Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sheila Benditz Contest Prep Update

Week of April 19th

Hello everyone, I hope as each week goes by, this may get more interesting and an easier ready. I had an awesome week!! I have added some new things to my workouts, so this is what this past week looked like.

Monday is my leg day, but ended up pushing this back, as I will explain in a bit. With this I subbed in my back workout, and worked out with my husband Doug!!! I always stat my back workout doing pull ups (wide grip) 20/15/15/12. I usually surprise people doing this, guess they don't think a woman can do it, yeah right, muah!! I then go into my pull downs/reverse grip pull down super sets. Next we moved over to the low row and I superset this with straight arm push downs. And still everything is 20/15/15/12 reps. I then finished off my back workout with one arm high rows. I did not have a lot of time, that is why I supersetted most of these, as I worked out on this Monday in the evening which is unusual for me, I usually workout during the day.

Tuesday was chest day, and I do just the basics on chest, incline dumbell presses, smith machine chest press, dumbell incline flies, cable flies (incline, straight, decline) with pushups in between. As with everything I rep out as above, 20/15/15/12. The above two days I was working what I consider my "strong" areas. I was instructed just yesterday that I will re-arrange my back workout to get it evened out, as well as my chest workout, my pecs are quite developed already comparatively speaking.

Wednesday ended up being my leg day, worked out with Tina Chandler, and had my best leg workout ever!!It is awesome having a "change of pace" in my workout. She did tings differently than what I have been used to, and was more exact with my form and technique. Thus allowing me to "hit" the muscles I needed to, in a way that they have not been worked before! I am so appreciative of this, and enjoyed the burn, that all I am doing is looking forward to my next workout with her!! After my elg workout I had to go to my gym, and my usual workout partner wanted to do a shoudler workout, so I did my shoudlers as well. I always start off with shoulder presses, we have a machine that we can hit all three heads depending on out hand placements, we then went on to my lateral raise machine. I finish out my shoulders with Arnold Shoulder presses. It was an abbreviated shoulder workout, luckily I ahve good shoulders as well!!

Tuesdays and Thrusdays are my busiest days, as I ahve schedualed most of my clients on these days while I prepare for teh contest. So on this Thrusday, I jsut worked my core, as I do core on Tuesday, Thrusday, and Saturday. After working 2 parts yesterday, I was happy to have a "day" off.

Friday, after giving my gym a deep cleaning, seems that I can not find someone who will clean like I want, I just wanted to rest, so I did!

Saturday, is a full day for me, core workout in the mornig, I then had a workout with Tina again evening, Bi's and Tri's, again we concentrated on my form, since I broke my wrist last summer, I have been compensating and cheating with my shoulders. I worked to keep my form good and ended up with a great workout. I then spent 30-45 minutes working on my posing.

SUnday, I was supposed to do track work yesterday, but pushed it untill today, weather was too perfect not to be outside!!!

I had wanted to meet up with my nutritionist this week, and we could not work out a good time for both of us, so hopefully this week I will be meeting up with him, and be right on track!!

I do cardio every day, at least 1 hour to keep up with my fat loss. I cannot give you an update on my bodyfat percentage, but hopefully next week, I will have this information. Also, it looks like I may do teh Branch Warren, 2 weeks prior to my said contest date. I won the Branch Warren in 2008, but I need to get up on stage and make sure I have everything down pat, so it looks like I am now 10 weeks out!! I do not feel that it will be much difference on me either way, as long as I am prepared to hit it hard. I do feel that my weakest body parts are my biceps, glutes, and quads, so these are my key areas which I will be really working.


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