Friday, April 2, 2010

Skye Fisher Interview

If you enjoy the fitness industry you should be a fan of Skye Fisher. The are few people in, not only this industry, but anywhere, who are as kind, helpful, and worthy of support as Skye. That's one of the reasons I had to do a second interview with her. Talking to Skye online, texts, or even the phone is such an enjoyment. What kind of person is Skye? All she has accomplished on stage and when asked her greatest achievement her answer was helping a 13 year old girl lose over 30lbs. If I owned a supplement company or clothing company, anything and I was looking to sponsor an athlete, there wouldn't be many people more worthy than Skye. She is everything you want. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, she has an amazing physique, great stage presence, outgoing, knowledgeable, and so much more. If asked why I do this blog and promote these women, and what makes it worth it to me, one very quick answer would be, "Women like Skye Fisher!!!" She is that special, and she is only going to keep getting better. As a side not, if you have not noticed the title of my blog, it is not brought to you by Skye's non profit organization Fit Physiques Fight Cancer,

Q: Skye, thanks so much for doing a second interview. I have gotten to know you
since the first interview, and have such respect for you.

Q: How have things been going for you, in your life outside the gym?
A: Things have been a little rocky outside the gym. I have been having issues with my job letting me compete, and I have had two surgeries since I competed in

Q: How is the training going?
A: Training is on hold till I recover from my last surgery, but the weeks before my surgery, I was killing it in the weight room. :)

Q; Any changes in your routine or anything since the first interview?
A: I haven't nailed down a show that I will be doing because of my issues with work not letting me have time off. I am unable to guest pose because of my work
so, I am having to work some things out to see what this year will in store with competing.

Q: Set your mind on any show or shows you plan to do this year?
A: I would really like to do Jr. Nationals again, as it one of my favorite shows to do. I would also like to shoot to do Jr. USA which my routine coach
won last year, Sandi Stuart. Once I start feeling better, I will put the game face on.

Q: Since the firs interview, is their one thing you think you have really
improved on in your physique?
A: My physique always has room for changes, but I am not going to say that i have made any drastic improvements. I have really been working on my hamstrings and glutes this off season.

Q: Anything you really are hoping to improve on?
A: When I compete again, I would really like to improve on my routine. I have the show quality in my personality, but need to bring that out. The judges like watching a fun routine, not one that is just choreographed out without some enthusiasm.

Q: How long do you prep for a show? How far out do you really consider yourself
"in contest prep"?
A: A normal contest prep for me, is about 12 weeks, if I haven't been dieting at all. I have done a 9 week prep before, but its extremely hard on ones body. I am about 14 weeks out from Jr. Nationals, if I decide to do it.

Q: Are there any competitors you look to for inspiration?
A: I have tons of friends in the industry and look to many of them for inspiration. I think any female or male that gets on stage and competes, is an inspiration. It takes hard work and dedication to get on a stage in front of tons of people, so all of them are an inspiration.

Q: Has it been hard balancing a job where you often work long hours with
finding the time to train?
A: I work second shift, so its extremely hard to balance training with my work schedule. When I am dedicated to a show though, there is not stopping me from my prep.

Q: How do you alter your workouts for contest prep as opposed to off season?
A: My workouts for contest prep are higher repletion with smaller weights. It helps define me more.

Q: Seems more and more women are moving from Fitness to Figure. Any reason that
you can see for that.
A: I think that fitness is less productive in the industry because women think you have to be a gymnast or something to do fitness. This is such an untrue statement. You can learn tricks and strength moves even if you never did gymnastics. Overall, I think that figure is more popular because the athlete doesn't have to do a routine, I think many women don't want to do a routine. In my mind, the routine is my favorite part of competing. Its when you can show your true self and have a little fun.

Q: Where do you see Skye Fisher a few years down the line? Focusing on Figure
or Fitness?
A: In a few years I hope and pray to have my pro card in fitness. I absolutely love fitness with all my heart and hope to be an IFBB pro competing in all the shows like the Olympia that I dream of.

Q: I have said that you are an inspiration to me. What does that mean when
someone says you inspire them to get in shape and train?
A: I think that its such a great honor to be an inspiration to anyone. I struggle sometimes with wanting to train and the balance of being a single mom, but when I hear that I inspire someone, it makes me realize what the struggles are for. I enjoy that I can help others make fitness realities come true.

Q: What is the one piece of advice you would most want to give to someone first
starting out training?
A: The advice that I would give someone who is first starting out training, is to make small goals and accomplish them slowly. If you make to big of a goal and it doesn't happen, you will get frustrated. Also, always keep your head up, if one day is bad, the next will for sure be better.

Q: What is the biggest mistake you see people knew to training make?
A: The biggest mistake I see people new to training make, is that they push it to hard and get to sore right in the beginning. Then they want to quit.

Q: If I said to name your greatest achievement in the sport to this point, what would your answer be?
A: My greatest achievement is when I got this 13 year old client who has lost 31 pounds. She only will work with me on her weight loss and looks up to me. That to me, is an achievement, which makes me the most happiest. She has changed her life style.

Q: Do you find yourself getting a lot of friends asking for diet help?
A: I have a lot of diet questions daily, which I don't mind answering.

Q: Whats the biggest mistake you see people make with their diet?
The biggest mistake I see people make with their diets is the cheating. They don't understand the little things, like splenda and salsa, make the difference in the last few weeks of prep between the winner and the looser in the physique round.

Q: Do you enjoy being able to help others when they ask for it?
A: I love helping others, its what makes me the most happiest. When you see someone else succeed, there is no better feeling in your stomach.

Q: Have you watched any of the competitions from the Phoenix Pro or the
Arnold's. Who has impressed you?
A: I watched some of the Arnold, and I am always a fan of my posing mentor Nicole Wilkins Lee. She always looks amazing.

23. Again, Skye, thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

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