Friday, April 2, 2010

Iron Chics by Tiffany Nance

Hope you all have been training hard, eating healthy,and getting closer towards your goals!

This week I want to touch base on something I noticed in the grocery store the other day. As I as standing in line, these 2 overweight women (300 plus) and their 2 kids got behind me in line. These kids were probably 5-7 years old and already 100-120 pounds. I look in their cart (yes I'm a cart looker! Just like most people look in my cart to see what im buying) there were swiss cake rolls, donuts, hot dogs, jumbo honey buns, soda, icecream, bags and bags of chips. You get my drift! There was not one single healthy food item in that cart, which is why they are obese! My problem is being an obese adult, you already know how hard and miserable it is too be so heavy and out of shape and all the health risk involved. Why in the world would you want to put your kid in the same situation? Kids will pick on them, they will grow up with low self esteem, and fight weight issues all their life! These 2 kids don't know how to eat healthy and they think eating this crap is normal. As they grow up they are going to have a very hard life if they continue to keep getting fatter. In my opinion this is child abuse! We as parents have to teach our kids how to be healthy and make good food choices! If kids grow up eating healthy food then breaking the junk food habbit later on in life wont be an issue! I don't know about you but my kid and his future is the most important thing in my life! I grew up eating crap, and I had a very hard time figuring out how to eat healthy, how to make good food choices, how to cook. I was picked on, felt out of place, insecure, I didn't want to be a fat kid, but I didn't know why or how to change it at that age. That's why we have to teach our kids from an early age to be healthy. It's not just about looking good or looking lean, it's about feeling good, and feeling healthy, and having energy. Being healthy is good for the brain and schoolwork also! I'm not saying to put kids on a competition diet, and that an occational icecream cone or donut is an absolute no, no. I'm saying teach your kids that it's ok to have one from time to time, but explain why it's not good to eat "crap" everyday! Explain the health risks, explain the emotional and physical drawbacks to being unhealthy. Most importantly, if they see you eating and living a healthy lifestyle, as they grow up they will think its "normal" to eat healthy and exercise! Kids are like sponges, they absorb everything and carry it with them for the rest of their lives! Don't you want the best for your kids? If you don't then find them some loving parents to take them who will care about their well being! Our kids are our future, we have the responsibility of making them great people! I want my son to grow up happy! Hell I want all kids to grow up happy! How many fat people do you know that are truly happy with themselves? If you are overweight and you do have kids, try setting an example for them, and change your lifestyle! Save your life and your kids!

Dreams really can come true, you just have to have the will and determination to see them through!


Tiffany Nance

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