Monday, April 12, 2010

Lacey Schuckman Column

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A blog huh? Well I was approached by Jason Adams to start a blog about MMA. So I figure I should start out by telling you a little bit about myself and my credentials. I am a professional female mma fighter from Denver, Co. I have had over 18 fights in both Muay Thai Kickboxing as well as in Mixed Martial Arts. I fight in the flyweight division, 105.5 to 115lbs. I have been training for over 7 years in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and strength and conditioning. I train an average of 36-55 hours a week with my team at
The Pressroom called Team Rugburn. My coach is also my husband and is also an MMA fighter his name is Randall Schuckman. We hope to open up a large facility one day and train the future stars of MMA.

So enough about who I am, I think I would like to start this blog off about a topic that comes up heavily in FeMMA and that is emotion! Emotion in any area of life can make or break you. In fighting it is no different. Ihave a tendency to allow emotion whether it be anger, sadness, frustration, etc., distract me from the task at hand.
Not to say emotion can't be a great thing but I am purely talking of negativeemotion and thinking.

Some days training, mostly during a fight camp, can reach a point where it makes you blow. Whether it be from a knockout punch that landed on you, or your coach correcting you, or any number of other things that come about when your
busting your ass training. For me I react in one of two ways I either storm out have a break down maybe cry a little (ya I'm a sissy) or I lose my focus and perform close to that of a 5 year old girl that has been told she can't wear her tutu to the dinner table.I want to quit, whine about how "I'm not good enough", and I shut down. I HEAR what my coaches and sparring partners are telling me but I don't LISTEN.

These are the times that are crucial in deciding what kind of a fighter you are. This is when you have the choice to "Bitch out" or "Man up" and sometimes it is hard to do what you know you need to. You have to adjust your thinking you have to always look long term. Tomorrow will you feel the same way about training as you did that night? Sure you still might be unhappy with your previous performance but if you let it effect your performance today then YOU are the only thing holding YOU back from achieving your goals! So when you reach that boiling point you need to remember you are the only one that allows yourself to react. React in the right way by pushing harder, training longer, and overall fighting better! You must always strive to be better then yesterday no matter how hard that may be. Make everyone in that gym think that they can't stop you, they can't break you.Don't get sloppy by getting mad or upset, crispin' up, focus up and do what needs to be done. We all want to be the best in the world at what we do, it is up to you to make it happen!

I think I will end my blogs with a quote for you to ponder on.
"For many, negative thinking is a habit, which over time, becomes an addiction...
A lot of people suffer from this disease because negative thinking is addictive to each of the Big Three
-- the mind, the body, and the emotions. If one doesn't get you, the others are waiting in the wings."
-Peter McWilliams

I hope you gain a little something from this blog that you can use to help you in your endeavor to be the best you possible!

"The Ladie"Lacey Schuckman*
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