have competed at the Arnold and Olympia
MBE: AN IFBB Figure Pro and maybe a mom
NG: Working in the veterinary field and representing on the Pro stage
SK: Who knows! I've changed so much just in this past year, it's hard to say. I'm excited to find out....
TG: AN IFPA Pro for sure!

14. If I could trade body parts with another competitor I would want the __ of __?
AK: Abs of Ava Cowan.
CB: Abs of anyone who has a 6 pack! I hope I get one someday :-(
ES: Lower half of Erin Stern. HANDS DOWN
GS: I would trade....... my entire body for Monica Brant's! LOL! I've seen some pretty recent pics and videos of her floating around cyberspace, and, wow..... phenomenal.
JH: The butt of Erin Stern
LK: Legs of Larissa Reis! I'm working on them!
LS: Lats and Legs of Erin Stern
LZ: I wouldn't
MW: Honestly... I wouldn't. I want to build my body up. I feel good with the foundation I have. Just takes time :-)
MBA: Glutes/Abs of Gina Aliotti
MBE: Back of Erin Stern
NG: Glutes/Hammies of Gina Aliotti
SK: Everything of Monica Brant. But if I had to choose one part....abs
TG: Legs of Monica Brant, the Shoulders of Valerie Haines, and the abs, glutes and back of Nicole Weeks!

15. My dream sponsor would be?
AK: Gaspari Nutrition.
CB: Anyone who believes in me
ES: BSN or Under Armour
GS: There are so many great companies out there, it is hard to choose!
JH: Gaspari.... they seem to take a lot of pride in their athletes
KS: Muscle Tech
LK: Weider Publications and Muscle Tech
LS: I would say VPX... I use more supplements from them, however I like different supps from a variety of different companies.
MW: There are a lot of great companies out there. I'd be honored to be sponsored by any of them.
MBA: Optimum Nutrition
MBE: I am currently sponsored by a great company with great products USPlabs, but I would also love the opportunity to one day be sponsored by a company that promotes their athletes in this sport in magazines like Gaspari or a clothing company like Under Armour
NG: Gaspari or ON/ABB, not only do they ahve great products but I lvoe how their ad campaigns promote strong women
SK: Gaspari
TG: A new supplement company called New Dawn Nutrition, Scivation, ABB, or iSatori

16. Favorite movie?
AK: I always change favorites, right now my favorite is probably still The Departed.
CB: Moulin Rouge
ES: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
GS: Maybe The Hangover... I'm always up for a good laugh!
JH: OK, I am a huge geek and love the Twilight movies :-) I don't know that they are my favorite, but they are definitely near the top of the list.
KS: I have so many
LK: Beauty and the Beast
LS: Top Gun
LZ: Lord of the Rings
MW: That's a hard questio! Too many to choose from. But probably all the Rocky movies
MBA: My Best Friend's Girl
MBE: ANything that makes me laugh! I have seen Tommy Boy about a million times!
NG: Too many to list, but The Breakfast Club, Some Like it Hot, and all Kevin Smith movies, just to name a few :-)
SK: Dirty Dancing
TG: Fame

