Monday, April 12, 2010

Tisha Rodrigues Fight Journal

Once again, it's been awhile since I have updated my fight journal,
but now that I have a "Set" fight date and opponent, I will surely be
filling you in much more with my progress. I am set to fight July,
24th in Dover New Hampshire at The Dover Ice Arena. I will be facing
Shannon Harney 2-0 from Team DWMMA. The fight card is called Evolve
Fight League led by Shelly Devine and Steve Rita. The awesome and
unique thing about this card is it is going to be the first in New
England to feature almost ALL female fighters!!! It's opening the
doors to give local amateur female MMA fighters an arena to actually
fight in on a steady basis without having to travel far and worry
about expenses. I couldn't be more excited as me and my first opponent
in the cage 2 years ago were the first two females to fight MMA in New
England period!! No matter what, people will always remeber that, we
set it off!

So, to prepare for this next fight, which will be not only huge and
filled with media attention, I am taking it a step further by adding
solid boxing into my arsenal. I'm working with Professional boxer
Jason Pires as well as my Uncle Bert Neves who has been training
fighters for over 20 yrs! I'm still very much paying attention to my
Muay Thai which I will continue to train at my school "Team Boneyard",
as well as my gi and no gi training. I'm going over to Tim Burrills on
Saturdays for the MMA to pretty much put it all together and as soon
as my good friend and UFC fighter Jorge RIvera opens his gym in May, I will also be
working with him, he's been kind enough to take me under his wing with
great advice and contacts since we met a little over a year and a half

In addition to my fight teams and classes, I am going to try a
stricter healthier fighters diet, to get me in my best shape thus far.
I am looking for a nutritional sponsor for this next fight and in
return I will wear their logo on fight night as well as in the filming
of all online advertisements, commercials or print work done for the
show. I appreciate the support!!

I will definitely not forget to train the most important part of my
body, which of course is the mind.. Because all dedicated fighters
know that it's impossible to just have the physical and not be
mentally prepared to step inside the cage.. So I'm excited, and I will
keep you all posted on every aspect of my training along the way..
It's going to be tough and it's going to be fun.. Lots of ups and
downs I'm sure, but the end result will undoubtable be my victory..
And it will all be very well worth it.. So stay tuned!! Xo..Tisha

Tisha Rodrigues

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