Monday, April 12, 2010

Sheila Benditz Contest Prep Journal

Week of April 5-10th, 2010

Hello everyone. I am Sheila Benditz, I am a 57 year old gym owner, personal trainer, and competitive bodybuilder from Houston Texas. I am preparing for my biggest show to date, 2010 Masters Nationals! I am very excited about doing this show, as I will be competing against other women my age. As I get closer to this show I will then decide if I want to compete in the 45 and up group as well. Over the next 14 weeks I hope to share my experiences and give you an insight as to what challenges I face and deal with on a weekly basis as I prepare for this show.

Just got done with my cheats of Easter!! I give up quite a bit for Lent, this year was friend foods, sweets, bread, and alcohol, so I get a head start on my dieting. I use this to give me the notion that I can ahve a drink of wine and a couple cheats this past week, or should I say weekend, no cheats allowed M-F. I am 14 weeks out, sitting at 14% bodyfat, so I feel I am in a good spot.

I felt frustrated this week, it seemed that I could not get ahead of the game!! I own a gym and I never seem to be "off" of work, even in the middle of an intense workout, I ahve to help customers. The average person does not understand the mindset needed to hit it as hard as I hit the gym, and feel that I can stop and answer any question. i am getting into a better schedule with my trainer, Ryan, and my workout partner Danielle. Hopefully we get it all sorted out this week, so it is another ussue I do not have to worry about.

Workouts were, nonetheless, very good. I am implementing my slim down diet, so tehre will not be a lot of variance in my eating for awhile!! I am hoping to get in touch with Tina Chandler this week, as I am hoping to work with her, in regards to all other aspects of my preperation, such as diet, routine, and mental readiness.

I am eagerly hoping to push through these next 14 weeks. I know I am ready to continue this journey. I hope you follow me through this, and please let me know what you think!!


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