17. Five songs that must be on my IPOD are?
AK: Not sure, I get bored so easily I am always downloading new music.
CB: I listen to Pandora radio, I love the variety
ES: Too many to mention. ALL METAL and HOUSE music
GS: There is such a broad range of music on there, I can't choose... from Eva Cassidy to Rage Against the Machine.... Lady Gaga, The Beatles.... it depends on my mood.
JH: I actually dont program songs on my IPOD, I just put it on Pandora and let it play so I don't hear the same songs over and over. I really like the Kesha station though.
KS: Disturbed, Korn, Foo's, Black Eyed Peas
LK: "Du Hast" by Rammstein, "Maneater" by Nelly Furtado, "Paper Planes" by MIA, "Pretty Wings" by Maxwell", and "Tecktonik" by Yelle (French)
LS: I'm Not Afraid" by Eminem, "All I do Is Win" by DJ Khaled, "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson, "In the End" by Linkin Park, "Live Like We're Dying" by Kris Allen
LZ: "I Want You" by Buckcherry, "Take Me On the Floor" by the Vernoica's, "Jimmy" by Tool
MW: I'm horrible with the names of songs. But I love all Eminem's songs
MBA: "Believe" by Stained, "So Far Away" by Stained, "Let Me Be Myself" by 3 Doors Down, "Never Too Late" by Three Days Grace, and "Hot in Here" by Nelly
MBE: "Over" by Drake, "Onto the Next One" by Jay-Z, "I got a Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas, "Lose Yourself" by Eminem, and "Still Waiting" by Sum 41
NG: I don't have a top five, I listen to a wide variety of musci.... Everythig from punk to rap to country
SK: "Boom Boom Pow" By Black Eyed Peas, "Shut Up and Drive" by Rihanna, "How Low" by Ludacris, "I Know You Want Me" by Pitbull, and "Gotta Lotta That" By Snoop Dogg/Ice Cube
TG: "Monster" by TFK, "Beast" by Bride, "Stayin' Alive" byt the Bee Gee's, "TNT" by ACDC as well as "Back in Black" and "Down With the Sickness" or anything by Disturbed. Shoot, I went over 5.... I have many more I can't NOT have!

18. If there is ever a Figure competitors Hall of Fame, the first inductee should be?
AK: Monica Brant
CB: Monica Brant
ES: Gina Aliotti
GS: Nicole WIlkins Lee!
JH: Probably Monica Brant, I grew up envisioning her as THE Figure athlete
KS: Monica Brant and Ava Cowan
LK: Monica Brant
LS: Monica Brant
LZ: Davana Medina
MW: Monica Brant or Jenny Lynn
MBA: Davana Medina
MBE: Davana Medina
NG: Without a doubt Monica Brant
SK: Monica Brant... apparently I really like her! HAHA
TG: Monica Brant then Davana Medina

19. If I could spend one day training with someone it would be?
AK: Probably Chady Dunmore, she seems very down to earth and it doesn't seem like she thinks she is better than everyone even though she landed the cover of Fitness RX in June.
CB: I couldn't pick one, there are too many fabulous athletes out there.
ES: Mandy Blank...... of course
GS: Hmmm... That's a toughie! Maybe Linda Fodor. I like to steal her workouts that are posted on YOuTube. Fun stuff!
JH: Erin Stern. She just seems like a genuine chick.
KS: Ava Cowan for sure!
LK: Phil Heath
LS: Monica Brant
LZ: Ann Titone
MW: Gina Aliotti or Ava Cowan
MBA: Charles Glass
MBE: Kai Greene
NG: Ava Cowan for sure
SK: Ava Cowan
TG: Monica Brant

20. Anything you want to plug or promote?
CB: My fan page, you can also find me on Twitter
ES: Go support Iron Asylum at
GS: Not at the moment. :-) Thanks so much Jason.
LK: Laura Kline, 2011 WATCH OUT :-) LOL
LZ: Jacked Up Diva's, Species, Gaspari, Sioux Country , and my Figure suits LOL
MW: Mike Davies does my diet and training. Great guy and very smart at what he is doing!!
MBA: I would like to promote Nutrishop Nutrition
MBE: I am in the October issue f FLEX Magazine in the "talk Back" section on store shelves until September 27th! I am so excited! Check it out and get to know a little more about me!
SK: Not at this time :-)
TG: Flash Point the new Sbulinguol Thermogenic by iSatori...iSatori was kind enough to provide with a full supply of Flash Point for my Fall prep which I just completed, and I can sincerely say it's my all-time favortie Fat Burner out tehre. It beings working within 33 seconds, energizes me, and quenches my hunger! I love it and am thankful to iSatori for their support in my prep

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